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Pimp Your Bike Cave This Christmas + Doddy’s New MTB | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 46

Pimp Your Bike Cave This Christmas + Doddy’s New MTB | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 46

– Okay, welcome back to
another weekly GMBN tech show. Coming up on this week’s show we check out some really cool modular lights for KNOG, we look at some extremely expensive and very oversized wheels,
definitely ones Blake would like. Some Christmas bike
cave ideas for you lot, and we have a little peep at my next bike. (intense instrumental music) (electronic beeping) So first up in news we’re gonna check out the new KNOG light. So this is the PWR or
power mounting light. So it looks just kind of like
a lot of other lights would, kicks out an unreal two thousand lumens. Now don’t forget in the night
videos we did over on GMBN, we said that you need a
thousand lumens, really, to be able to ride off-road,
and anything above that you’re gonna start getting
into high performance area. So again, these kick
out two thousand lumens. There’s no buttons on
here, no button operation, so to turn the light on you
literally use twist operation, you get your various setting with this, and again to turn it
off, nice, easy system. But the thing that’s
really cool about this is how the battery works on it. So if I pull this off,
that is the battery, which also acts as a power bank, so if you’re away and you
need to charge your phone up or any devices, you can
charge it direct from this. And the head unit itself can
be powered remotely from this with a stretched cable, so you
could run this on your head and you could have this in your bag or strap it to the back of your head, where the weight is not
gonna affect the helmet. You could have this on your handlebars and have this running
on part of your frame, or you can have the
whole unit on your bars. It also, being a modular system, means you can have
different sized batteries and different output head units. It’s a really, really cool system, I really like what KNOG are doing, they definitely think about
things a little bit differently. And well, there you go,
I think it’s really cool, check out KNOG lights. Now as if fat bikes weren’t already a bit of a niche part of mountain biking as far as the sports side goes, ENVE, makers of probably the
most premium and expensive mountain bike wheels
available on this planet, they’ve just made a set of fat
bike wheels called the M685. This is them on-screen right
now, I think you’ll find, and I think you’ll agree with
me that they do look amazing. Well, certainly as amazing
as fat bike wheels do. But they’re pretty special, so they’re 27 and a half inch wheels, they’re 85 millimeters
wide entirely to cope with those huge tires all the
way up to five inches wide, and you can spec them pretty
much as you want within reason on the site, using their
calculator and configurator. So they’re available with industry nine, DT and Chris King hub options. So you know these things
are gonna be fairly pricey if you’ve got ENVE and Chris
King in the same sentence. So they start at $2,800 a set, so they’re gonna be for
serious fat bike riders. But I know that when I opened the email with these on earlier this week, Blake was literally sweating
palms looking at these things, he’s desperate to get his
hands on a set ’cause, we all know it, look, Blake
absolutely loves fat bikes. He’ll never really say
it but he genuinely does, and that canyon, dude, he’s still got it. I keep asking for it back, and no chance of having it going back, so I reckon Blake’s lining up
for a pair of those wheels. And also to go along with that, not contend with just doing that, they’re also doing a
fat bike fork as well; so this is 625 dollars worth
of full carbon fiber fork with adjustable rake and clearance for up to a five inch tire. What more do you want in
the world of fat bikes? Now next up is a bit of a tech gadget, now I’ve seen this floating
around on various sites this and this is called Power
Talkie so it’s essentially a way of setting up your
own network basically, to communicate with your friends when you’re out adventure
riding, bike packing, any of that type of stuff. Now it’s really cool see,
they look like walkie-talkies and they connect to your
phone and via an app. So this is them on screen, they look like any decent sort of outdoor walkie talkie system but a really cool thing with these is their usual mobile phone
as part of that package but it doesn’t rely on having a GPS signal or having phone signal
or anything like that. It actually creates its own
network between the devices and you can chat with all your friends if you have these devices for
up to 20 miles between you. You can have real-time
conversations, real-time text and facing face messaging,
all that sort of stuff. I think it’s actually fantastic. Now some of these specs, so
that you can I have group chat, like I said real-time chat
and texting is available; doesn’t rely on your phone signal, it creates his own network and I think really if you’re
going on a sort of adventures or big riding trips with your mates or even perhaps just a
session to whistle a bike. You can have these things
and you can keep in touch with your mates, find out whose round is it down at Longhorn
saloon at the end of the day. Like it’s a really, really cool setup and I definitely think
for adventure riding, this can be really cool
bit of tech to have so well worth a look. Now you might have seen me refer to a few different types of mud guards in the winterizing your bike feature. The one I use in the video
