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Ohio Motovlog 2019  Motorcycle Group Ride Rules

Ohio Motovlog 2019 Motorcycle Group Ride Rules

oh I see you’re a delight you guys
should be on oh they make sure you’re plugged in shut this down without
touching you Wow now see that I killed the girl
my kickstand still down there we go I’m leading the way today because daddy I don’t know what he’s talking about I
ain’t got my BTS to communication device on because I’m talking to you guys so I
can’t hear him is he coming okay we earn the big city the big city
huh we’re in the big state of Ohio our
trucks out back behind there and uh I get to lead the way today so that means
we’re going straight over there to the country because that’s how I roll what’s he doing he said I got to lead
the way where’s he going oh my goodness she seemed back then is he coming oh there he comes
see that we had slowed down wait on daddy he is apparently lost all making
pre-emptive the decisions that were turning right when y’all know I’m just
going straight to the country I wonder what they’re doing to their
shirt you see although that’s a pretty house to see a little stuff on it
we have no certain destination in mind today we’re just going so it should be a
nice leisurely day we brought a couple Gatorades with us and we had some steak
and eggs for breakfast before we came out so we should be good together this
room is actually kind of narrow but we’ve never been down it so new here to
traffic so off we go so YUM I have noticed a trend a lot of
motorcycle wrecks on my facebook lately and I’m I’m a brand-new writer the only
person that I’ve rode with is that crack kid behind me and you know I cuss him
and blame everything on him cuz that’s what I do but I do have some questions
so one of them I live in the country and when I was home last time there was
grass clippings all over the road now one of them some of them are individuals
that they could just go back out there and book right back off the road and it
wouldn’t be a big deal but they don’t but one of them was like where I live
it’s kind of like this except we tear and the big tractors for the county come
and it didn’t actually blow it anywhere it kind of like does it underneath and
wherever it ends up it ends up and half of it ends up on the road and they just
leave it there so you have to watch that so anyway there was an article a woman
passed away she was writing her own bike behind her husband now I actually read
two different articles the first one said he slowed down for the grass
clippings that were in the road and that she didn’t slow down she ran into him
and it killed her now later like the second day or whatever when the
television and stuff picked it up and they got more press about you know grass
clippings being in the road and whatnot they said that he slipped a little bit
in the grass went into her Lane and that she hit him and that’s and had a wreck
and she passed away and someone learn what school was posted
it about grass clippings and how it would killed this lady and everything
now what’s hid being said yes you’re not so sleep grass clippings on the road and
all that good stuff however as a rider you should always be ready for anything
and that guy behind me he said he’s went down one time and he said it dad gone
rabbit ran out in front of him and he couldn’t miss it got twisted up and he’s
tired and he went down he was going slow but I mean anything could rabbits cats
dogs deer a freaking a piece of cardboard wouldn’t make my little tire
lose traction so I guess my question is I said obviously the grass clippings
shouldn’t have been on the road that’s not what I’m saying but if he sloped
down or went into her Lane a little bit or whatever if I rear-ended you in my
semi-truck I would be considered at fault for following too closely but when
I see motorcycles riding in groups together they write really close and
I’ve seen poker runs going where you know there’s a big one group of bikes
and they’re all just right on top of each other no I mean I guess maybe it’s
normal for them to be maybe not even to bike links apart but to mean I don’t
know I I can see where that’s your if something happens to the guy in front of
you if a deer does run out or somebody runs a stop sign or you know somebody’s
chained flies off or I don’t know I mean I’m sure there’s stuff that could happen
obviously stuff random stuff happens all the time then are you gonna be able to
respond or you just kind of hit him and then this week a gentleman that I went
to school with he got life flighted now I know I have said this before there are
plenty of people that drive motorcycles that don’t have licenses and I’m not
even sure how that works with insurance and stuff if they cover it if you get in
wreck but Kirby drove down there but anyway there was a poker run going on
and the area where the poker run was going on what that generally means is a
bunch of guys get together ride their bikes and they stop at it might be
anywhere from a couple to five or six or more different bars and most of them the
drink it is what it is you know most of them drink and then they go on to the
next bar or wherever and continue on for their benefit or poker run or whatever
they’re doing right so this was in I don’t know it’s little ways way from my
house but it’s still involved people from my action the actual area I live so
there’s one individual decided in a group of 60 it said 50 to 60 so we’ll
all just say 60 for ease and there’s group of 60 bikes decides to pull out
and pass I have no idea why he did that
apparently other people that I’ve seen online talking about it I say because
it’s local was like why would you do that you’re not supposed to pass in a
group ride and blah blah blah but it he did it
whatever and he wasn’t no young young kid you know he was older I don’t know
