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PEARL iZUMi Craft Series – The Wish Print

PEARL iZUMi Craft Series – The Wish Print

So this season we’re going for a
monochromatic look and we really liked the idea of a subtle print to kind of
complement those sleek design lines of the garment. We called it the wish print because usually when you pick up a dandelion and you blow the seeds away you make a wish so it was only fitting that we call it wish print. So this is a page where my sketch book that has the original wish print on it and the story
of this print is when I think of a ride I think of all the ways and possibilities that it can go and places it can take me. So the image of these
little seeds floating away in different directions I think really represents all
the ways a ride can go. When you usually think of a woman’s micro or ditzy print you think of maybe a classic floral we really wanted to create a new spin on a
classic floral so the images of these dandelion seeds kind of going in every
which way direction and floating around created the familiarity of a floral but
it was definitely unique in in its execution.

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