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Peloton Bike vs. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle (Our Story)

Peloton Bike vs. NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle (Our Story)

Hello, and welcome to the channel! Today I’m going to talk about the peloton bike versus the NordicTrack S22i Studio Cycle. I’ll list some pros and cons of each, and I’ll also tell our experience. We bought our peloton bike in 2015, and we really liked it. My wife really liked the classes, and I really liked the outdoor simulation riding. We had previously bought a treadmill from Nordic Track back in 2013 and really
liked it. So, right away we were in two different ecosystems, and I knew that but at the time it was only $5 a month for the treadmill. So, it didn’t bother me too much. Well, in 2019 we started trying to figure out some ways to save money, and on top of that NordicTrack increased their fee for the treadmill up to $15 a month. So, I decided to start considering options, and the option that I came up with was to sell the peloton bike and to buy a Nordic
Track S22i Studio Cycle, and I’ll just tell you a little bit about that. Luckily, I was able to sell the Peloton for $1,500 locally, and I actually had quite
a few people wanting to buy it. And, I should say that we really did like the
bike it was really sturdy. There’s nothing against it. I was just looking at
a way to save some money. Then, I’ll show you the savings was pretty
significant. Here in a minute, I’ll go over some pros and cons of each. For one, the Nordic Track came with a year’s worth of service, and that amounts to
quite a bit of money. I could have went the other direction, and I could
have bought a Peloton Tread, but those things are like $4,000. Then, I would
have been in the same ecosystem for both and only paid the one fee. So, we went the
direction to get both NordicTrack pieces of equipment. I’ll break down the cost on
what they cost new as of October 14, 2019. If you’re all-in on the Peloton
it’s $2,249 plus tax and then $39 a month for membership. Just to give you an idea of what we paid back in 2015. We paid $2,849 for the bike, I think that did
include a year’s worth of service at the time. I think I just prepaid it and then
maybe some shoes and dumbbells or something. For the iFit, its $19.99 plus tax but it includes a one-year membership. So back in July, when I bought it, we were all in for $2,640, and I was able to sell the peloton for $1,500. Now I’ll go over some pros and cons of each bike. For one, the NordicTrack
monthly plan is way cheaper. I was able to buy a one-year card off of eBay for
$75.73. Now that’s versus the $513.72 that I would have paid for Peloton after-tax per year so it’s quite a bit of cost savings on that. The NordicTrack
had a much better outdoor live simulation. It’s actually video with an instructor in
front of you and more interactive. Although it is just recorded it also is
able to it adjust the incline. So, the bike moves up and down. That does make the
bike take up a little bit more space. However, the bike does that
automatically either based off the Google Streetview or the trainer that you’re following. The trainer can also increase or decrease the resistance, and that’s just kind of neat. You can do it with the knob on the
Peloton, but you do have to do it manually. The NordicTrack has a fan which is nice. It’s not super powerful. I end up using another fan anyway, but it does blow right in your face. It’s nice the Peloton does not have that. I’ll go
over some cons now. A con of the NordicTrack is it is not nearly as
stable as the Peloton. The Peloton is rock solid. The NordicTrack
wobbles a little bit. It’s not crazy or anything, but it does wobble and it
does creak a little bit sometimes. I don’t think it was creaking in the crank
so much as I think it’s just creaking in the seat post maybe. And, maybe I just
need to tighten that down. The Peloton comes with some reasonably good pedals. They are clip-in ones, and they want you to get the shoes. The pedals that the NordicTrack comes with are not nearly as good as the ones that the Peloton comes
with. The ones that the NordicTrack comes with are just flat pedals with some
baskets on top, and that’s how you’re able to pull up. The Peloton comes with
more of a road bike cleat. The downside is you do need a shoe for that, and you
clip into it you wouldn’t really be able to ride the Peloton without a clip-in
style cleat. I guess you could ride it. It just wouldn’t, it wouldn’t be very
comfortable or very efficient. It wouldn’t be a good idea. I guess I would
say another disadvantage of the iFit system that the NordicTrack uses is the
classes are all recorded. There is no live studio; therefore, there’s no leader
board. So, on the Peloton system you can
actually have a class that you’re taken that they’re doing in the studio at the
same time, and the coach could actually call your name out and give you a shout
out or whatnot and you can see how you’re ranked compared to everyone else
in the studio. And, you can also see how you’re ranked against previous people
who have taken the ride even if you watch it later recorded so that
leaderboard is kind of neat iFit doesn’t seem to have that. Peloton has a way
better community from what I can tell. The Peloton people are really into it. I
haven’t really seen that what iFit, but then again, like I said, the outdoor
simulation ride was way better on the NordicTrack. Another thing I’m gonna
throw in here a way to save some money is that Peloton will want you to buy a
$60 mat. They don’t necessarily push it really, but they have it. You can buy a
much cheaper mat from a farm supply store. I got one for $39, actually
that’s the one for the treadmill. I guess that I have, it’s a big one, the one for
the Peloton bike, actually you can buy for $25. So, they’re much thicker and more
industrial-grade. So, that’s another way you could save some money. Speaking of
saving some money, I’ll go over a spreadsheet here with the savings the
peloton monthly after taxes $42.81. After do that for a year,you come out with $513.72. The iFit Coach is about $1,650 after-tax for $198 a year. However I was able to find the iFit Coach on a card that I got off eBay, and I paid $75.73 for that for a year which comes out to only $6.31 cents per month. So that gave me a yearly savings of $437.99. However, if you remember the NordicTrack bike came with a year free
savings. So, from what I was paying the $513.72 plus the $437.99 over two
years, I’m gonna be saving $951.71 between that and just really liking the outdoor simulation experience much
better that was a big driver for us to move. I ride the bike quite a bit more
than my wife does, and she was willing to sacrifice the studio rides
since she didn’t ride it that much anyway. So, in summary, if you want to save some money the Nordic Track and the iFit membership off eBay is the way
to go. If money’s not a big deal to you, the peloton is a really nice bike, and
the studio classes are really nice for those of you that like that. However, I
think that the outdoor riding simulation is much better on the NordicTrack.
Also, I would like to do a quick shout out to Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University!! That’s what got my wife and I starting to look at our monthly finances & looking at paying off our debt as soon as possible. If you haven’t heard of it it’s pretty neat, and I highly recommend it. I’ll put a link in
the show notes. Thanks for watching! If you like this video, please like and
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