is actually one of these, this is a Rapid Racer Products Pro Guard but I’ve just got a new rear mudguard out; which is actually quite cool. So this isn’t a mudguard
designed to keep you or your bum dry, it’s actually designed to keep
your rear suspension working and in better condition. It can be a bad thing if
you’re ridin’ in in bad weather and it’s so subtle on the bike, I actually think it’s a really good idea. I would never have thought of putting a rear mudguard
on a mountain bike before, but actually as far as keeping
your bike protected goes, that’s a pretty good idea. Made from full polypropylene
so it’s nice and tough and they say if you don’t
like the gloss finish, if you spray it with GTX
five it goes matte apparently so that’s quite a cool feature. Retail for 24 quid in the UK and you can get them from
Rapid Racer Products online, here’s a link to the site right here. Now last thing in news this week, I was having a bit of a
scout through Instagram to see what’s going on, those guys at Sick Bicycles by the way, in fact just interrupting myself here; have a look on their Instagram page and see some of the cool stuff they’re put now at the moment. You can expect something
new from them quite soon, I think their (mumbles) is
on its way so very exciting, that is their single pivot,
high pivot pinion gear box and I think potentially
belt drive bike as well, I forget what the setup is on that, but it’s absolutely bonkers this thing. And it looks really good
so the crowdfunding on it it’s gone straight through and they’re actually gonna be making it; I can’t wait to see that from those guys. But what I was gonna tell you was I looking on Fabian and Barrels page. Fabian Barrel of course
he was a world cup, be a world champion before
World Cup downhill races and Enduro Racing, a lot of
bike development over the years and it’s quite interesting to see him setting up on his Canvon spectral, which of course is a 140 more travel, 27 and half inch wheel bike. He’s setting out with a 160 ml fork, now Fabian’s run this whole
setup on many other bikes before when his teammates and
other riders were running 140 or 150 ml Forks. The spectra was really aimed at a 150 fork so it is jack in the
front end up that much. But it does make me interested
in the little setup choices that people do make to their bikes and also the fact that he’s
got the option of riding a torque which is much bigger travel, I think it’s the 180 ml
bike at the bike park. 170, 180 bike that Blake
took out to Whistler in fact and it’s really cool actually
to see that he’s choosing to ride the short travel bike, just having a bigger fork on there. It really doesn’t make
them a lot more capable when it gets steep and rough,
you get the control back. Yet the bike still feels
really agile and sprightly on. On more so tight and technical terrain, I mean to be fair that
is the sort of stuff that Fabian rides quite a lot but I like the fact that
he’s always tweaking with his stuff. It’s definitely something I want to be doing on my next bike, which I’m going to tell
you a bit about later on. Just interested, what do you guys prefer? Do you prefer a bike with
equal travel front and rear? Do you like the travel as
intended from your manufacturer, in this case 140-150? Would you want to bump it up
and get a bit more out front? Pretty keen to know what you think because we’re going to
look at doing some videos based on this sorta stuff and a few of you asked about
extending the traveling forks. We’re going to show you how to fit a new air tube onto your Forks, of course that’s not
compatible on all Forks but on the common ones
from Rock Shores and Foxes a feature that you can do so we’re going to show you how to do that. And also we’re gonna
take a look at geometry and how it’s affected when you change certain things on your bike, like offset bushes,
changing fork offset perhaps and also angle sets and
angled head set cups. So we will take a good look at that stuff but just keen to know what
you guys are interested in so let us know in those comments and we’ll pick this up soon
in a maintenance video. (futuristic sounds) Okay now it’s time for Bike Cave and I’m switching things
around a little bit this week. Now as usual we’ve got loads
of great entries from you guys but we’re going to have a bit
of a double whammy on that in a couple of weeks time; for now giving that it’s
nearly the time year we time, when it comes to giving
out gifts to people and hopefully receiving
some nice gifts from them over a festive period. I thought let’s have a look
at some of the cool stuff that you can fit out your workshops and your bike caves with. So I’m gonna run you through some of what I think are some really cool gift ideas, which might be great for giving to your mountain biking friends and family and hopefully putting down on that little Christmas list for yourselves. Okay so first up let’s have a look at some bike storage options. Right now don’t get me wrong,
these are super high end but they’re so cool and if nothing else just worth looking through ’cause it’s gonna give you some ideas of what to do with storage
in your own bike, bike caves. So the brand is called Vadolibero and I think that’s how you pronounce it, it’s an Italian brand, probably pronounced that completely wrong but it doesn’t matter, look
how cool these things are. So they’ve got a whole range of different bike storage hooks, ranging from the Kryon, which is a really simple cradle actually and to be fair probably looks best with your sort of your
