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Pro Cycling Celebration Fails | The GCN Show Ep. 227

Pro Cycling Celebration Fails | The GCN Show Ep. 227

– From Cottesloe, Western Australia. – Welcome to the GCN Show. – From the Siena province near Montalcino, welcome to the GCN Show. – [All] Velocity Cycling
Club from Accra, Ghana, welcome to the GCN Show. (intense music) – Welcome to the GCN show. This week we are talking
bike race celebration fails. (bell ringing) Maybe mistakes is a nice way to put it. We round up an event from
Giro d’Italia, and we have the results from the Amgen
Women’s Tour of California. Tech of the week, there’s a very exciting announcement from Campagnolo. We’ve got hack forward slash bodge, and all of your usual favourites. Is it just me again? – [John] Just you Tom. – Let’s go. (pop music) Luka Pibernik of Bahrain-Merida really genuinely thought
that he’d won stage five of this year’s Giro d’Italia. You only need to look at
the photos to see that. But the fact is, he actually hadn’t because he celebrated one lap too early, an instant that his Bahrain-Merida team later put down to a slight
race radio malfunction. Now like them or not, bike
race celebration fails, and I’m talking things like
celebrating second place, celebrating way too early, celebrating quite late
but still losing the win are pretty funny, and I do come at this from a point of empathy
too, I have been there. This is me, almost 10 years ago. I had loads of, look I
had hair, can you see it? I look quite young. I think Simon Richardson’s back here. This is Richardson, right here, laughing. This guy’s laughing. This is a particular generous crop because the guy who won
the race is about here. Didn’t feel good at the
time but after a few weeks, you don’t really have any choice
but to see the funny side. So here are a few of our
absolutely favourites. (jazz music) Czech rider Adam Toupalik’s exuberant celebrations with one lap to go at the 2016 Cyclo-Cross Championships
in Zolder, Belgium is possibly one of my
favourites of all time. In part because I was there to see it, and different to the previous incident, I wasn’t actually taking part in it, but also just because
Toupalik was so strong, he almost had a race winning gap as he went through the
line, except he celebrated, which meant his race
winning gap dissolved, but then he came back, and he
got so, so close to win again, and possibly even better than that for me, we’ve got footage of Matt and Sy there trying just to process exactly what was happening, and
they got pretty excited. – The Belgian’s there
sprinting on the hood, that’s a fatal flaw but the Belgian’s
going around the Czech. Can the Czech take the title? Wonderful scenes here in Zolder. The Belgian wins, punches
the air with delight. Oh my word. Second place to the previous
winner on the last lap, Simon Richardson, I’ve
never seen anything like it. (upbeat music) – Shown by his victory
on stage seven this year, Caleb Ewan is one of the
most promising sprinters in the Pro Peloton. The scary thing about Ewan
is he’s just 22 years old, and he’s already won so many big races. But back at the Abu Dhabi Tour this year, there was a big race
that he didn’t quite win, although he thought he had. He celebrated early, and Marcel Kittel managed to sneak underneath his arm. Kittel’s quite tall, it must’ve been quite difficult to dip that. – [John] Well at least he realised he’d lost a little sooner
than the other two. – True, true, the other two so far, there are some more
cracking ones coming up. (jazz music) Now this one got quite a bit of coverage at the start of the year and to be honest, it’s probably not
strictly speaking a fail. Arlenis Sierra is a Cuban pro cyclist for the Astana Women’s Pro Team. She’s had some really strong results in North and South America but at the Trofeo Alfredo Binda this year, she got one of her
breakthrough European results when she took second on the stage. It was one of Coryn Rivera’s first big wins in Europe as well. She looks very happy, but I think Sierra
might look even happier. So while it’s not strictly a fail, it did confuse a few people. When the story came out that
she was just celebrating second place, I think everyone
thought it was really nice. (jazz music) Most of the finish line
