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Peter Sagan’s Custom Specialized S-Works Venge Disc | Tour de France 2018

Peter Sagan’s Custom Specialized S-Works Venge Disc | Tour de France 2018

(upbeat music) – This is the brand new
Specialized S-Works Venge. Belonging to a man who needs little to no introduction, Mr Peter Sagan, of Bora Hansgrohe. (upbeat music) Lets start with the frame then shall we? Well Sagan, he’s opted
for a size 56 centimeter. Now he stands at one meter 84, which is just over six
feet tall in old money. But what about this frame then? Well, it’s over 200 grams lighter than its predecessor, the Venge Vias, and the fork, well that saves 25 grams, which is certainly not to be sniffed at when, well, lets face it, rider will look at any way in which to save a little bit of
weight on their bicycle. So, we’ve talked about
those little bits of weight savings, but apparently, it’s also more aerodynamic that previous model too. So eight seconds faster over
a 40 kilometer time trial. Now there are various different ways of looking at this. More aerodynamic, generally
you add more weight, less weight and you compromise the stiffness of a bike. However, in this case, they’ve managed to get the best of both worlds. Both faster, and lighter,
than that previous model. The seat post, well that is specific to this model of frame, and there’s a little hidden secret in there too. The saddle, well that’s
specialized Roman Evo, and that comes with the
fact carbon rails there, just to save a little bit of weight. Talking about saving weight, lets move forward to this
bar and stem combination. Apparently, this is 107 grams lighter than the previous model. And I think that still is a lot of weight to be saving suddenly in one hit. Fair play to you, Specialized. The stem length is 145 millimeters long. Which is certainly one of the longest stems we are gonna see in the World Tour Pellaton. That’s paired up to a pair of the Specialized carbon fiber
aerodynamic shaped handlebars. They’re 42 centimeters wide, and then fitted to the
front plate of the stem, is a really neat mount for Sagan’s Wahoo Element bolt GPS device. I think that, probably ranks up there in the highest of all of
my GPS mounting devices. Now, initially, I actually thought that it was fully internal
cabled, the bars and stem. However, the cables do
pop out of the handlebars just either side of the stem, and then they’re neatly tucked away on the underside of that stem. That’s very nice indeed. The shifters, then, are
mounted onto these bars, are the Shimano Dura Ace DI2 9170. That means that they are, yep, you’ve guessed it, the disc brakes. So, what is stopping this bike then? Well, of course, we’ve got ourselves some disc brakes so, the calipers, they’re Shimano Dura-Ace, and then the rotor size on the front up here, we’ve got a 160 millimeter, and on the rear, 140 mill. What about the wheels then? Well, we’ve got ourselves the Roval CLX 50 rapid, and they’ve got ceramic speed bearings inside of them. And the rear, well, that’s fitted with ceramic speed bearings too, but it’s also got the
internal ratchet system from DT Swiss. Tires wise, well, they are the Specialized S-Works Turbo Tubulars, in a 26 millimeter width,
both front and rear. Then lets move on to the
actual gear setup, shall we? Well, we’ve got an 11/28 cassette, which is pretty standard across all pros you’re gonna see out there. And that’s paired up with the ever reliable Shimano Dura-Ace DI2 9150 derailleurs, both front and rear. Chain set wise, well, he’s opted for 54/42 rings, which is not the most common you see out there, but we do see them from time to time, in the pro’s bikes. Power meter, it’s that Specialized 4I license unit, both left and right, and then pedals, he’s opted for Shimano Dura-ace 9100, which is slightly different to back
at the tour down under, where he had a different
model of pedal there. And those pedals, well they are threaded into 172.5 millimeter cranks. Now those cranks, they actually turn on a threaded ceramic
speed bottom bracket, as opposed to a push fit or press fit. So for the traditionalists out there, you’ll absolutely love that. What about the paint work then? Well I’ve not even touched on that yet. There’s a jade glittery
effect you can see here, which is covered in clear coat, and then it goes into
a matte finished gray. It looks absolutely beautiful. And at the time of filming, I’m one of the first people to actually see this bike, so I’m
ultra lucky, I think there. Now, on the top tube here, we do have PS, of course,
Pete Sagan initials, which is, again, I thought handwritten, but in fact it’s not, it is actually underneath a little bit of clear coat. We’ve got all sorts of little
slogans on the bike, too. So on the seat tube we’ve got, “If I don’t have yellow, I have green. If I don’t have green, I have rainbow”. And also, underneath
the bottom bracket here, just a cheeky little
message of “We’ll see”. I don’t know what we’ll see, but hey, we will see indeed. Now, I did also mention there was something
hidden in that seat post. That’s where the DI2 junction box is. That is probably the best
mounting I’ve ever seen of one. It’s totally out of the
way, totally hidden. The only thing I could think is, if you had it on your bike, and you had a trickster mate riding along, he could easily press that and start adjusting your gears. But all joking aside, that
is absolutely beautiful. Also, little bits of paint have been used on the seat post clamp assembly, so ultimately they can see exactly where that is meant to
be for Sagan’s position. Think that’s absolutely brilliant. I must also mention too, down here on the rear derailleur, where it’s actually
mounted onto the frame, it’s using a hanger, which is fitted within the drop out. So, it’s hard to explain, but you’ll certainly be able to see that using the images on screen right now. On the inside of the chain stay here, on the drive side, we’ve got 2015, 2016, and 2017 all nicely detailed in there. Of course, that relating to Pete Sagan’s World Championship victories. Also, on the down tube, we’ve got another mounting position for a water bottle cage. So, if it is too long to reach down, or maybe you’re uncomfortable doing that, you can just move the bottle
cage up just slightly, and then have a shorter
reach for that bottle. I love attention to detail like that. A pair of Tacx carbon fiber bottle cages, while they’re mounted onto
those different options of where you wanna drink from. And then finally, a K edge chain catcher, just mounted underneath
the front derailleur there. What about the measurements then? Well, from the saddle to the center of the bottom bracket,
that’s 76 centimeters. And then from the tip of the saddle, to the center of the bars, that’s 62.5 centimeters. That is a big reach. And the drop from the saddle to the stem, that’s 10 centimeters. Lets have a listen then, to the free hub. And the weight of the bike, it comes in at 7.46 kilos. So, there we are. I hope you’ve enjoyed at this look at the brand new bike
belonging to Pete Sagan. Personally, I think it’s the best one he’s had yet. I think these colors are
absolutely fantastic. But as ever, I’d love to know what you think of it down there in the
comment section down below. Is it too jazzy? Or is it spot on? Let me know. Now do remember as well to like and share this
video with your friends. Give it a big thumbs up, because this is a beauty. Now remember as well to check out the GCN shop, at where we have a whole heap and array of goodies for you to choose from. And now, for another great video, this time another pro bike, click just down here.