fixie or your town bike but there’s loads of
different options in here and some of these that
it’s like furniture, this stuff’s beautifully made. Really, really classy, you can tell is
contemporary Italian design but a thing I want to draw
you to is is called the Domus. Now this, it’s basically like
a massive bit of furniture, could be like a room divider
or something like that. It’s definitely sort of thing
I think I’d have a crack at making myself, if I’d room
big enough to put this in. But I’ve got one here with
a downhill bike in it, I think it looks amazing,
it looks really cool so you got room for your
bike helmet to hang up, all that sort of stuff. Your bike sits in the
middle as part of it, the tube along the top is a light, you can hang up your clothing
and other stuff on the end. It’s really cool, if you live
in an apartment or a flat it’s like the ideal sort of
setup for storing your bike if you don’t have a bike cave. I think it’s amazing. There’s also, looks like you
could do some work on your bike with the way it holds
the back wheel there too. Very cool piece of kit, I
mean it’s very expensive but it certainly looks
like it’s amazing quality and for an almost sublime
you wanna gladly receive one. Now next up is something
that doesn’t cost that much but it could save you a load of money. It’s a ground anchor, there’s loads of different
options available in the market but one I’m just shown you to now it’s called the Stronghold
and it’s by Kryptonite. Now this thing, these once you fit them, pretty much they’re in for life, unless you get a pneumatic
drill and cut the concrete out that they’re attached to, make
sure you fit them properly. You basically drill these
three huge holes in the ground with the supply drill bit,
hammering these metal bits. You then bolt the plate to
the ground, using these bits, I’ll go as far as using
some sort of resin as well to bond those bolts into the threads and you hammering ball
bearings into the head and then put a cap over the top. Once it’s in, this thing is
just absolutely bomb-proof and more importantly it is fantastic for locking your bikes to
and making sure they’re safe. I couldn’t urge people enough to spend good money on bike locks, get the best ones you can afford because it’s your bike and it’s a really, really
unfortunately a stealable item. It’s something that are very
easy for thieves to get hold of and sell on the black market, so just make sure you look
after your pride and joy and having a ground anchor is also good for your home insurance, they
do like that sort of thing so I can’t recommend those enough, definitely have a look at them. Now let’s go into some cool artwork. Now first up a lot of people ask about this print behind me here, this is by Dirty Jersey so this is a photographer
called Geoff Waugh. He’s been a World Cup
photographer for many years, he’s been documenting the
mountain bike scene for years and he goes around taking
pictures of people’s helmets, peoples riding gear,
all that sort of stuff and he’s got some really,
really stylish prints. Including these ones of Steve
Pete’s clothing basically, very cool stuff and some Shaun
Palmer’s stuff there as well. So definitely check out that website so loads of cool stuff and
their great value prints. And for some slightly different ones, gonna throw you off to Trail Maps now. So these are some friends of ours, in fact friends of Neil’s from Shrewsbury. So these guys offer prints and they offer framed prints as well, which are to be fair, I’d
recommend buying the full deal because they’re fully
sealed in that really nice and they do these of well known
trails all around the world. There’s EWS stuff in
there, there’s bike parks like Whistler on there. There’s also stuff, there’s even a famous Alpe D’Huez road climb so have a look, there’s loads of stuff on there and you can also upload your favorite Strava segments on there and have like goldleaf options done. Loads of cool stuff there, they make a really nice
present for friends as well as a great gift for you to receive if you’ve got a particular
favorite out there. My one, I’ve got the whole enchilada hanging up in my workshop
and I absolutely love it. Maybe some of the things
I’ve thrown you to so far have been a bit expensive
and a bit out of reach so let’s have a look at
some nice simple options, some stocking fillers. So first I’m gonna throw two Swarfega, the industrial hand cleaner. You get this in bike shops
all around the world, you can get it in sort of DIY shops, you can get it on Amazon and
Google and place like that; so it’s a great stocking filler,
it still is the best thing for cleaning your hands with. Of course you can do homemade versions but nothing beats the real
deal and it’s a great gift. I’d like to get some
Swarfega for Christmas, I have no problem with that whatsoever. Next up some nitrile gloves
for working on your bike, they’re great to put in your riding bag to take with you when you hit the trails in case you do need to fix your bike. They work well in wet conditions as well if you need to work on your
bike you can’t grip on something and of course they just
keep all the greasing and nasty stuff away from you your hands when you work on your bike at home. They also make good gloves
for general housework and other stuff so grab
yourself a whole boxful. Last thing up on the list is a shoe dryer. Now I do tend to dry my
shoes the natural way, I’ll put them on a mat and I’ll
stuff ’em full of newspaper or something similar like
