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Pro Cycling’s Pressure Gauge, Are We Close To The Limit? | GCN Show Ep. 331

Pro Cycling’s Pressure Gauge, Are We Close To The Limit? | GCN Show Ep. 331

– Welcome to the GCN Show, the 25000spins Coromandel Classic 2019, Whoo.
– Whoo. – Hello and welcome to the GCN Show brought to you by our mates at Wiggle. – This week pro cycling’s pressure gauge. Are we close to the
limit of what is humane? – Yeah, but at the other
end of the spectrum we’ve got news of an office
with a dedicated cycling room to boost staff wellbeing and free bike hire on the
UK National Health Service. (upbeat music) – This week in the world of cycling we learn that when you’re hot, you’re hot. Not from personal
experience of course but– – You’re hot mate. – Ah, thanks mate. But for Mathieu van der Poel, who fresh off the back of winning possibly the greatest
one-day race of all time, then goes straight into
winning on his mountain bike, despite getting held up by a tractor in the prologue time trial. That’s class. – And on other news. Sometimes hanging on is
the best course of action. Check out this. – This is Davide Cimolai staying upright against all the odds after
that tussle with Oliver Le Gac. Who almost as miraculously escapes with only minor cuts and bruises. Not bad after laying
it down at 60k an hour. – They are a breed apart
those sprinters, aren’t they? – Yeah. – And it is, well, easy to think that they are wired up completely different to the rest of us because of the risks they do have to take on a daily basis. But it has just come out that
sprint legend Marcel Kittel has decided to step away from
the sport for the time being siting exhaustion. – Yeah his Katusha team have agreed to terminate his contract
with immediate effect. Now Kittel himself hasn’t
actually given much information as to what is going on,
but there is speculation that actually it’s mental exhaustion as opposed to physical exhaustion. Certainly he has been struggling
for results on the bike for the past couple of seasons. We’re hoping, aren’t we,
that all it’s going to take is a bit of time away from the sport and then he can come back even
stronger than he was before. – Yeah, fingers crossed and
good luck to you Marcel. But he isn’t an isolated case because British pro Peter
Kennaugh has also said that he’s going to take time away from the sport indefinitely. And he did site mental health saying he was struggling
on and off the bike. – Yeah and he’s just 29 as well, isn’t he? And then of course Moreno
Moser just this week at 28 has also announced his
retirement from the sport. Now he, as the nephew of
the great Francesco Moser, has suffered under a huge
weight of expectation from the Italian public, particularly given that his career started out so promisingly with a win at the
prestigious Tour of Poland and even more prestigious perhaps, Strade Biancha race as well. – Yeah the question is though, is pro cycling becoming a pressure cooker? Or is it just a coincidence
that three big time pros are all taking time away from
the sport at the same time? – Well the word on the inside is that potentially yeah, things
are getting even tougher. Not to say things were ever easy. I mean, I can’t imagine the
pressure that riders are under during that Wild West doping era. I’ve got a degree of
sympathy for those guys, I’ll be honest. I don’t think they went into the sport with the intention of becoming criminals. It’s not like embarking on a
career as a bank robber is it? – No, exactly– – They were just kids that
loved cycling, like you and I, who got led astray. We probably best park that debate there and leave it for another day before things go nuclear in
the comments section James. – Yeah, for sure. No, but there are a number of factors that could be compounding the situation. Like the added inflation of the
salaries for the top riders, that if they’re not performing. And also the pressure of the up-and-comers because if they do get a big
result there is the ability of getting hundreds of
thousands of pounds pay rise. – Yeah that’s right. And secondly, the margins of victory are becoming ever tighter, aren’t they? So every gramme counts. Meaning there’s a higher
prevalence, perhaps, of disordered eating and
zero downtime for these guys. – Yeah and number three, there’s everything that is monitored. There’s your heart rate,
your power, your weight. There are also recovery parameters. So it’s a 24-hour job, isn’t it? – Yeah, 12 months a year now as well because whereas there
used to be an off season. Now I think riders are expected to be in pretty much top
shape all year round– – All the time. Now the pressure’s of pro cycling might pale into insignificance next to the likes of
professions of healthcare or even the armed forces. But is the difference because there isn’t a facility
put in place for the riders? I mean, Bradley Wiggens
did say on Eurosport that even the teams with psychiatrists, they’re not helping the riders but more working on behalf of the teams. – Yeah, it was a good point, wasn’t it? It’s not that they’re not
working for the riders. It’s just that it’s
always with the intention of getting them winning again. I mean, yeah, that’s a
difficult one, isn’t it? The cruellest thing of
all for me seems to be that the pressure is there when
cycling is your profession, but for the rest of us cycling is overwhelmingly
beneficial for our mental health. That video we filmed at Oxford University earlier in the year was eye-opening such was the extent to which
it can help individual people. – Yeah absolutely. And we did have a message from a GCN fan, who’s watching one of the
videos, called Johan Fisher and he actually bought a
Wattbike for his office. And the big honchos of that
business or that company decided to dedicate a
Zwift room for cycling. How cool is that? – [Simon] That is super cool, isn’t it? It’s mega tricked out as well. So this was available for
anyone who worked there. You could book time on it
using an Outlook calendar. And there you go. It seems really farsighted doesn’t it? – Can we get one? – Well yeah. I think we’ll try and
find a room no doubt. (James laughs) I don’t think we need to book
time on bikes to be fair mate. – Well true. – You and I, but seriously though. Really, really good idea in that you’re ensuring