celebration confusions, fails that we’ve talked about so far have been pretty recent, but for this one we’re going to go back
almost 10 years to 2008 and the Scheldeprijs, the
traditional midweek race between the Tour of
Flanders and Paris-Roubaix. Tom Boonen had won this
race in 2004 and in 2006, and in 2008, he was dead
set for the win until he eased up, sat up, and celebrated. At that point a very
very young Mark Cavendish came under his arm and took the victory. This photo says it all. The awkward look of
panic on Boonen’s face, the even more awkward reach
back down to the handlebars to try and rescue the situation but then if you glance to Boonen’s left slightly you can see the look on
Cavendish’s face which tells you there’s nothing that Boonen can
do that can rescue this one. However he did take it
in pretty good spirits if the podium photos
are anything to go by. But he never won the
Scheldeprijs again in his career. Which brings us back to 2017
the Giro and Luka Pibernik. The fact is these things happen, they are after all basically
just honest mistakes but I reckon that if the riders
had just gone in simply, probably not simply, simply
won those races, we wouldn’t still be talking about them
quite as much as we do now. Now I want to hear from you. What is your favourite bike
race epic celebration error, fail, mistake, let us
know down in the comments. I’m sure we’ve missed a few really really possibly quite funny ones and if you’ve got footage of one of your mates doing something like that,
message us on Facebook and we’ll see what we can do. (pop music) Stage four of the Giro was set to be the first big day for a big shakeup, but the finish wasn’t quite as explosive. (drum music) As many had hoped as there
was a bit of a head wind and in fairness, the fourth
stage of a three week race is pretty early for there
to be a lot of attacking, a big shakeup between
the overall contenders. The stage winner was Jan
Polanc who went the distance having been in the day long break. He actually took, that’s
his second Giro d’Italia stage win taken in that battle. The best of the favourites
was Ilnur Zakarin who attacked the group later on. He had around 10 seconds on the big group of all the other favourites. On a side note, stage four was
dramatic for Katusha-Alpecin as Alberto Losada crashed,
but didn’t crash out as Team Osteopath Hans Friedl was able to pop his shoulder back in which meant he continued with
the stage and with the race. In stage five, the Giro finished in Messina which is Vincenzo
Nibali’s hometown hence his nickname the Shark of Messina, but wasn’t particularly
terrain for Nibali, although his teammate Luka Pibernik had a good go except he
celebrated a bit early. The stage eventually came down to a sprint which was won by Fernando Gaviria, with Bob Jungels holding
onto the maglia rosa. To finish off stage six
of the Giro d’Italia in Terme Luigiane had a really
nasty little kick on it. It’s the kind of like technical but steep town centre climb that was
pretty unique to the Giro. The day long break again looked like it was pretty much going to
go the distance on this one, provided they didn’t mess around too much or blow up on that final climb. They held on, and Silvan Dillier of BMC went for a long sprint and just held off Jasper Stuyven of Trek-Segafredo. Stage seven was slightly less
difficult than stage six, so it was another one for the sprinters, and it was Caleb Ewan who finally got his first Giro d’Italia
stage win of this year. He’s been waiting awhile
for that hasn’t he? (humming) – [John] It certainly looks like he’s turning into the real deal now. – Yeah, he’s one of the
fastest riders in the race, but he just kept having disasters. No more mate. Similar to stage six, stage
eight had one of those technical steep town
centre hill climb finishes. A day long break, again
had gone the distance, then he hit the bottom
of the climb altogether until however Valerio Conti overcooked it through one of the corners and crashed, did quite a funny yoga pose actually because luckily Valerio Conti is fine, leaving the break to
fight out between them. Gorka Izagirre, who’s brother Ion won a stage at the Tour last year soloed away and took the stage victory. After stage four, eight
maybe wasn’t the most exciting stage perhaps for spectators, stage nine was definitely going to be it. It was later in the race, and
it was on a steeper climb. The block house doesn’t