the the little socks full of silica gel I made and I’ll put them under a radiator, not really directly on them but shoe dryers can be really good and also if you live in a colder place. Really nice just to warm your shoes up before you go for a really cold ride and they’re quite cheap,
you can get them on Amazon and all sorts other places
again, well worth looking at. And lastly the two things
that I think everyone certainly doesn’t need
but certainly should have and the first one is a beer
fridge for your bike cave. Of course you can put soft
drinks in there as well, this particular one I’m
just throw you on screen looks like a mini tool cabinet. That’s in my eyes is the coolest
beer fridge money can buy, I’ve still not got one of these but I am definitely going to get one. I haven’t found where to get them yet and where to source them, if anyone knows a place
I can get one in the UK, let us know in those comments because I want to buy one, but the one I’ve got on screen here I think that’s from Aliexpress or when I was random
direct sales sites online. Super cool in my eyes and also if you haven’t
got room for one of those maybe you should have a look at Refuel The Adventure on Instagram. Now these guys take jerrycans and they convert them into mini bars so you can have one for a beer
like the one on screen now or you can have one for gin and tonic or like the one on The
Dirt Shed Downstairs that Martin and Blake
and Neil had sent in, I had one for Jack and Coke. Super cool, great for going to festivals, all that stuff as well but also really cool just to
have in your bike workshop. Love this sort of stuff. Well there ya go, there’s
some completely random and varied options of things I’d certainly like to
have in my own bike cave and hopefully you guys would
like to have in yours as well. But actually let us know, what
would you like for Christmas? What would you like to receive? Be realistic about it, you know no one’s really
gonna get 10 grand Santa Cruz of NV wheels for Christmas, are they? Keep it real, love to know what’s on your
shopping list for Christmas. Chuck it in the comments below. (futuristic sounds) Okay, now it’s time for Rewind, which is the retro section on the show. We’ve had a little bit
of a drought this month, we’ve only had a few entries in so I’m definitely keen to
get some more entries in so we can really pad it out and do a really special one
next week, so hit us hard, the uploader is right there on the screen. Don’t forget, anything retro goes, could just be an old helmet you have, an old photograph of
yourself or a friend a race. An old bike you saw in the
back of your dads garage, literally anything goes and likewise, if you’ve got anything you
want to know about retro stuff or you want to know how
things progress to modern day, ask us, drop us an email
at [email protected] and title it just that, let us know so. But this week I’m gonna throw
to retro video of the week and it’s a little clip from
an iconic video called dirt. Now this video was made by Pete Tompkins and Pete he’s a bit of a legend himself so he invented the crud catcher and he ran team NB UK for many years. Now Pete funded this himself and he filmed here on site at
his house in North Yorkshire, in fact it’s all filmed
around Robin Hood’s Bay so a beautiful part of the
world near Whitby there. Now this video stars at Jason McRoy, the late Jason McRoy in
fact, alongside Rob Warner, Dave hemming and a lot of other sort of UK household names at the time. Now the particular scene
I want to draw you to, the reason for this being in the tech show is the fact we’re looking
at Jason McCoy’s bike so it’s a 1994 a specialist
dumped jumper FSR. Now thebike only had I think two or three inches of travel front and rear but look how well it works in this clip. I mean Jason, don’t get me wrong, he was leagues ahead of the others. He was so professional
and so good on a bike, he was very clear, he was gonna have a really good career
as a professional rider and look at the way he’s just hammering the bike in this section here. So you can see it working so well so that’s that classic four bar design and I think this is
hilarious in a way that, we’ve had so many other
bike designs out there over the years and specialists
are still using the full bar, they got it right the first time around. And it’s a classic design,
you see on Canyon bikes, you see it on so many
other bike brands today because it works. No mess in, it works under
pedaling, it works under braking, it’s got minimal effects by pedaling, it’s just such a good design and it’s really, really simple and just look at it, he’s
absolutely steaming on it. Such a cool scene to watch and you can see the complete
Dirt film online on YouTube, quite a lot of you naughty
but very cool people have uploaded it there so I
highly recommend watching it. It’s so old but just watch Jason in it, it’s just like you know, it’s
a little vision of what was to come in mountain biking. It’s funny actually just going back and reminiscing looking at
a little clip of James he, you know his style was leagues
ahead of everyone else’s and look at the strength
of the guy’s legs, like Warner said I thinking Steve Pete, his legs a lot of Pistons, you know it’s got some
serious strength there. And I often wonder actually
how good he might have been if he was still with
us, but yeah RIP James. (electronic beeping) Okay, now it’s time for top mods and this week a little bit different, I’m going to show you my bike which is in the back of this lock up here and it’s just turned up so let’s go for a little walk through. Ugh, you have to bear in mind, there some horrible stuff in here. Like these road bikes and
