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Patrick Konrad’s Specialized S-Works Tarmac

Patrick Konrad’s Specialized S-Works Tarmac

– Hello, and welcome to
another GCN Pro Bike. This is Patrick Konrad’s
Specialized S-Works Tarmac. [Gentle Music] Konrad’s bike is topped
off by a Specialized Romin Evo saddle that has
got carbon fibre rails. The saddle sits on a
Specialized seat post, and that has absolutely
no lay back at all, which you don’t usually see on road bikes, which is quite cool to see that. The seat post is carbon fibre. Moving forwards from that, he has got a Pro Aluminium stem, and also
uses Pro Aluminium handlebars. The bars are wrapped
with SupaCaz bar tape, and he’s got Shimano Dura-Ace
Di2 brake and gear levers. Interestingly, I’ve never
seen sprint shifter placement like Konrad has got. It actually makes a lot of sense to me. He’s got sprint levers on the tops, kind of just, to the
inside of his bar tape. What that means is when he’s riding along with his hands on the
bars, he can just use his index finger to change gears. It’s very cool, I think
that makes a lot of sense for most of us who are
not actually gonna need to use sprint shifters in the drops, because we only really use the drops for descending or sprinting when
we’ve already selected a gear. Moving back from the
handlebars, Konrad has got a Dura-Ace chain set, that
has got the 4iiii powermeter. The 4iiii, a sponsor of BORA-hansgrohe. A double-sided powermeter
so it gives readings for the right leg and the left leg. He’s got Shimano Dura-Ace
Di2 front and rear mechs, a Dura-Ace chain, and a Dura-Ace cassette. Pedals, they’re also Dura-Ace. Brakes, the Shimano Dura-Ace too. Wheels are provided by
Specialized in-house wheel brand, and they are
the Roval CLX 32 wheel. So they’re lower profile,
which fits with the Tarmac, which is a lighter bike. Konrad does use a Venge, more
aero bike on flatter days. This is a climbing
bike, makes sense he has lower profile, lighter wheels. Tyres are also provided by Specialized, they are the S-Works Turbo tyres, which measure 23-24mm. Konrad’s chain rings are
53/39, and the cassette on this bike is an 11 through 28. His cranks are 172.5mm. The saddle height is around 75cm. The reach from the nose of
the saddle to the centre of his bars comes in at about 57cm. He’s got a 115mm stem, which is quite an unusual length,
you don’t see that in many bike stores or online. His handlebars are 40cm wide, so we’ve actually seen another
BORA-hansgrohe rider using narrow 40cm handlebars, and Konrad is another one. Better for aerodynamics, plus it’ll be a little bit lighter. The weight of the bike,
you’d expect it to be super light, and it is right on the dot of the UCI’s lower weight limit of 6.8 kilos, although when Konrad races on this bike, he will be using one of the
Velon dates transmitters which will probably add
roughly 200g to his bike. So there’s plenty of room to manoeuvre with that lower weight limit. It’s time for the free hub sound check. [Wheel Spinning] If you’d like to see a tour
of the BORA-hansgrohe truck, all you need to do is click right there. To subscribe to GCI,
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and see all of our videos from the 2017 Giro
d’Italia, just click there. Finally, let us know what
you think of Konrad’s bike down in the comments, and if
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62 comments on “Patrick Konrad’s Specialized S-Works Tarmac

  1. The new unannounced Tarmac was spotted in the wild. This video is getting outdated sooner than previous others.

  2. 115 is actually a pretty common stem length. A lot of manufacturers make stems in 115mm. They're certainly not a common sight but it's nothing special unlike the 1mm stem increments found at team sky.

  3. Love Lastys free hub sound check,brilliant addition,maybe he should add a "let's see how far away I can ride it before I get chased" section.

  4. Finally a nice classic looking bike, no stupid gimmicks or ugly aeroisms, I'd choose this over the more expensive flashy rubbish any day.

  5. Man lasty didn't really want to do this feature did he! You can see in his body language he is saying "yes another specalized with dura ace and yep you guessed it roval wheels!" He is normally so much more enthusiastic!

  6. Nice bike and vid, sucked having to wait through another of those "not actors" boring ass stupid chevy commercials.. Please find another style..

  7. Funny how I come to watch a video of about a awesome pro bike and a quarter of it is Lasty standing directly in front of it… Love the content! Keep up the good work!

  8. Is there a women's GCN channel? I don't think there is one yet, so maybe include more coverage of women's races and bikes. Maybe an interview or two??
    Seriously, who wouldn't want to see Kasia's bike and a short interview while she is doing so well at the OVO women's tour? +++ everyone should wish Marianne Vos a speedy recovery.

  9. Good review, Tom, and I think you'd make a smooth deejay at Lite 95, spinning a little something special by Kenny G at the last of the day with Lasty..

  10. I do not think those are the pure sprinter shifters up by the bar stem. There are new Shimano "switch" shifters (SW-R9150) for the new series of Dura Ace and these look like those. They can be used as sprint shifters, but they can also be used anywhere else on the bars which previous generation of sprinter shifters could not. Also I like how a narrower bar width for you guys means more aero (I've noticed that on quite a few videos). Couldn't he be doing it for a proper fit as provided by Retul? I'm 6' 2" and my shoulders measure out better for a 40cm bar than a 44. I absolutely hate riding 44 wide as it causes pain on longer rides. Konrad could be built with a narrower shoulder width hence his lower bar width. It isnt all about aero and weight.

  11. The free hub sound, although totally pointless, is a rather nice touch. To be honest, I can't hear the difference between any of them and I don't watch and listen to these videos using some crappy sounding mobile device or laptop but rather professional studio sound. It's not GCN's fault either, it's the high compression algorithms that Google uses for it's YouTube videos.

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