100 comments on “Peter Sagan’s Custom Specialized S-Works Venge Disc | Tour de France 2018

  1. Spot on! Flashy without being flashy. "If I'm not in yellow, I'm in green. If I'm not in green, I'm in rainbow." Awesome.

  2. IMO, the Venge is consistently the best looking aero road bike on the market, year after year. The new Trek Madone and Cannondale System Six just aren't doing it for me. Also not impressed with the aesthetics of the aero offerings from Canyon, Cervelo, and other European brands.

  3. Good video! But the accent of the narrator is not so easy to get. I think GCN could do something in this area to facilitate for non-English speakers.

  4. Threaded BB–not pressfit. Amazing how pressfit is good for the consumer but isn't good for the peloton. The factory is admitting it's inadequate.

  5. Looks great, if it were not for the exaggerated price of these Highend Chinese frame. Specialized, Cannondale,Trek,Canyon Producer is Topkey or Quest Carbon (Ten Tech Composite).

  6. รถสวยมากครับเสียดายเมืองไทยหายากมาก

  7. I've got the same saddle height but a lot less reach (57cm). I should try a longer stem. I tryed a 1cm shorter stem that was painful for my back. The actual stem is good but I never tried a longer one (1-2cm).

  8. The bottom bracket on the bike is still pressfit.. the Ceramicspeed setup is a 2 piece setup that presses into the frame and threads together.. Ive got same the same one on my Tarmac…

  9. Just out of interest, are you able to add aftermarket disc brakes, To a road bike Which has rim brakes?

  10. Free hub sound I like.

    54 42 chainrings; If one can deal with that kind of aero reach those would be very efficient gears.

  11. Mountain biker here. Sick bike indeed. Wouldn't mind one for working out. But rear brake rub? What kind of mechanic thinks thats OK?

  12. Very nice Bike , would be happy if i received it as a gift 🙂 PM me to give you my address . my size is Small by the way , Bravo Guys , Good Luck 🙂

  13. My Oltre XR4 is 6.8KG with Bora Ultra 50 clinchers, Dura Ace 9150, Speedplay Zero Titanium pedals, Pioneer dual side meter, bottle cages, and Vision Metron 5D bar. Oh and it looks much better than any Venge or Madone.

  14. what would be even more interesting is bike fit data. i.e. minimum knee angle, back angle on hoods and drops, cleat fore/aft position, pedal axle extenders?
    afaik, pros get one size frame smaller than recommended specifically to get their stem lower (shorter head tube) for better aerodynamics. however, they generally have better spine flexibility and lower bodyfat% than most.

  15. When you review Pro's bikes you always seem to measure the tyres to see if they are the size as stated on them. A – unless they are say 28mm instead of the usual 25mm, which supposedly gives better rolling resistance, are the mm differences you measure really that important? B – surely the air pressure in the tyres at the time of measurement will affect the width?

  16. Specialized needs to somehow make a toned down version of the Peter Sagan S-Works bike that more people can afford. It just looks too nice not too!

  17. I predict in five years the rim brakes will be a thing of the past in pro cycling. They look damn sweet on the road bikes. And I bet they are very aerodynamic.

  18. WOW l did not know Sagan was that tall ,76cm seat and 67cm reach OMG l m 72 and 48cm reach on mine his is 8inches ahead of that !!! MAYBE he should ride a 58cm….

  19. O problema destas bikes tops da Specialized são as peças de reposição originals da marca, tipo um garfo, nunca tem a pronta entrega, o atendimento e horrível pois não te dão retorno e a devida importância no seu problema, para uma bike que custa mais que muitos modelos de carro zero km, você pode ficar mais de 2 meses com ela parada aguardando retorno da Specialized Brasil, disse retorno a peça claro irá demorar mais de 3 meses.

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