ugh, E bikes and stuff. But thankfully at the back (chuckles) is this bad boy so my new proof mega 290, I think misses the factory spec model. Although there’s a few little different pieces on here already, Peter the mechanic has
been sorting it out for me so he’s charting my preference of tires, fast out back, grippy up front. Got my dropper post and saddle on here, me nice high-rise bar so standard this comes with a 50 mil stem, I’ve actually got a 35 on
here, it’s my preferred length. With the 38 mil rise bar at full 800 so it’s got Fox suspension on it. The last time I had the 290
I had rock shocks on it, also this has got Shimano drivetrain on it and my previous one had Trams, there are quite a few differences on here but actually there’s a
lot I want to do to this. Now I just want to
emphasize to start with, this bike out of the box is amazing, there’s nothing that you
really need to change in order to just go and smash the bits out of any trails you want. Especially with that shock
on it, like that arguably, is one of the best
shocks that money can buy regardless of bike. That’s a full downhill capable
shock with a piggyback, it’s also got the climb switch on there. Amazing piece of kit, however I think that
might be a little bit much for what I have in mind for the bike. Now as it is it’s phenomenal, I already have an idea
of how it’s gonna ride from my previous experience on one but what I did find
was on my local trails. The stuff I ride most weekends, I felt a little bit out gunned, so I want to see if there’s a
way that I can make this feel a little bit more like a trail bike even though it’s nearer
to being an enduro bike. So what my plans are is to
have a lighter set of wheels, as well to go with this, the 1700’s are on here
are very, very light, actually to be fair for what they are. But I plan on going even lighter, we’re gonna look at some
of their tougher end of the cross country wheels and put inserts on them to protect them. And now I’m also looking
at swapping the shock out just to try mind like,
there’s no reason to do this because it’s a fantastic shock. But I want to see what it’s like with the float DPX 2 on
here, with the lockout remote because I reckon I can eke a little bit more performance out
of this for what I want from what it already is. I mean it’s a fantastic bike but something else I’ve noticed that I’m definitely gonna
have to look at as well, is it’s got 30 tooth chain on here. I tend to normally run a 34 but when I run the 34, that’s with the ram of
the 50 tooth on the back, this has got 46. So I need to have a work out and see how all the gear ratios are and see how this is. But to be honest, I can’t wait
to just get out on the trails because I’ve forgotten how
much I love this bike already, just by sitting on it, I’ve forgotten just how
nice and big this is. (groans) Just feels like I’m
at home already. (chuckles) (electronic beeping) So tech of the week this week has arrived just in time
for our wet weather winter, which is on the doorstep. Now I did an unboxing earlier this week, if you haven’t already seen it, make sure you click the link
is below this video in fact and you can win some North
Waves waterproof shoes. These are a different
model, this is a model that I’m actually gonna
be running this winter so they’ve got a trail sole on them so they’re not quite as high performance as the extreme two GTX
XEM’s, that we’re giving away and they got a slightly
different color on them. Which opens up, it does make
them a bit more usable on a day to day basis for myself. Just a really cool shoe,
waterproof gore-tex insulated but with the same day-to-day
solar I’m used to using, of course this piece comes off and I bought one my cleats of choice, which of Crankbrothers
cleats are underneath here and I don’t look like crazy moon boots. They look like a decent pair
of off-road riding shoes some are really good
for riding in in winter and well there you go,
Michelin sole, job done. And finally the GM BM limited, in fact strictly limited
edition metallic Ranger are available on our shop now so they’re available in
long sleeve and short sleeve and available in gold and silver. I can tell ya, they’re extremely limited, there only available
until the 28th of November so again they make great stocking fillers, well worth checking out. I think they’re pretty cool, I’m all over the gold one myself, I’m pretty sure that Neal lies silver one but the link is on the screen right there so be really cool to see
you guys supporting us and send us an some shots to you guys and tag us on Instagram
if you’re wearing them. Alright there we go, there’s the end of another
weekly DMB and tech show. Please don’t forget to
send your entries in for rewind, top mods and bike cave, the link is in the
description below this video. Use the uploader, it’s so
cool and so easy to use and it makes it really easy for me to get you on the show next week so in (mumbles) for that stuff. In the meantime for a couple more videos, click up here if you want to
see all about the BMC 4-stroke so this is a really
cool cross country bike. It’s the first ride from Neal, in fact it’s quite progressive bike even almost a bit more
like a full cross bike that’s light enough to race
cross country on really and click down here, if you want to see that unboxing video and win some North Wave shoes. As always if you love the GMB tech show, give us a thumbs up and if
you haven’t already done so, don’t forget to subscribe!

