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Pannier Briefcase Convertible by Two Wheel Gear

This year we are launching the world’s
best bike briefcase. The pannier laptop briefcase features four separate organized pocket sections. The first is a padded 17 inch laptop compatible and accessories pocket. Then there is a daily trip items pocket. The third section is for small accessories and is quick to access. Best used for pens, passport, keys
and tools. Finally there is a rain cover and wet gear pocket for anything that
gets dirty or quickly needs to be stowed away. The universal mounting system will
fit on any bike rack. It angles away from the pedals providing maximum heel
clearance even for large feet sizes. There are 16 different mounting
positions that make the hooks easily adjustable and it even comes with an
additional mini insert to make a tight fit on small diameter bike racks. The
mounting system zips away neatly behind foam-padded panel so no one will ever
know that you’re carrying a pannier. There is a hidden compartment that allows access to the mounting components so they can be replaced if they ever break.
There is also a bottom quick-release strap to secure safely around the bike
rack to prevent it from bouncing around. The weatherproof design uses a super
durable 600 Denier polyester and it has a TPE waterproof coating and UV protection. There are zipper flaps that protect
every zipper from the outside elements and it also comes with an additional
fluorescent, reflective rain cover. Now the design is finished and it’s
awesome. In fact it’s already in production, but now we need to finish
raising the money to bring our bike briefcase to life. If there is anybody that
knows the challenges of being an entrepreneur, it is the Kickstarter
community. So please join us. Help us launch the best pannier laptop briefcase
for business bike commuters. I’m Reid, the chief commuting officer of Two Wheel Gear. Thanks for checking out our campaign.

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