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32 comments on “Predator prey cycle | Ecology | Khan Academy

  1. I don't think this way of illustrating the prey-predator cycle is always correct; because some predators actually work in team and, thus, when their population decrease the chance of getting a prey (a success meal) will also decrease, and therefore the population will carry on decreasing, even though the prey population is increasing; but (at certain extend) the cycle does go in the way explained in the vedio.

  2. Can anyone tell me what's the name of the device he is using for writing on screen? any tips will be appreciated.

  3. I don't think this is right. From the way he's explaining the predator population is the inverse of the prey, or the second derivative. But from what I've seen and the data, it's more like the first derivative.

  4. Good teacher, but I had to put video on 2x speed cause you talk slow af and have useless breaks and maybe cut out the time u are drawing a graph.

  5. Human doesn't have predator and prey, but we have victims, can human population relation change this way too, instead of predator and prey, it would be victims and ciminals?

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  7. is it possible that there will be a constant density of predators but the density of prey will continue to increase? if it happens in nature then in what circumstances can it happen?

  8. Do we have enough data to simulate the entire world, with all the different species on earth? It would be great to help mankind to build a sustainable world, what do you think?

  9. Another observation is – there seems to be a delay between prey population increase and preator population increase. This delay is due to brith rates and breeding season etc .

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