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Overview of Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

Overview of Indian Motorcycle Ride Command – Indian Motorcycle

Hey, we got Kenny and AJ here with Indian
Motorcycle, and today we are going to talk about the Indian Motorcycle touchscreen system.
In this video we are going to give you an overview of the Indian Motorcycle touchscreen
system and show you some of the features that this display is capable of.
The first thing we are going to talk about, is on the left hand side. AJ, if you touch
that button, it’s going to bring up the customizable rider screens. We have 3 sets
of screens here that are going to give you plenty of information. Those displays are
customizable, and you can bring up any of 8 different options at any time during your
ride. The next button, moving to the right, is your
audio button. The audio button is going to bring up your audio screen. You have the option
here for FM, AM, NOAA Radio, Bluetooth and USB audio.
The next button is the going to be the Bluetooth menu. Here you can pair your phone or a compatible
headset. With a headset paired, you can make and receive phone calls as well as stream
Bluetooth audio. Speaking of your phone, we have this cool compartment on the top. There
is a USB drive on the top, when you plug your phone in, it is going to charge your phone
while you’re riding. Moving to the right again, you’re going
to see that we have our navigation button. This is one of the coolest features of this
display. As you can see, AJ is swiping, dragging, tapping, and pinching his way through the
map. At any time, you can swipe down from the top of the screen and see that you have our dimmer options, as well as your settings menu. Now, we skipped the middle button. We have a lot of features going on, but sometimes
you just want to black out the screen and enjoy the ride. If you tap that middle button, it
is going to bring up that Indian Motorcycle headdress. If you press and hold that middle
button, it is going to black out the screen completely, and you can enjoy the ride.
Not all of the features of the display need to be controlled through the display itself.
Some of the features can actually be changed using the hand controls. On the left hand
side, you’ll see that we have a round dial pad. That round dial pad is for audio controls
only. Those audio controls can be manipulated at any time. You do not to be in the audio
menu to make those changes. The up and down buttons on that dial pad are
going to control your volume. The left and right buttons on that dial pad are going to
navigate through your playlist or through your AM/ FM stations. The middle button on
that dial pad is going to pause or mute your music, depending which source you are on.
Now, on the front of your switch cube, you’re going to see that you have a couple of triggers.
Your left hand trigger will swipe or navigate through each of the displays, as we did earlier
with the hard buttons. Your right hand trigger is going to give you a confirmation for whatever selection your cursor is on at the time. That’s all for now, continue to check out
the Indian motorcycle YouTube page for more how to videos.

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  1. Well it's about damned time. The current Chieftain/Roadmaster display pod is just embarrassing compared to Harley. This one looks like it moves ahead. The screen looks a little Street Glide(ish) though. Hopefully it comes up full height.

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