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Pawn Stars: A Very Rare Triumph Motorcycle Gets Rick Revved Up (Season 13) | History

Pawn Stars: A Very Rare Triumph Motorcycle Gets Rick Revved Up (Season 13) | History

100 comments on “Pawn Stars: A Very Rare Triumph Motorcycle Gets Rick Revved Up (Season 13) | History

  1. I laugh when he said he would hope his wife would not find out about the next motorcycle he buys – I wonder how he will be able to pull that off – maybe hold up something shiny in front her as he puts the bike in the garage – when she notices it – all he says is "what"

  2. MY WIFE, MY WIFE, MY WIFE…That's all I ever hear…it's ok guys. Just say the truth!!! I'm BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rick: could you wait here I have an expert on British made small motor cycle companies he will conveniently arrive in moments

  4. I couldn't even stand sitting here I'm watching someone get misled and then turning around and having a bike that my dad had yes my father is Elvis Presley my daddy came to Toronto Ontario Canada Maple Leaf Gardens in 1957 and to see you scam people and I'm half American by the way and I just don't understand how you get away with scamming people here in Canada it's against the law to scam people

  5. Riccar but one of the best scam artists I've ever seen that biking it Auction Block would pay double time in your pocket and also be able to pay off the auctioneers you're such a scam artist

  6. Rick got a deal on that one that's a whole lot of bike for 15000 poor guy I wish he was a better negotiator he should have stuck at 17500 Rick was on his game though he played that well but he wanted it that bike wasn't leaving

  7. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  8. Rick…you know you can sell the bike like in no time and make money on it…or you can keep the bike for yourself and yet you just couldn't cut the guy some slack? Geeeezzz……

  9. The moment someone states their wife or husband is making them get rid of something to Rick, that is leverage for Rick to get a lower rate from the seller.

  10. If your wife is the type to make you sell or stop the things you love she’s not worth the time keep doing what you love excluding the wife that hates all your hobbies

  11. Bro……..even if this was a tactical ploy for a sale what kind of man would say this ? Not all men can be tough but we do expect all men to be men. Grow some and live life to its fullest. Men should never wear panties

  12. I would just say 25k
    what’s your bottom line?
    Did I stutter?
    Cmon what’s the bottom line?
    Ok for you rick it’s 24,999$ and 100 pennies

  13. Well, you Dont have the Original Price tag or the wooden crate the Bike came in.
    Best I can do is $100.00 And I'm Taking a chance here

  14. My wife tried to get me to sell my 1961 Manx Norton , it's still in the garage getting old just like me.
    Sell it , NO WAY.

  15. I remember back in the early 1970's,I started racing motocross and a lot of these bike showed up with people racing them.striped down except some guys left the speed and tack o' on them,using paper plated as there number plates.they were really reliable.they had the brake one the left and gear shifter on the right,backwards to the way that bikes are made today.made in great Britain then,then the hippies took them and made choppers out of them.just like Peter Fonda rode in the movie easy rider,a British made motorcycle with a custom painted gas tank with a America flag painted on it.the it took them just a couple of days to build the bike for him,except they reversed the brake and gear shifter from brake on the right and shifter to the left.the way bike are used in modern times today,his chopper is still one of the most beautiful bikes custom made to this day.things you didn't know about the bike in the movie is that it broke down a lot while they were making the movie and it was a 650 I think,but really nice bikes back then!?

  16. Every time Rick rips someone off he says his stupid “sweet!”. Also other go to’s are ‘it’s gonna sit around”,and “auction fees”. He’s such a sleazy dude. Why anyone would go to him just goes to show there’s a sucker born every minute. I enjoy the show purely for the items.

  17. Smart woman, really, if you have any common sense. The bike has probably been sitting in the garage for who knows how long. He probably doesn't ride it. So then, you gotta be a moron to rather have a bike sitting in your garage (probably all covered up and tucked in) than have 15K and go on a nice vacation, experience and see new things. Things are just things, especially if they're useless.

  18. So many people should just opt for private sale. I mean, unless you need cash immediately there is no reason to sell to a pawn broker.

  19. My old room mate had a T500 in '69. He bought it in London, toured England and the Continent, then shipped it back. Had the flat English handlebars. His English racing green tank was a little darker than the green in this video. It passed Customs in Newark and the bike and wooden crate got driven to our house. It was chained up outside in 1970, and someone stole it silently one night. They are a rare piece. We always thought the local Triumph shop mechanics stole it.

  20. Smh, that guys should have said cya rick im gonna sell it to that expert for 30k just like you want to do to me. Now THAT is good business, tough pill to swallow ha rick. Too bad he sold it to rick for 15k smh sucker

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