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Papa has a motorbike? Let’s check out his secret garage! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.05.22]

Papa has a motorbike? Let’s check out his secret garage! [One Night Sleepover Trip/ 2018.05.22]

Where did I put it? My nose is stuffed. Oh, here. (Nose cleaners he brought from Korea) Raul! Nose! (Drink water with your nose) (And blow) (You understood me, right?) Okay? (If you want, of course!) I’ll show you something interesting. (Jongmin and Raul’s nose-cleaning fan meeting) (Follow after me) Line. (Not sure what he’s doing, but just following him) Okay. (Raul’s following him pretty well) Close it. Shake it, shake it. (Doing his best) Mix it well. (Is this a drink?) (Watch closely, Raul) (Focused) (Interesting) (Trickling) (Nose cleaning is harder than it looks) Okay. I’ll try it. Will it work? (Here I go) (Will it clean Raul’s nose too?) (Oh… Oh… Oh…) (Gushing) Wow, that’s a lot. That’s really a lot! He’s better than me! Wow, good! (A pupil excels his master) His nose is big! His nose is big, so look at that! (Nose cleaning, big nose, a waterfall) Cleaned all the way! (We’ve seen each other cleaning one’s nose!) Good! Very good! (I did well, right?) Cool, cool! (Medium vs. Extra large) I think my nose feels very clean. Good. (Jongmin and Raul’s nose-cleaning meeting’s over) I feel great now. (Meanwhile, what are papa and Taegon doing?) (Sunglasses in the early morning?) I have a Korean motorbike. Do you want to see? Korean? Does papa like anything other than soccer? I used to ride a motorbike. (He’s still got that wrist snap) I still ride it these days. (Really?) (I’m that bike mania in his 70s) (And it’s a Korean motorbike too) He says he’s got a Korean bike. Let’s go see. (To papa’s secret garage, go!) It’s Korean. – It’s made in Korea. Korea. / – Yes. exactly. Where did you get this motorbike? (Papa’s baby) (To men, motorbikes are) (The symbol of bluff) I’ve had it since 12 years ago. (The bike has run for over 20,000km) (It’s really old) Then it won’t start, right? (What?) (Did I make a mistake?) Of course it starts. I’ll bring the key. (In that case!) (Excuse me for a minute) I used to be a rider back in the days. (All men are same in front of a motorbike) I remember thinking really hard about buying one. I didn’t because I didn’t want to die. But, look at this… 12 years old… (Will it really start?) (The motorbike must start for papa to keep his pride) (Going around the whole house to get the key) (Found my key!) (How dare you question my motorbike’s ability) (Opening the back door of the garage) Did he actually ride this in the past? Of course. Would I have carried it around? Even today? (Amazing) He’s so cool. (Let me show you my skills) (Brown shoes) (And brown sunglasses are a must) (Even turning on the headlight in this daylight) He’s got everything set. (The motorbike is out into the world) (Perfect day to ride the motorbike) (Shall I cut through the wind?) (Clank, clank, clank) (What’s wrong, my baby?) (Feeling sorry for some reason) (Papa is flustered) (I’m not going to watch) (Give up like this?) It needs a little more kick. (Broom, broom) (The sound of papa’s pride starting) (Are you watching, Taegon?) (My baby and I are still young) (Go, papa!) (Awesome, papa!) (A smooth cornering of a rider in his 70s) Such a cool guy. (This is the charisma of a Jerez man) (Papa’s smooth riding) (Calls for an applause) (Explosion of boldness) Amazing. Just amazing. He’s not an amateur. (Even Taegon finds papa cool) (Shall I teach you a little?) (My turn now) It’s so nice. I used to be a rider back in the days. (I do remember those days, but…) Brake? Is this the clutch? Brake? I’m not used to this kind… (Mr. Macho making excuses) (Cute, Taegon) (A pretentious smile) Oh, this is great. It’s good enough that I’ve sat on it. Very good, very good. Korean brand. (Papa’s baby has done its role) (Korean motorbike, bluffing, broom) It’s amazing. It’s written right here. It’s old. I had it for 12 years. Mama doesn’t like you riding the motorbike, does she? We ride it together. Together? Yes, we put on our helmets and go. Awesome. (A true romantic of this day) (The motorbike of papa’s passion) By the way… (Papa’s car) Korean brand. Kia. – Korean brand. / – Korean brand. (Both of papa’s babies are from Korea) Korean cars and motorbikes are good. In a few months, I’m getting another Korean car. Yeah, all of his rides are from Korea. (Papa’s choices are quite good) (He really is the man of Spain) Let’s go inside.

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  1. Oppa Jongmin and Raul's moment with Nose cleaning was so cute. Hahahaha.
    I love Jongmin's personality, he is very genuine and very friendly.

  2. Where can I buy those nose cleaners from? Can imagine they will help very well for hayfever sufferers like me

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