sound like a particularly Italian climb but if you look at the map, there it is right in the
middle of the country. This climb is a real brute with a sustained pitches of around 10%. However the real drama
didn’t happen on the climb so much as right before it. A police motorbike was positioned
on the side of the road, and the peloton just couldn’t avoid it. Luka Keldman was the
first rider to go down, and almost all of Team Sky went down too. The big losers were
Sky with Geraint Thomas now five minutes out of
contention on the overall, and also Adam Yates of Orica who was over four and a half minutes down. While those riders and teams recovered, tried to take stock, and chase back on, the race went on up ahead,
and it was Nairo Quintana who took the victory at the
summit of the block house, followed not too far
behind, around 20 seconds by Thibaut Pinot who out sprinted a very strong Tom Dumoulin. Dumoulin however will
be reeling from the loss of Keldman who was set to be one of his key mountain lieutenants for the race. Now for me, there’s only
really one debate to come out of this instant and that is should the riders have paused the race, and allowed the favourites
who’d crashed to get back on? And from what I’ve read
and what I’ve heard, it sounds as though it
would’ve been very difficult because the race was so close
to the foot of the climb, and so close to the finish. Where there isn’t any debate
however is race vehicles. Following a couple of
tragic incidents last year, we know that race organisers are doing everything they can to decrease the number of vehicles in the race but also to increase the education
levels around bike racing of those driving them so
hopefully these are situations that we’re just not going
to see ever happen again. (pop music) Caption of the week now. Last week’s photo was this
one of Fernando Gaviria celebrating victory at the Giro d’Italia, at there were some seriously
good entries for this. The popular choice but not the winner was Swedish House Fifa who said, “Dan Lloyd after two mineral waters.” That got 107 thumbs up. A very close second for me was this one from Michael Wippins who said, “Unfortunately the Maglia Rose,” get it? “Went straight to his head.” But the winner and a very
thoroughly deserved winner is from Road Rider who said, “This makes the caffeine
shampoo look a bit down market.” Congratulations Road
Rider, you have of course won a GCN Camelback bottle
and we’ll be in touch. This week’s photo, and don’t forget if you leave your caption
down in the comments and we pick it as the winner, you can win a GCN Camelback bottle, is this one of Valerio Conti,
and I’m going to get you started. Valerio Conti’s yoga break. (laughing) – [John] That’s solid. – Is it better than last week? – [John] Yeah definitely
better than last week. – I mean almost anything’s
better than last week. (laughing) (pop music) Shimano and Sram have had road
bike disc brakes groupsets out for quite awhile
now, and this was if not an easy move for the two brands, perhaps a natural one as both of them have pretty extensive
mountain bike ranges. This just left Campagnolo
teams in the World Tour without a fully fledges
disc brake groupset. And there have been spy
shots and odd kind of rumour here and there but finally
we have an announcement. Campagnolo’s latest,
their brand new groupset, is disc brake specific
and it’s called the H11. They worked with German hydraulics experts who make the bright yellow Trials brakes that you might remember seeing, Magura, to develop the groupset. Rotor sizes are 160
millimetres for the front rotor and at the rear you can choose between 160 millimetres and 140 millimetres. It’s also available for the EPS, so the electronic shifting options, or the mechanical shifting options. And I think, this is quite nerdy, but possibly for me one
of the more interesting points that I read in
their release was that as part of this groupset, it is a fully specific groupset because they’ve actually worked on things like the chainset too, so the chainset on the Campagnolo H11 is a
disc brake specific chainset. And that is because they say
that engineers looked at it, and they took into consideration geometry, the spacing of disc brake
frames versus rim brake frames, and found that they were so different that they warranted a
