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Prescription Motorcycle Glasses and Sunglasses | ADS Sports Eyewear

Prescription Motorcycle Glasses and Sunglasses | ADS Sports Eyewear

Prescription motorcycle glasses and sunglasses
have come a long way in the past few years. Free-Form Digital lens surfacing has improved
peripheral vision, and new edging techniques allow any prescription to be put in to motorcycle
glasses without looking like the bottom of a coke bottle. Most optical l abs today are using the new digital surfacing equipment because it takes up less space in their building. So a lot of prescription eyewear companies
are talking about their new digital prescription lenses.
If they are not investing in the free-form input for this equipment, it is like digitally
recording an 8 track tape. We only use free-form digital prescription
lenses unless otherwise specified. Free-form digital is much safer when you are
on two wheels and surrounded by four wheelers. Many of our most popular motorcycle sunglasses
feature a removable eye seal that keeps wind and debris from swirling around your eyes
behind the lenses. This originally created a challenge with prescription
motorcycle sunglasses because the lens thickness would not allow the removable eye seal to
fit over it. They would roll the back edges of the lens
and it would create a coke bottle look. Now we use an MEI edger to shave the lenses
exactly the way they need to be in order for the eye seal to fit perfectly. The Briza from 7Eye is easily our best selling pair of women’s motorcycle sunglasses. It fits a variety of face shapes and has the removable eye seal. Our top selling unisex motorcycle sunglasses include the Wiley-X Air Rage, the Wiley-X
Curve, and the 7-Eye Churada. For men, our top seller is the 7-Eye Diablo. However, this model does not fit well under a tight helmet in our opinion. For a slimmer fit under a helmet try the 7-Eye Bora, the Wiley-X Brick, or the Wiley-X Rout. For those with larger heads, we recommend the 7-Eye Panhead, and the Derby from 7-Eye. These both provide a wide fit and removable eye seal as well as bendable temples that
can be adjusted for any situation. ADS Sports Eyewear has been a leading provider
of prescription motorcycle sunglasses for over ten years.
We know which frames work best, which lens colors and designs to use, and we guarantee
your satisfaction. Feel free to give us a call with any questions
or for help with placing your order.

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  1. How long do these take to make and can I have a bifocal? My optometrist told me I can't have wrapped glasses because my prescription is too strong. Any thoughts?

  2. Can you make a review of a no nose pads sunglasses? I think it is a new patent on the market. This is the website:

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