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Paintball on Motorcycles – Stunt vs Trial riders !

Paintball on Motorcycles – Stunt vs Trial riders !

We got company Game on! Hey guys! Ready to get your ass kicked? Yeah right! Tell you what: the winner gets to paint the losers’ bike in any color he wants. Deal? Deal! We’re all connected? Yep. Loud and clear. Check. You’re all set? Yeah! Yep. I’m coming! Are you in position? Yep, bring him in! Man, I’m hit! They’re heading your way. Copy that. We’ll find’em! Let’s get’em! Light’em up! Take that, son of a bitch! Shit! I’m out! They’re right behind you. I know! They’re shooting right at me! He’s heading towards the wood. Where the hell is he? Damn it! He got me! Good luck guys! Shit! They’re good. Over there! He’s cornered. Good, we can’t miss him. He’s behind the wall! Nice shot. Get the last one! I will…

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