different chainset solution, which the geometry is different,
so it could make sense. What’s your take? I’d like to hear it down in the comments. (goofy music) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – First up in cycling shorts, how about speed cameras for cyclists? Barry Sheradon on Facebook
made us aware of this one, and it is that police in Ronse in Belgium, so the very heart of
cycling country there, have setup infrared cameras
which can be disguised as wheelie bins and used
throughout the town centre, so they’re designed to
capture speeding cyclists, speeding kind of motorbike
or scooter users, and speeding motorists too,
and the police did say that the speeding cyclists
factor is actually an issue, and that they will potentially
be handing fines out. Personally John I reckon
this is a pretty good thing, I think you should behave as other road users do in town centres. – [John] Exactly, the speed
limit’s for everyone so it’s just making everyone safe isn’t it? – For sure, anyway moving on from that. Staying with road users not exactly obeying the rules of the road, it can’t have escaped many
cycling fans’ attention that last week Chris Froome was involved in a hit and run with a vehicle. Luckily, and we were very pleased to read that Chris is fine although
his bike was of course absolutely totaled, but it is always incredibly grim to read this news. Stay safe out there. There was a really big crash
at the Four Days of Dunkirk, and sadly the ever popular
Stijn Vandenberg was really seriously injured in this one
with a serious concussion. He was taken to intensive
care at a hospital in Belgium. From what we’re hearing though, the signs are that he is
making positive steps, and that he will make a recovery. One of the nicest bits of cycling news that I’ve read this year was
this story about Stig Broeckx. You may remember that Stig
suffered terrible injuries at the Tour of Belgium last year, and following that he spent several months in a vegetative state. The prognosis was obviously not very good, but Stig is now recovered to the point where he’s able to ride a static bike with apparently his father
having to tell him to slow down. This is obviously just fantastic news, really really heart warming,
and from all of us here at GCN we’d like to wish Stig and
his family all the best for his ongoing miraculous recovery. If you’re a certain age
and from the UK or Europe you might remember
collecting Panini stickers for your chosen sport which was probably football or soccer at the time. But for this year’s Giro d’Italia, and this is very very exciting, they have brought out Panini
stickers for the Giro. We don’t actually have our hands on our very own set just yet, this is a borrowed set unfortunately. But when we do I think it’s safe to say that we’re going to waste
a lot of time with them much like Georg Preidler was
doing in Tom Dumoulin’s tweet before one of the stages
in this year’s race. – [John] No, no contest either. – Contest must be pretty rare actually. Amanda Coker has broken record
for the greatest distance cycled in one year by anyone
ever, so male or female. Actually she broke the record
with around 40 days to go, but she continued on and
road a further 10,000 miles. There are some seriously
impressive stats here, I definitely can’t remember them all, so I’m going to grab my laptop. Total miles 86,573 miles, which translates into 139,325 kilometres giving an average daily
miles over the 365 days of 237.19 miles, roughly 381 kilometres, and average moving speed, and
this is incredible as well, 20.30 miles per hour, around 32 Ks an hour at a riding time over the
365 days of 4,264 hours. – [John] Apparently around 48% of her time was spent riding her bike
during the whole year. – 48%. (laughing) So almost 12 hours a day. – [John] Yeah. (laughing) – Most of us are lucky
to do 12 a week right? (laughing) – [John] Yeah exactly. – It’s unbelievable, unbelievable. (pop music) (knocking) Competition time now. For the last couple of weeks, we’ve been running a competition where there wasn’t just going
to be one winner, oh no, there were going to be two
very very lucky winners of a Canyon Women’s specific bike. Now the winners are Rosie Line from the UK and Lizelle Gilfillan from South Africa. Congrats guys, we’ll be in touch about getting your wonderful
prizes sent out to you. (whirring) It’s one of my favourite
