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30 comments on “NYPD Searching For Suspects After Video Shows People Riding Motorized Bikes Onto F Train

  1. it's because you're in a white neighborhood. That's why you don't see police over there now, if it was a all black neighborhood, you would see 20 cops on one fucking block really think about it

  2. Hilarious, if you really think the NYPD is really out looking for these guys. They got many worst things to deal with on the subway. It happened in December. Must be a slow news day

  3. They only care if you jump the turn style or cause a disturbance like if you homeless everything is else is fare fucking game if you don't like here fucking move to a suburb and shut the fuck up

  4. For godsakes people need to start acting Leave It To Beaver white. I tell my nieces when they act up that they're little white girls from suburbs and they need to act like proper young ladies who come from an affluent family.

  5. Now y'all want the cops help ? Oh hell no. Fend for y'all selves. Didn't y'all just have a riot there a few weeks ago & didn't won't to pay y'all money to ride on the train & made the cops stand down.

  6. Nothing to see here just us black folk being black. White folk asking why they riding then on the subway. Well that's easy, they black folk. So they probably illegally riding them or they just stoled them…… #ShakaZulu. #RashaunGoingToGetThatBootyPassedAroundLikeATissueBoxInThePenitentiary

  7. Looks like a PR Stunt. NYPD has a lot of snitches on payroll. I bet those 3 guys are on the Payroll. They get paid off to commit petty crime all the time. Foh

  8. This is what happens when you change the bail laws to pander to these people and won't let the cops treat them like the criminals that they are.

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