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Peter Sagan’s New Specialized Roubaix | BORA-Hansgrohe’s Pro Bike For Paris – Roubaix

(powerful music) – I’m here at a top secret location ahead of the 2019
edition of Paris-Roubaix. And I have what I think is
the most exciting pro bike I’ve ever seen. (electronic music) Now the reason why I’m so excited is because this is the bike of Peter Sagan which is well, normally very exciting. But in addition to that it’s a brand new specialized Roubaix and this is the first time I’m seeing it. I didn’t even know this
thing was coming out. I mean it’s only a couple years ago that the original Roubaix was launched and normally product cycles
are a bit longer than that. But wow, look at it. So first up I’m gonna go through what I can see to be the big differences between this the new Roubaix
and the previous Roubaix. And then I’ll talk about
some of the small things that make this bike unique to Peter Sagan. First up, we have the Future Shock. Now this was introduced
on the last Roubaix model and it’s essentially some suspension here just above the head tube
that makes it more comfortable when you’re riding over
rough surfaces like the pave. However they’ve modified it, it now has a lockout on the top so you can lock off the suspension when you’re riding on
tarmac and keeping it smooth so you have no travel
and then you can flip it just by fixing that like that. That’s pretty cool isn’t it? The next big change over
the previous Roubaix is the tube profile shapes as well. So these are much more like
the tubes that are found on the brand new specialized Tarmac. They’ve been optimized
to be more aerodynamic so we can see that in the down tube here in the seat tube which
has got like a D-shaped flat back section and
also the seat post as well which is D-shaped. It actually looks like
it’s the same seat post as found in the Tarmac. Now a D-shaped post is
something that we see on a lot of BMC bikes and
also Giant bikes as well and it has a couple of advantages. It’s a bit more aerodynamic
but also being flat at the back enables it to deflect more,
something which is crucial for adding extra comfort in
a race like Paris-Roubaix. While I’m on the subject of the seat post, it also has a revised junction
into the frame as well. This is a completely different design to the previous Roubaix. So we have this polymer sort of cap that you can lift off there. And then from there you can see
that there’s a big gap there that’s deliberate to allow the seat post to have a bit of travel inside
the frame and deflect more crucially to try and give more comfort which is important for a
race like Paris-Roubaix. Another new detail is the
junction box is now really neatly fitted into the down tube here. Something we’ve seen on a lot of new bikes rather than it previously
being rather scruffily located in a sort of underslung
fashion under the stem. Nice. So those are the main differences between the new Roubaix
and the old Roubaix but this is Sagan’s bike
so what’s special about it in that regard, what
makes it unique to him? Well here’s a special paint job, and that’s something we’re used
to seeing with Peter Sagan. It’s this beautiful metallic
iridescent green paint that really changes color in the light depending on how you look at it. It is amazing and there’s
a few little metallic Peter Sagan logos, there’s one there and a nice little name logo
there that identify as Sagan’s. There’s also three little bands at the back here on the chainstay. These little metallic bands that signify his three World champs wins. So you got Richmond, Doha and
Bergen, that’s very classy. But this is a very understated
paint job for Peter Sagan. We’re normally used to seeing
much more flamboyant designs for him over the years. But I really like it. (calm music) Being Sagan’s Roubaix bike, there a few key equipment changes on here that are different from any other bike that he’d use the rest of the season. So some things are the same like the fact that he’s
using Dura Ace Di2 throughout that’s the same on all of his bikes. But the chainset is different, so instead of his normal 53/39, he’s got a 53/44 at the back there. Roubaix is a very flat race and so a lot of the riders
prefer having that closer ratio of a 53 to a 44. (exciting music) At the back we’ve got an 11/28 cassette and you’ll also notice that
there are ceramic speed bearings fitted throughout. The wheels are Roval
50 millimeter tubulars and paired with those is
30 millimeter specialized S-Works Turbo Cotton tires. These are really thick
indeed, really wide. And I’m told that the pressure that is gonna be running in those is anywhere between 4 1/2 and six bar. But that depends on the day,
whether it’s wet or dry. Interestingly too, the mechanics tell me that because of the compliance
offered by the Future Shock, they are actually able to
run slightly higher pressure in the tires if they want to as well. Sagan’s saddle of choice
is a specialized Romin EVO and quite interesting its
got a layback seat post here and also the saddle is slammed
right back on the rail. Something which I’d imagine
gives quite a lot of compliance cause there’s a bit more
leverage on the saddle. On the chainset you’ll notice
that there’s a specialized power meter, this is a dual sided meter. There’s a pod on the
non-drive side crank as well. And the crank arms are
172.5 millimeters long. Same as me. (laughter) However not the same as me are his pedals. I use Dura-Ace pedals as
well but Sagan has the ones with the longer four millimeter axle which gives a bit more Q factor. It sort of make sense ’cause
when you see him pedaling his legs do look like they are
a bit farther apart naturally so that’s quite interesting. On to the cockpit now and I
find this really interesting. The first thing that
kind of dominates the eye is how long his stem is,
that’s 140 millimeters long and it’s an S-Works stem. And out the front of that
we’ve got a really neat outfront mount for his Wahoo BOLT. I really like that that’s very tidy, nice. And then that’s paired with
a PRO Vibe 42 centimeter bar. Interestingly it’s a round bar. Sagan has often been using
an aero bar, an aero cockpit for this season. But for Roubaix he’s gone for a round bar which offers a bit more compliance and it’s also a bit more comfortable when you’re holding it
on the tops as well. But one of the most interesting things is the lack of modifications
for me in this cockpit. At Roubaix we see a lot
of weird and wacky tech and often you see extra
shifters, extra brake levers, double wrapped bar tape. But this is well pretty
simple, I kinda like that. But I do like his bar tape though, this is the SUPACAZ bar tape
and it feels very tacky, nice. In case you were wondering what
size bike Peter Sagan rides well it’s a 56 which
is also the same as me. (chuckling) I’m basically Peter Sagan aren’t I? Well let’s do a freehub soundcheck. (wheel rotating) Smooth. (wheel rotating)
It’s getting louder. Another difference from
the previous Roubaix that I’ve spotted is the
lack of through axle lever on the front and the back. Instead it’s similar to
what we see on other bikes where the lever is actually removable. And what this does is create
a much cleaner front end if you look, there’s no lever sticking out which makes the bike
slightly more aerodynamic. Some people reckon that’s worth
a watt or two so significant and to remove the wheels
or change the wheels the mechanics actually have
a special sort of pit gun like you’d see in Formula 1. I’ve just got the mechanics
to weigh Sagan’s bike as it is in full race build and it hits
the scales at 7.91 kilograms. So not a featherweight
lightweight climbing bike but that isn’t what you want for Roubaix. You want a bike that’s robust and durable and comfortable and
can take on the cobbles and that is hopefully what this is. Now I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and if you have then
please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the GCN channel as it helps us make more
videos in the future. But let us know in the comments down below what you think of this awesome new bike. I love it I think it looks amazing. And I wonder if it will win on Sunday? Anyway for more Paris-Roubaix content, you can click on Sag’s
44 tooth inner chainring.

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