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16 comments on “Pinion Gearbox + Steel Hardcore Hardtail Walkthrough.

  1. I wish more companies gave gearboxes a try, i love the concept i just hate the idea of going back to gripshift…

  2. Mad but about the dropper post thing at the end I’m legit not messing u have to look at the x fusion manic it’s 200 quid and 20 for the replacement cartridge if that goes bad mega meg light action on the lever and buttery smooth also cable operated but I can’t get over how light the action on mine is

  3. Want a gear box so bad it looks so clean. And gear range would be amazing and how quickly you can change the gears 🤘

  4. So fucking rad, guys, it looks awesome.
    I'm curious, is there a max rider weight limit on this? The Pinion site says something like a totally max of 110kg, but I've never seen this mentioned anywhere else by other bike companies or reviewers or anything. Thanks.

  5. If your chainline never moves, and you run a SS-specific hub with really wide flanges, is there any reason for boost spacing? wouldn't 142 be totally adequate and shave even more weight off the back wheel?

  6. Whats the pinion like for ratcheting? is the engagement pretty high? the rear hub is almost instant but I wondered if there is play in the gearbox? cheers

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