100 comments on “Pimp Your Bike Cave This Christmas + Doddy’s New MTB | GMBN Tech Show Ep. 46

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  14. That create-your-own trail map is really handsome and reasonably priced for something to put on your wall. There are a few routes that I would love to have up on my walls.

  15. Great show Doddy! Looking forward to the fork travel, fork offset and head angle changing headsets reviews / info! I love to geak out on geometry stuff 🙂

  16. I like my travel to feel equal regardless of the numbers. I've had an Orange 5 which I ran with 140mm all round but also upped to 150mm up front for bike park work. Both options felt great depending upon what I was riding. My Trek Fuel EX only feels right at 120mm all round, any change up or down with the fork and it compromises it. My Cotic Rocket feels great with anything from 150 to 170mm up front to go with the 157mm out back, shorter for long days out and longer for Alpine trips and bikeparks. Thankfully I have a Cane Creek Helm fork on it so changing the travel is a 20 minute job using the spacers they came with, no messing with replacement shafts! Small changes can really transform the character of any bike, for better or worse.

  17. Dodgy could please send me a link to those Naga lights, I would really like to get some but I could not find them on the net thks

  18. Doddy I currently own giant talon 2 , it has 100 mm travel on the forks, i want to upgrade the forks I was wondering how muck travel can I go up to with out messing the bike up, any help you can give me would be appreciated. I am new rider and find I am already reaching the limit of the forks.
    Thank you
    Kevin from the North Vancouver

  19. USB cables and shaking reeeally don't get along too well so I don't think using the Knogg as a helmet light would be practical.

