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Ollie’s Project One Trek Madone Disc Presenter Bike

Ollie’s Project One Trek Madone Disc Presenter Bike

(upbeat drum music) – This is my Trek Madone Disc. I absolutely love it and I mean I am a very lucky boy indeed. But before we go any
further, I wanna tell you all the details about the bike. I think we should just take a minute. I mean, look at it. (fast-paced rock music) first we’re gonna start
with the paint because my Trek has a rather special paint job. It’s got a two-toned design here with matte and gloss black finishes and I really like how
the gloss black Trek logo contrasts against the matte frames. Nice and subtle, but looks really cool. But my favorite bit is
this iridescent paint on the top section. It’s really beautiful. And, it changes color
depending on the light and the angle which you view it from. It’s kind of a bit like the paint that you may have seen on the old TVR
Cerberus cars back in the day. (upbeat rock music) The Madone is a very aerodynamic design and replaces the outgoing model which was the one that Last
had with a custom paint job. It’s a very nice custom
paint job last year. I can’t remember who designed it. Anyhow, there’s lots of cool features. So, the first big difference
between the outgoing Madone, like what Last had, is
that this one is available in disc and rim brake versions. The previous one was just rim brake. Now you can see mine
is the disc brake one. And, it doesn’t have the vector
wings at the front anymore. They were the little flaps that popped out as you turned the steerer tube. There’s also an adjustable
isospeed decoupler located in the top tube here. And this is to give compliance
on the seat post in the rear end to make it more comfortable. And Trek reckons that
in it’s maximum setting, this is now 17 percent more
comfortable than Last’s version. Also, another advantage,
is that because it’s now located in the top tube
and not in the seat tube, it means that the amount
of compliance you get is not determined by how much
seatpost you are running. So basically, if you ran less
seat tube with your bike, you have less compliance. Now you can adjust it by undoing a little Allen bolt here
or hex bolt and then pushing the slider along
to tune the compliance. I run it here, which is
not the maximum compliance, but close to it and I just
love how the bike feels in this setting, having played
around with it quite a bit. (lighthearted guitar music) Now, this is an aero bike so I wanted to put some deep section wheels in because I just feel that
aero bikes just don’t look right with shallow wheels. They just don’t go together. Kinda like orange juice
and toothpaste. Bleh. (lighthearted guitar music) so, I’ve gone full ball
and banged in a set of these seriously
blinged, Zipp 858 NSW’s. I mean, look at these bad boys. The 858 is one of the
latest wheels from Zipp and features the little
HyperFoils or nodules on the rims. Now, this was sort of
inspired by the two berkles on the fins of humpback
whales which is said to make humpback whales remarkably
agile and hydro dynamically stable creatures for their massive size. Now, Zipp has sort of
been inspired by this and taken this hydrodynamic advantage and turned it into and aerodynamic one. But, in respect to that, they look amazing and they sound absolutely mint like there’s a (whooshing
sound) sound as you ride along. And the freer, well, check this out. (chain buzzing sound) on to the rims, I fitted a pair
of Continental GP 4000 S II tires and 25 MM width front and rear. And I haven’t fitted the
GP 5000’s yet because, well, I haven’t managed to
get my grubby little hands on a pair of those at the time of filming. But, I can’t wait to put them on. (lighthearted guitar music) In terms of the size of the
bike, I’m six foot one or 185 centimeters, and I’m riding
a 56 centimeter frame. And my saddle height from
the center of the BB to the top middle of the saddle
is 77 centimeters. My stem is 120 centimeters long, and my bars are just 38 centimeters wide. I don’t have the widest
of frames so for me there’s no issue with
riding a narrower bar. I feel comfortable even when
going on really long rides for extended periods of time. But the main reason is
that, they allow me to get much smaller at the front end much more narrow and aerodynamic. And they feel a lot faster
and the bike originally came with 44 centimeter bars
and for me the contrast between the two is absolutely huge. (lighthearted guitar music) It’s also worth pointing
out that the cockpit is a sort of integrated two-piece system with a separate bar and
stem and this is another big difference from Last’s
Madone and the advantage of this is that you can tune
your exact stem length and bar width and also adjust your bar angle as well with greater flexibility. Also on the cockpit is an out front mount for my Wahoo bolt computer. Now at the time of making this video, Bontrager don’t currently
make a Wahoo out front mound. So this, is a custom made 3D printed one which I think is a definite hack. My saddle is a Fizik Arione 00. Now saddle choice is hugely personal, but this is the shape that I
get along really well with. And the 00 notation means that this is Fizik’s top of the range model. It’s the lightest and
it looks proper tasty. Now in a desperate bid to look more pro, I also have a custom name
sticker on the top tube. Now this mainly serves my own vanity, but also acts a deterrent
to would be thieves in the GCN Presenters bike shed. The groupset on my Madone is Dura Ace di2 with hydraulic disc brakes and I’m running a 53-39 standard chainset and an 11-28 cassette on the rear. But, I will change this
cassette out depending on the terrain or the
style of riding I’m doing. So, I’ve put one 11-30 and sometimes I’ve even put on 11-32. I like having a 53-39 chainset because once you get it up to speed
and you get it turning, it just feels really efficient. And I also like the
feeling of having something to push against sometimes too. Now the keen eye of you, may have noticed a little bit of battle damage on my rear there’s a slight scuff there. Well, let you in to a secret,
that was caused when I slid off on an oil patch at RideLondon. But, don’t tell anyone okay? I don’t want Trek to know? Okay? Shhh. Bottle cages are Bontrager XXX. They’re very light, they’re
made of carbon just 19 grams and I love they way they look too. But how about the total
weight of the bike? Well, let’s bring out the GCN scales of truth and see how much it weighs. So there you have it, the
scales of truth is saying 8.09 kilograms which has surprised me a little bit to be honest
but it is in line with a lot of top end super aero
hydraulic disc brake bikes. But it is significantly heavier than a lot of top end climbing bikes out there. But in many cases, aero trumps weight. Now because I don’t have
as much aerobic talent as I’d quite like, I look for
other ways to close the gap and one of the ways I’ll
try and do that is by riding an aero bike and using
science and getting a nice aerodynamic position
with a narrow handle bar. (soft music) I hope you’ve enjoyed this
look at my Trek Madone Disc. I absolutely love it and if you have, then please give the video a thumbs up and if you haven’t already, subscribe. And if you’d like to watch another video, then why not check out this one down here, of my canyon CF SLX that I
used in my Everesting challenge and perhaps let us know in the comments which one you’d prefer. The Canyon or the Trek?

