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Perth Motorcycle Show 2015

Perth Motorcycle Show 2015

So yeah, I’ve just been to the Perth Motorbike and Scooter show. It was a pretty good show. The guy there on the old stunt bike was pretty good. He started off with this modified one where it had a little seat on top of the fuel tank. Ahh, and then he moved onto this just totally insane Yamaha that had been custom turbo charged… just like a DRIFT machine ! So yeah back on the bike here having a bit of a ride with old Midnight and Disco. Just been to the Perth Motorbike and Scooter show. Pretty good. Midnight got a new Alpine leather jacket. I didn’t get much, I just got some waterproofing sh!t for my jacket. Hopefully keep a bit of rain off it. Yeah, it was pretty good. They had these little…. I don’t even know what they are… Some guys were riding these little modified postie bikes and.. they had a little track there and what not. That was pretty cool.

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  1. I think you'll find that glenn allerton is a superbike racer. And the guy doing stunts with the turbocharged MT09 in your vid is dave mckenna.

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