how experienced if writer he was but he pulled out and decided to pass well for
whatever reason he had to get back into the group I’m maybe a cars come in I
don’t know whatever it was and when he went to get back into the group he
wrecked several of the other riders and two of them I believe it was two of them
had to be life-flighted out and her in ICU now and the individual that caused
them to wreck not only he wasn’t even driving without a license he was driving
with a revoked license which I’m assuming would probably means he has no
insurance so these individuals that he wrecked I know a friend of mine his mom
was post in the he was self-employed so he doesn’t have
any like short-term disability insurance or whatever cuz he there’s a lot of oil
and stuff where I’m at so a lot of people work like oil fields or logging
or different stuff like that or even construction and stuff so he’s
self-employed so no short term disability insurance or anything family
don’t know how they’re gonna buy groceries or anything else and I’m
guessing that all his medical bills and stuff either his insurance might pick up
some of them or I don’t mean I don’t even know how that goes because normally
the other guys insurance would be responsible for it but since the other
guy doesn’t have insurance now you can say oh well he can take him to court and
sue him but then you don’t get you can’t get blood from a turnip either you know
this guy or you don’t have a license and insurance and whatever what’s the
likelihood that he’s my you know working at some great big job making big bucks
where you’re gonna get any amount of money from him anyway so I don’t know what is the etiquette of
writing with people and what do you think about following distance ah and what do you guys think about
following distance I mean I said I see people writing together and for me
personally I think it’s entirely too close but I’ll also be the first to
admit I’m a new writer and I talked to myself and tell myself to shift and do
this and do that and whatever and I don’t know maybe experienced writers
don’t do that but I know from driving a truck new drivers are more likely to
have accidents that I actually are less expensive and experienced drivers are
actually more likely to have more expensive more catastrophic type
accidents because they’re and I don’t know that it’s it’s not that the older drivers are bad
it’s that they’re not doing the little stuff like a newer driver is more likely
to get the trailer stuck in a ditch because he’s not watching his turn
radius or back into a dock wrong or back into another truck or trailer or
anything like that just small stuff that may be more experienced right drivers
aren’t necessarily in general going to do so I said I don’t know I mean what is
that it get on all that stuff you know I know that you know if anybody’s riding
in a group you’re just sort of stuck behind them
as a solo writer but then what about the group and I know one lady was saying
well I guess you need to go over the group rules of the poker run rules or
whatever okay y’all see the turkeys sit there for
me and Ricky’s I never fly rules before but I mean I I’m the person that I don’t
trust people let alone when they’re drinking or trying to show off or
anything else so I don’t know and how well do you have to trust people to go
on these poker runs and not what not with them because if they do wreck in
front of you I don’t know now you do from what I can see you generally don’t
have enough following distance to to respond and stop before you do hit the
person in front of you where are we at I don’t know but we’re going to go this
way today look at that poor camper it didn’t
even look that old today he lives in there with these chins
today we’re outside saying listen to me I’m just repeating myself today today
today I get so distracted squirrel over here squirrel that’s me let’s see
Fincastle Baptist Church tears your prayers too they reach up to God when we
can’t speak we’re just gonna go straight here cuz we can there’s a man for sale
Oh see see the little grass here it looks like it was yesterday’s mowing oh look you see that but I don’t know if
y’all can see it when we get hit by bugs a lot of times you can see them coming
for you I ain’t do not about them you have to get hit slim cast I hope Wow
squirrel squirrel squirrel damn squirrel she talked about squirrels
how fun is that let’s see we got a ready turn up here
say that’s world if I had not seen it it’s a road hazard it’s a road hazard
anyway because you never know which direction then things are gonna go they
might turn around 17 times before they decide on the way make sure my signals off someone told me
I leave my signal on too long William Cheshire oh and I do I know I do
I’m worth thinking about 17 other things besides turning my signal off now if I’m
behind him I think I actually do just a little bit better if he leaves his
signal on because and I’m like I’ll turn your signal off and then I look at mine
and mine’s on especially if I’m out front or anything
then I don’t pay attention to it because I don’t know I don’t see his being on my
gas it is cooled down here it’s a leaf so I don’t think I think about as much
he’s at an underground house you don’t say that a little roof sticking out of
the the ground over there thanks for riding
but see you later guys

4 comments on “Ohio Motovlog 2019 Motorcycle Group Ride Rules

  1. unfortunately I do not ride motorcycles, so have no answer to your questions…but I would think that a group of riders probably should ride in mini packs with space between packs for others to be able to pass and then have an open area to get back over.

  2. Most MC's ride two by two and keep the group tight. But I think the law is that two or more shall ride in a staggered pattern.

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