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Benefits of cycling
picking up girls on a motorcycle

picking up girls on a motorcycle

You know, some people, when they get bikes a motivation, specially for guys is to pick up girls, because you know girls like guys in motorcycles because you know it’s kinda cool so does a motorcycle help you pick up girls? I’d say yes but it depends, you know in the situation, if you’re rolling in a
group specially at night the only problem with it is usually the places where you would mingle are places where you go drink and i strongly strongly don’t think you
should drink and ride it’s much harder than drinking and driving and not just that it’s harder than drinking and driving but usually at these events everybody gets drunk and then when you ride home, you’re riding home with a bunch of drunk drivers so you should be at 100% awareness so if your own awareness is impaired which on a motorcycle is like one drink makes you really really lose awareness like each drink has a tripled effect but like in a car it doesn’t have that effect so, you know it’s…. that’s one thing about it But i think if you’re maybe much younger or if you stay sober and just go around with a friend you will probably pick up some girls like if… you go to the right places uh… it really is with any bike, like at first i thought you know mine being a Ninja 250 is not as appealing but it is pretty appealing You don’t have to spend all that money on a Hayabusa or anything like that I mean, I know the one thing that there is a difference, some girls like the Japanese sport bike, some girls like the
Harley and I think it does have something to do with age the younger ones like speed and the older ones like comfort, but it’s the same with most guys, you know we um… when we’re younger i think we like speed but if I look at older people you don’t really see older people with speedy bikes, they also go for comfort which I guess you get old and your bones start hurting and you go for that what’s weird is I imagine The faster sport bikes like the Hayabusa or the Zx14 that they would be less comfortable but I tend to see those with older riders you know the really big engine super sports and I think maybe it’s because the older riders have the experience to ride
those and that’s why they ride them but I don’t know I’m guessing maybe they are more comfortable even though they are faster and bigger I can’t imagine them just riding it cuz they have the experience
and it’s the fastest one out there I think comfort has to have something to do with it unexpected level of uh… high comfort but yeah… if you want to get a bike um… and go pick up girls you’re probably going to have some luck you should go with a friend though it looks better in groups and if you have nice mufflers I guess and obviously, have your bike clean, it doesn’t have to be the most expensive or the best bike, but it has to be clean because that does reflect on you it’s not about having the best stuff, but you have to at least maintain what you have and… show that you have proper hygiene, haha, you know what I’m saying? well, I’m going to go to this park, peace out!

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