  20. The bike you got is my dream bike, wheels size, cockpit config and everything, I'm glad you got this one, and I'm keen to live the experience with you on the channel, in future videos with it !

  21. Who needs strobe on 1800 lumen light, are you causing epilepsy to the other riders?!? Also using a good quality 2000lm diode will consume much less power than 6x 300lm unknown ones. Up to 800lm it is fine to have it all-in-one flashlight and battery. Going big it is inconvenient, it is better to have a separate battery. This way you can carry two or more batteries and swap them when exhausted.

  22. Fabian Barel's Canyon Spectral? Canyon just dropped their 2019 Spectral line (before this vid was published!) and it's upped the travel front and rear (160/150 (for most sizes) respectively), seemingly on the same frame as 2018 models. Are you still part sponsored by Canyon/can you elaborate on this and especially considering the question you posed about Fabian Barel upping his travel (assumingly on a 2018 bike, which is strange for a sponsored rider, wouldn't he just be given a 2019 model?). Thanks…

  23. My first “modern” full sus bike was a Marin Hawkhil which is normally 120/120 travel, I threw a 130mm travel fork on it right away to make it a little more capable on the north shore where I ride. Marin then for 2019 actually changed the hawkhill to 120/130 mm bike! The newest one I bought is a Marin b-17 which comes stock w 120/130 travel and 27.5+ tires this bike w 29er wheels is bonkers haven’t found anything on the north shore it can’t handle. Even whistler was awesome. In the winter I usually build up an aggressive hardtail with a 150mm fork.

  24. I prefer more travel up front. I run all my bikes at 180mm in the front and 160mm at the back. Great show guys keep up the great work

  25. I just popped a cane creek helm onto my short travel stumpjumper and so far feels really nice but ive only had it a short while I can let anyone know how it is in the future if u reply ill reply back with my review lol

  26. Those bike cave upgrades were awesome, Doddy. Thank you for sharing!

    I'm really interested in that bike shelf. It would look spectacular.

  27. 1990's night riding got me reminiscing…. I remember one night in the Cairngorms, riding through the darkness, the faintest outline of the trees above and the changing sound of gravel toward the edge of the road keeping me on the path, then the sudden sound of hooves as deer ran from the side of the track. Lights? Who needs them! 😉

  28. My Spark got an early present, the XTR brakes are sitting at the bike shop waiting for me to drop her off for installation.

  29. I used to use one of the flexible plastic front mudguards (like moshguard or the ones GMBN did a how to make) on my rear triangle to protect my rear shock.

  30. I've got a 135mm travel frame with the fork boosted to 160mm. I've also added offset bushings to drop the bb and further reduce the head angle. Makes the bike much better at descending and doesn't affect climbing too much. Definitely keen to see some experimentation with that kind of setup

  31. My biking Christmas list this year is a very small one as it's my first year back on a bike, so front mudguard and some Death Grips in camo.

  32. I have just bought a couple of the GMBN Black Friday special race tops, also getting one of my lads a full face 661 helmet. Happy Christmas shopping everyone😀👍

  33. With the northwave clipless shoes (and any other clipless mountain bike shoe with a similar tread patern) do they work well on flat pedals with the rubber insert left on where the clip for your pedals would usually go ??

  34. I really want a specialized chisel comp x1 but my living expenses are getting in the way
    welp, time to starve myself I guess..

  35. I developed an oscillating pedal that is very efficient and it is the World's BEST design. Use a conventional bike, just remove it's cranks, spindle and chainwheel then assemble this invented mechanism . The conventional bike frame's bottom bracket will be the housing of this invention…..

    Here are the reasons why you should invest for this project

    Inventor: Genaro Francis Tabag
    Email: [email protected]

  36. I got self built hardtail bike with just 100mm travel at front yet still smoking my mate who got full sus. 🙂 im just 58kg 5, 2” height. LOL

  37. I saw one of those whistler trail signs in your bike cave tour Doddy and I've wanted on since but haven't been able to find one, where did you get it ?

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