100 comments on “Ollie’s Project One Trek Madone Disc Presenter Bike

  1. Ollie, nice bike. I have the new Madone in Refliptive paint. Absolutely love the ride, though 404 NSW for me. My question for you… At 1:40 in the video, there is a chip visible on the top of the fork. I'm guessing there is a mirror chip on the left side. I had/have the same issue. Trek replaced the fork (warranty in 2 weeks time) when I saw it after a few short rides. No, I have it again on the second fork. I believe it is caused by the 'stopper' for it to not oversteer. I'm waiting for a solution from Trek. Anything you know about?

  2. Frankly, I don't know shit about bikes. I'm trying to learn and all. But no matter what kind of bike I see, whenever I see a Trek Madone SLR Disc, I am assured it's the sexiest bike in existence. It's so clean, beautifully curvy and futuristic. That thing is a work of art, and not just from an aesthetic perspective.

  3. Hello, I'm on the market for a Trek Madone. I'm 182cm and inseam 83cm. I'm wonder if I need a 58 as according TREK sizing chart or 56 (as I have a Canyon ultimate disc medium which is very comfortable). Thanks a lot for support 🙂

  4. I know most people disagree, but I wonder if there are any like me. I have never liked the design of the Madone. Something about it just looks off. I do understand it is an excellent bike, especially in this bike. But I don't think I will ever like the way the frame looks.

  5. So presenter bike in this context means that it's only for presenting and not for riding? 😀 I have never seen a video where you take that beauty out for a spin. You have been climbing an awful lot to be fair. But still, I would love to see that bike get some fresh air.

  6. I have the same bike but with rim brakes. I want to lower the stem and handlebar, but shop says I cannot do it without cutting the tube where the stem attaches to, but on this bike I see it sticking out on the top, so should be possible? Any input please?

  7. Looks nice, even supernice, however… 👇

  8. you spend a lot of money on your paint job on your bike but realistically no one actually see it and …… no one will actually care seems like a lot of money wasted but because you are a big YouTuber you have that kind of money to spend so I understand that from that perspective

  9. yeah looks nice .. but why the hell those futuristic road bikes that i like are so damn expansive … not everybody has a 5k USD to spend on a bike.

  10. Super nice🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔 the trek Madone is my dream bike in red with trek in white on the side classic

  11. wow. do you get your bikes for free as part of the promo stuff? if so, i want your job!! amazing gig, free bikes or not.

  12. I'd give Ollie's Trek Madone a SUPER NICE.

    I am a bit confused though. Ollie said, "Aero beats weight," yet he doesn't use this baby on his Everesting Challenge. The things that make you go, "Hmmm."

  13. Every single person I know that has a 2019 Madone SLR has the SAME EXACT chip in the paint on the fork. Mine, my brothers, Ollie's, the one tested. Ridiculous

  14. The new Madone is my dream bike 😲! We share the same measurements, so if you ever get tired of it, just let me know 😉

  15. Hey GCN. I appriciate all of the videos you guys make. It has really helped me out and now with the knowledge I have learned from you guys over the years, i am buying my first super bike tomorrow. Its a
    2017 Specialized S-works Tarmac Team Astana Edition (riden by Arman Kamyshev) i guess it was a spare bike (atleast the frame) for the tour
    Brand new ZIPP 404 firecrest clincher wheelset
    Sram red e-tap.

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