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PedalPower Kids – Power to Explore Freedom by Bike

PedalPower Kids – Power to Explore Freedom by Bike

At PedalPower Kids we teach kids how to ride bikes safely and confidently. So today we have two camps that are based out of this park which is called Kinder Farm Park. Who’s ready to work really hard have a lot of fun? Yeah? Awesome! In the morning we have
learned to ride camp and our campers are anywhere from about four and a half to
eleven and they’re trying to ditch the training wheels and and ride independently. One of the biggest sort of crutches and hindrances to learning to
ride a bike is actually training wheels. Riding a bike with training wheels just
teaches you how to ride a bike on training wheels so we teach kids using a
balanced method. T his idea has been around for you know over a hundred years…one of the first bikes was called the hobby horse and actually had no pedals.
You used it by kind of running on it but by really helping them engage their
valent their sense of balance and their core strength we can then really take
away kind of the fear factor that goes on with learning to ride a bike
because they know that they can hold the bike up they know that they can balance.
So by the time we are putting pedals back on they’re really feeling confident
really feeling good at that point that they’re gonna be able to hold the bike
up all by themselves. Turn forward to put them back on and this always confuses
everyone because have you ever heard righty-tighty lefty-loosey?
It’s their bike we kind of say you’re you’re the boss of the bike, You’re gonna hold this bike up. {boy riding} Wheeee! We are gonna start our day with a game
that is a PedalPower Kids Camp favorite, and it’s called “Rob the Nest.” I want you
to work on your fastest gliding okay. It’s gonna be a team game so it’s gonna
be a fierce competition. On your mark, get set, go!! I wanna see your best and fastest gliding guys…Grant leave your bike right there… excellent strategy…good work Grant you better show me good glide going back…that’s looking good Gavin… You’re riding a bike. It’s pretty cool, huh? How many is your team have? {Girls scream} Ten!!
{Rachel} That was an intense race! We have what we call afternoon adventure camp and those kids are in the same age range but they do already know how to ride
independently. A lot of them are actually graduates from learn to ride camp or
other ones of our programs and they’ve just wanted to come back and and ride more. Kids today have…they probably have never been especially kids in in the US
I’ve never been more programmed and scheduled and controlled and I think a
lot of kids you know feel a real lack of freedom. And you know, they kind of
are shuttled in their cars from practice to lessons to this to that… They don’t have a whole lot of awareness around about their own surroundings there’s not
a whole lot of time for exploration and adventure. And I think that you know
getting on a bike and and developing those skills really brings back a little
bit of their own control and their own self-sufficiency. {Coach} Watch out for the turtle. {Kids} Watch out for the turtle, guys!! So we do work on developing their skills
and particularly their group riding skills but we do that while we’re
adventuring. So we visit with a lot of folks in the community so yesterday we
were out visiting our friends our grand-friends at an assisted living center that’s nearby. {group talking noise as children interact with people} {Say cheese…} Alright, let’s get all of our hands in the middle okay… Awesome. Okay, ready 1, 2, 3, Bikes are cool, seniors are fun, we shredded hard and now we’re done! Yaaaay… Nice job guys, make sure your parents have signed you out…

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  1. Late seventies I rode my beater bike from Paramount Boulevard clear over to the Lakewood Mall in Lakewood County California which is about 10 miles from my house and it's 7 years old my mom was a little pissed off but the next year I got to ride my bike back and forth to the Lakewood pool which was really cool and I'm 5 2 years old today and I'm still riding 10 miles on my mountain bike I've had very little health issues aside from the occasional accidents quote on quote and I also started smoking around the same time it's 7 years old and I'm still smoking today I'm going to ride 10 Mi to and back and forth to work and have no problems

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