parts of the show each week, I find them hilarious, I
find them inspirational, it is time for hack forward slash, that’s forward slash
and bodge of the week. Let’s go. First up we have got this
one which was sent in by Steve Marsdin on Twitter and he says, what does he say, he said,
“Made my wife a mesh cloche “to keep the birds off the allotment,” so off the vegetable that he’s growing, “using a pair of old Rigid tyres.” So that’s very, like that is a hack. And then next one, there’s
a rule in the dirt shed show where made by friends of Jim where if you have a dog in your bike
pictures, it’s super nice. So based on that, I think this picture that Paul D sent in of
his very cute looking Walter the whippet helping
him with bar tape removal is a stone cold hack, solid hack. That’s very cool. – [John] You know what
would be better Tom if the whippet was called Walter, and it would be Walter Whippet. – Like the pro? – [John] Kind of a tenuous dog pun. – When John edits he
makes us look less funny by putting in tumbleweed sound effects. He won’t do that for his own joke. (laughing) Next up next up is this one from Connos Vasileiou, hashtag GCN hack. John if I describe it to you you can make the judgement on this. You ready? So it’s a single pivot road brake. There’s one remaining metal pivot. The other pivot is made from what looks like very thin plywood. And they’ve still managed to
attach the brake lever to it. Hack or bodge? – [John] I’d call that a bodge. – [Tom] How serious a
bodge would you call it? – [John] That’s quite
a catastrophic bodge. You don’t want that failing on you. – No, it’s bad. It’s not good. Connos, bodge, don’t ride it. Bad bodge. – [John] Stop that. – Stop it, exactly. Okay Steve Manning sent
this one in which says actually when your shoe fails while out on your cyclo cross ride. Hashtag spare tyre, hashtag GCN bodge, he was good enough to do that
at least, hashtag GCN hack. Now Steve I’d say that in this situation, although that is a bodge, it possibly qualifies as a hack because I’m guessing it got you home. But you are right to say it’s
a bodge, so it’s a bodge. Moving on from that, Benjamin Allen sent in this one on
Facebook, and this one again, John I’m going to describe it to you, it has to be seen to be believed. If you imagine a pedal attached to a crank where the pedal hole in the crank is a little too big for the pedal axle. So to make sure that the
pedal stays in the crank, you’ve gone and you’ve
drilled in from each side, and from the top, and then
screwed some screws in to attach the pedal to the crank that way instead of screwing the
pedal into the crank. – [John] That’s pretty bodge
worthy by the sounds of things. – [Tom] Yeah there’s more
than one bodge going on there. – [John] I haven’t seen
it though I can’t imagine it looks too good either. – Anyway thank you for all your GCN hacks and bodges sent in on
Twitter Facebook and Instagram. We do, if you wouldn’t tell, spend a lot of time looking at them, and really enjoy looking at them. If you’d like to nominate your hack, your bodge, your mate’s
hack, mate’s bodge, a bodge that you see on the street for it, use the hashtag #GCNHack and we’ll spend loads of
time talking about it. (pop music) Stage one of the women’s
Tour of California saw a strong women’s team take control of the finishing
climb in Lake Tahoe. Anna van der Breggen setup
teammate Megan Guarnier, for her first win of the 2017 season. A decisive stage two
which included the climb up Daggett Summit suited
UHC’s Katie Hall down to a T. She managed to climb clear
of Anna van der Breggen to take the stage win, and
the overall lead with it. Stages three and four in
contrast to stages one and two and they both finished with those sprints with Giorgia Bronzini and Coryn Rivera taking a stage win apiece. There were some time bonuses up for grabs on the stages and they
saw Anna van der Breggen claw the overall lead back from Hall and take victory there by just one second. At the time of shooting we’ve seen one stage of the Amgen Tour of California and it was a fascinating sprint battle on the stage that ran from Sacramento and finished back in
Sacramento in front of the state capital which is Arnold
