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Power Cycling Your MEC Router

Power Cycling Your MEC Router

Hello my name is Chuck. I’m with Midwest
Energy and Communications and today I would like to explain to you some of our
equipment. This right here is our standard installation for anybody who
has our fiber service. We have a fiber router and we have a battery backup. I’d
like to tell you a little bit about these devices and then I would also like
to let you know how to perform a proper power cycle. So let’s talk first about
some of these lights. So on the battery backup you should see one green light
that means it’s functional then on the router itself there’s a
little bit more action. The first thing you should notice all green is all good.
The top light is the power light as long as that solid green that means it’s
getting power from the battery back up. The next light is the broadband light.
That detects your actual connection to the fiber-optic network. Next we have the
service light that should be blinking all the time green which means you have
service. The next two that blink may not blink for you. What it is, is it is the
Wi-Fi antennas that are on in this device and then the following lights may
be on or off and blinking for you. They correspond to the ethernet and the phone
ports located in the back of the router. So as long as they’re all green or not
on at the bottom you’ll be good. Now one thing that this equipment does is if you
lose power then the battery backup provides juice to the router. So
occasionally if you have to power cycle the unit simply unplugging the power
cable from the wall will just result in this device beeping at you and this
won’t actually turn off so what I’d like to do is explain how to do a proper
power cycle. Now located in the back of the router there should be some cables.
There may not be any up here if there are some up there for you it’s important
that you don’t move those because we don’t want to rearrange the order of
those. However there is a large black cable coming from the battery back up.
Now there’s a small tab on the other side of this cable what you do is you
pinch the tab and remove the cable. As soon as you do that you should notice
all of the lights go off. That’s good. That means you definitely remove the
power. Once it’s off for about 30 seconds, what you have to do is you have to
carefully fit the pins back in the sockets and as soon as you plug it in
you should see the unit begin to boot. At this time red is good that means it’s
powering up. After three to five minutes all the lights should be on as normal.
Just like changing your oil in a car doing a power cycle on any sort of
electronic equipment is really important just to make sure that it works well. So
I recommend that you perform a power cycle roughly once a month. Thank you so
much. If you have any questions or you’d like further tech support, please reach
us at 1.800.492.5989.

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