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Planet Bike Bottle Blinky Bike Side Light Review – feat. Superflash + 6 LEDs + 100 Hour Runtime

Thanks for tuning in this The Sweet Cyclists, today we’re gonna be reviewing the Planet Bike Bottle Blinky side light. [Music] So here we have the Bottle Blinky in it’s original packaging, as with all Planet Bikes lights and accessories they do a really great job in terms of packaging. There’s no plastic to be seen here, you have this really eye-catching design and a very simple cardboard presentation with the light itself really prominently displayed. I want to thank Planet Bike for providing this. It is a really cool way to get an additional side visibility, especially when you’re riding at night or even the daytime. While I take it out of the packaging let’s go ahead and review some of the specifications. The retail price on the bottle blinky is $20, it has six surface mounted LEDs three on each side. You also get their patented Superflash as well as the Courtesy and a steady mode. Runtimes on these go from 24 hours up to a hundred hours in the super flash mode. As you can see on the specifications printed on the back and as with all Planet Bike lights they’re all FL1 tested. This one carries an IP64 rating for water resistance and dust. Now with this off you see they’re really simple with the box out of the way. All the instructions are basically printed on the back of the package itself and you get the Bottle Blinky right now. Let’s take a look at the weight of the Bottle Blinky, it simply attaches underneath your normal water cage so without any hardware this is 54 grams. Now let’s take a closer look at the fit and finish of the Planet Bike Bottle Blinky. It’s a really cool way to add a little side visibility when you’re riding. If you ever ridden in the day or night you’ll know that most cars won’t see cyclists even if they look directly at you. It’s very easy for them to see right through you, so adding an additional blinky lights and accessories is a great way to ensure additional safety when you’re riding. In terms of construction you have a basic plastic backing here and this will fit underneath your water bottle cage. So you have to remove that and attach it right above. The main light is mounted on the bottom portion here, so below the bottle cage. It basically consists a one power button and as you can see a transparent body. You can actually see the entire circuit board in here. There are two triple A batteries underneath this, and on each side you have three surface mounted LEDs. To operate this it’s simply a click so one press will cycle through the modes. You can’t long press to turn it off so there’s no memory mode here because you can’t actually turn it off without cycling through to off. This is what it looks like turned off. This is the super flash mode which is pretty erratic, then you have the courtesy mode which is really cool pulsing. It is a nice way to draw a little attention without being too annoying. And finally we have steady mode. The runtimes on these are really great, the lowest run time of 24 hours and then up to a hundred hours on Superflash mode. It’s kind of counterintuitive that Superflash would use less power but because it’s on less the battery life is significantly higher. Underneath you have the Planet Bike logo and simply plastic here. You see these two slots here and this is to access the battery, so I’ll show you that here so if I take a coin and just pry up on that you can see that I’ll pop it out. Now if we take it out, the two batteries are included with the original purchase so you don’t have to buy them. We have a simple gasket that runs around it for the water resistance and then the main body. You should be able to do this with the light mounted on the bike as well as long as you have enough space to come in here and pry it off. To reattach it you simply line them up again and then press it together and make sure the gasket is fully seated all the way around. One thing to note is that even with a few practice times, this plastic does get a little deformed. Now let’s take a look at the Bottle Blinky installed on my bike, you can see here it’s pretty subtle even with bottles on barely noticeable and because it screwed on you should never have to really take these off. There are three modes, you have steady with 24 hour runtime, Courtesy mode upto 27 hours and Superflash for up to 100 hours. I really like courtesy and super flash in particular as they really draw attention. Now let’s go over the pros and cons for the Bottle Blinky, I really like that they improve your side visibility and they’re so easy and convenient to mount that you just have to put them on your bike once and forget about it. You also have really impressive run time with AAA batteries and Superflash mode so you don’t really have to worry about constantly recharging these. The things I don’t like about it is the brittle housing plastic, every time you do the battery change you can feel them deform. I’d be worried about that IPX4 rating possibly letting water in over time. Also it can be easily obscured due to the low mounting point. It’s better to have a side visibility light on your helmet as obstacles won’t block it but using this in conjunction with other lights is a great combination. One other thing is the interface is a little bit strange you can’t do a long hold to turn it off, you have to cycle through the mode to get back to off. We’ve seen this with some of the other Planet Bike products but it’s something you just have to get used to. In terms of a final rating I would give this a 9 and a half out of 10. I think they’re a really slick way to add some visibility without the worry about recharging or mounting. You can really put them on your bike and forget about them. Thanks for watching this review if you like the content don’t forget to subscribe to the channel. You can get more content from us on our website at thesweetcyclists.commas well as follow us on Instagram at @thesweetcyclists. This is The Sweet Cyclists reminding you to enjoy the ride! [Music]

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