Schwarzenegger’s old house. Marcel Kittel won the stage, Peter Sagan was second, and Elia Viviani of Team Sky was third. Time now for GCN’s What a– (laughing) I just can’t do it. (dramatic music) I’m going to get my laptop for this one because we’ve got some stats. So the pro wattage bazooka,
which I’m going to start with, was Fernando Gaviria who won
stage five of Giro d’Italia. The time for his finishing
sprint was 18 seconds. Speed average 65 kilometres an hour, the maximum speed of
67.8 kilometres an hour. His average power for 18
seconds was 934 watts. His peak power, 1,339 watts. Impressive stuff. Fernando if you would like your wattage bazooka t-shirt, get in touch. It’s time now for our
amateur wattage bazooka and it goes to Kratzenstein on Twitter whose mate and him also on Twitter using the
hashtag wattage bazooka on screen now for Everesting through rain, hail, thunder, and lightening. You can’t say better than that, good work. (pop music) Comment of the week,
and we had a lot of love in the comments underneath
the video that sided with Sean Conway about bike packing. One of my favourite ones
was from GT Kim who said, “Cut toothbrush into half
to save a few grammes, “then brings a liquor flask. “Love this guy.” And 87 of you loved him too. I’d say that’s pretty cool. Next one was from Dingo F who says, “Has aero wheels, but
beard size of a parachute.” Again 381 thumbs up. If I fast forward to my favourite
response to that comment, it was from Telkanuru who said, “Wizards don’t have to worry about drag.” I really liked it, I loved
the video with Sean Conway, you should definitely check it out, we’ll link it up down in the description. And hopefully we’ll be
doing some more videos with Sean very soon. There were some more comments
I wanted to pull out though. This one was underneath the coffee video we filmed at the Giro d’Italia. It’s from Yeowart who said, “I was eating in a restaurant last week, “when someone on the table next to me “ordered a cappuccino and it
was 8 p.m. so I judged them.” I think any Italian would probably. – No cappuccino after noon okay. (pop music) – On the channel this week, on Wednesday, it’s how to make sport
teams more enjoyable and how to lose weight like a pro. On Thursday it’s the 10 most
beautiful roads in the world. On Friday of course it’s ask GCN anything, don’t forget to get your questions in using the hashtag talk
back on social media. On Saturday it’s Mikel Landa’s pro bike from the Giro d’Italia. On Sunday we’ve got a feature on the way from our guys who are over
filming in Italy right now. On Monday it’s maintenance Monday, and on Tuesday it’s the GCN show. – From Akuna Bay, Sydney, Australia, welcome to the GCN show. – Don’t forget that
throughout the week as well on top of all of that,
we will have a load of content from the Giro
d’Italia each and every day. (rock music) It’s time now for, and
this is one that I can do unlike wattage bazooka, extreme corner, and this week we’ve got some footage from CrankWorks which
took place back in April, but this is super extreme
because the caption mentions a few tricks that I
just haven’t got a clue what they look like but I
think we’re about to find out. (hip hop music) Yup, that wasn’t just pretty extreme. I still don’t know what any
of those tricks are called. Before you go, we’re almost
at the end of the show, but we’ve got some very cool
new things in the GCN shop that I thought I’d tell you about. First up, just during May, we’ve got a limited edition
pink logo GCN t-shirt, we’ve got a limited edition
pink logo GCN sweatshirt as modelled by yours
truly, and also we’ve got a limited edition pink GCN hoodie not modelled by yours truly. All of those items are on organic cotton and printed using water based inks. Plus we’ve got GCN pint glasses and GCN tankards if you’d like a drink. Thirsty work, this. – Alright Tom. – Thanks Jon. [Jon] I’ve got you a
drink and a pizza mate, you look hungry and thirsty. – Thanks, what am I going
to do with these though Jon, I can’t even open it. [Jon] Oh yeah, one second. – We’ve got the GCN part
tool bottle openers, also available in shop, thanks Jon. [Jon] There you are. – Just checking that it doesn’t overflow. [Jon] Cut yourself a slice. You can have a slice, look. [Jon] That looks really nice. – It’s not been sat there
for too long has it? So yeah, that’s it for GCN show. If you’ve enjoyed it, don’t forget to hit the thumbs up button and
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