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Noticias del CICLISMO 🚴 La Nomina de NAIRO QUINTANA para HAUT VAR ✔ EGAN BERNAL Hace Balance

Noticias del CICLISMO 🚴 La Nomina de NAIRO QUINTANA para HAUT VAR ✔ EGAN BERNAL Hace Balance

Hi, hello, how are you? them
We share the most relevant news of the cycling world for the day of
today. after winning the Laurens award as revelation athlete of 2019, Egan
Bernal took stock of his Participation in the Colombia Tour and
pointed out in dialogue before a media Colombian, who although they won nothing, felt very good despite not having 100% reached. remember that Egan
Bernal suffered a fall in the national route that put your
participation in the competition of category 2.1. the Ineos cyclist
he also added that he felt very good running alongside Richard Carapaz, well
added that in the past when they were rivals their relationship did not go beyond
Greetings. On the other hand in the last hours the Arkéa samsic team gave
know the payroll that will accompany Nairo Quintana in the Tour of Haut Var, event
also called Tour de los Alpes Maritime after his recent title in the
Tour de la Provence, Nairo wants to be a protagonist in the Tour
of Haut Var, competition to be played between February 21 and 23. Winner
Anacona who was a key player in the Nairo title in La Provence
again he will be with Quintana in the Maritime Alps the payroll of the Arkéa
it is completed by the Colombian Dayer Quintana, the Italian Diego Rosa and the cyclists
French Kévin Ledanois, Romain Hardy and Frank Bonamour. What do you think of the payroll of the Arkéa for the Tour of Haut Var ?. Finally the second one was disputed
Vuelta a Andalucía stage, event also known as the Rruta del Sol. The winner of the second day was the Spanish cyclist Gonzalo Serrano del
Caja Rural team. The Spanish cyclist launched an attack on
the last kilometer that served him to take a small advantage over the lot
on end. the platoon accelerated in the last meters,
however the rural box cyclist managed to cross goal two seconds by
in front of his rivals. Juan José Lobato from Euskadi and Dylan Teuns from barhain
mclaren crossed goal 2 seconds from the winner of
stage. the general classification after 2 conference is led by the Danish cyclist
Jakob Fuglsang of the Astana who is escorted by Mikel Landa del Barhain to 6
seconds. Dylan Teuns of Barhain Mclaren third gear at 23 seconds …
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  1. Gracias por la actualización. Que bueno sería ver el tour de los Alpes marítimos. Estaré pendiente muchas gracias

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