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Pillion Pooch | The Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier

Pillion Pooch | The Ultimate Motorcycle Dog Carrier

If you have a small to medium size dog
and a motorbike then you need this product The Pillion Pooch is the
ultimate motorcycle dog carrier With the Pillion Pooch you’ll have the freedom to take your dog anywhere your motorbike can go We’ve been exploring with our Pillion Pooch but maybe you want to go out for coffee, a Sunday ride, or weekend adventure The Pillion Pooch is a secured pet carrier, capable of holding a 30kg dog that provides shelter from the elements and protection in the event of an accident If your dogs are anything like ours every time you get your riding gear out, they’ll be next to the bikes ready to go Dogs are pack animals don’t leave them
behind when they can safely enjoy riding with you Packs belong together

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