that your workforce is fit and healthy and happy. And all it takes is a little bit of time even on an indoor trainer. There you go. Make sure you let us know what you think. This is a really
sensitive topic of course. How much cycling is too much cycling? Should there be safeguards in place for professional cyclists,
men and women of course? And also perhaps, controversially, is an ability to withstand
that kind of extreme pressure actually just part of
being a top sportsperson? Let us know it the comments
section down below. Right it’s time for our
bit of weekly inspiration. That part of the show when we pick out three favourite photos that you have sent in this
week of your bike riding. Don’t forget that even third place gets £50 of Wiggle vouchers. Second place gets 75 quid, whilst first place gets £100 of vouchers from our mates over at Wiggle. So that’s pretty cool. James, who is in number third rounding out our podium this week? – In third place we’ve got Greg Judin from New South Wales in Australia. And we’ve gone for a sunrise pic. I do love a nice sunset or sunrise and I did choose these first
two, I’ve got to be honest. So this one, I have to
say, is really, really good and inspires me to get up in the morning. – Yeah, I love the fact that
he’s out with a group as well. That’s pretty cool. Normally my rides can be a
little bit solitary of a morning. But you know, that’s nice. That would get me out of bed. Right second place. We do have a solitary sunrise pic. (James laughs)
Thanks James. This is from Volker in the Al Qudra Desert just outside of Dubai riding
from 4:30am ’til 8:00am– – [James] That’s an early start. – On the 120k desert bike path. – [James] Aw. – On a TT bike as well. – [James} Look at that. That road is unreal as well. – It is purpose-built for cycling. – It is isn’t it? – No, I mean it literally is. – Oh it is? – It literally is yeah– – Have you been down that road? – No, but I just know about it. – He knows everything, doesn’t he? – Well I’ve only ever
been to the Dubai airport. (James laughs) Anyway there we go. Right, a worthy winner of 75 quid. And who is the winner this week mate? – The winner of the £100 voucher goes to Lynn in the Canadian Rockies of Alberta. Now look at this for a photo. – [Simon] Sorry, whereabouts
in the Canadian Rockies James? You just scrolled past there. – [James] Yeah, I’m just gonna. Yeah, let’s just scroll past that one. But look at that photo. – [Simon] No, no, no. What is it? Where are they? – Okay, I’ll give it a go. Kan-na-skis? Ku-nas-kis? – I’ve got no idea to be truthful– – No, you haven’t either. But look at that for a photo mate. – Kananaskis? Let us know in the comments section how much we’ve butchered that
particular Canadian placename. But yeah, back to the photo. That is a pearler. That is inspirational. That does look incredibly dramatic. Yeah it looks a little chilly. – [James] Yeah it does. – [Simon] But hey that should
get us out of the door, no matter what the season– – It definitely looks like
the Himalayas doesn’t it? – It does.
– Honestly, incredible. – Brilliant, okay. Keep those photos coming in. Of course, three winners every week. If you want to be in with a chance then you can use the hashtag
#GCNINSPIRATION on Instagram. Or of course the uploader
the link to which is in the description beneath this video. (trumpet toots) (spring boings) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now. And we’re going to start off with a story from here in the UK. The National Health Service
have given GPs the ability to prescribe six months of free
bike hire to their patients in order to increase
their physical activity and to boost their mental health. – Yeah and also reduce
cardiovascular disease as well. Really, really interesting that. Only available in Wales at the minute but you’d think that if it
gets the desired results, and also long term save the NHS money, that it could roll out nationwide. – Pardon the pun. – Right, now sticking with
freebies for cycling then, United Airlines have done
a really nice gesture and they’re offering discounted fares and free bike transport
for their customers flying to San Francisco for
the AIDS/LifeCycle event, which is a ride from San Francisco to LA. Now how cool I that? – That is really cool, isn’t it? Takes place at the end of June that. Presumably still time to sign up for it and take advantage of it. Right, now Giro d’Italia. Let’s talk Giro. – Oh yes. – Perhaps all eyes were on the battle among the GC contenders on stage one. But there was one rider
raising eyebrows mid pack because he didn’t use a time trial bike on the opening day’s time trial stage. He didn’t even use an aero helmet. He used a lightweight bike. Why? Because he was going for the
KOM, of course, as you do, On the pretty fierce two kilometre climb that ended that 8k time trial. Not for for Strava, I might just add, but actually it was gamble to take the mountains
classification, which he duly did and claimed the first jersey of the race, which is a pretty good effort. – Yeah, he looked pretty
cool in hindsight. Doing that didn’t he? Right, if you want more Giro news you can of course check
out the Racing News Show that went the day before this one. But more to the point,
make sure you head over to our Facebook page each and every day, because we’ve got a wrap-up
show after each stage where there’ll be expert analysis
and stuff from us as well. – Right, let’s just
stick with racing news, just for one moment longer. Mark Cavendish and his Epstein-Barr virus that has plagued the last
two seasons for poor Mark. Now he has had a recent blood test that shows he is under the
threshold for the virus meaning potentially he’s
going to bounce back in time for July and the Tour de France. – First time in two years he’s been under the
threshold for Epstein-Barrs. So yeah, fingers crossed for him that he can get back for the Tour. I quite wanna see him
take Eddy Merckx’s record for the number of stage wins. But still, a big ask for him,
but we’ll see how it goes. Right, we are going to stick with racing one moment longer still actually because unfortunately another
skeleton has crawled out of the closet of naughty cycling. – Aw, naughty by name, naughty by nature. – James, that’s terrible. (James laughs) Anyway, German sprinter
Danilo Hondo has confessed on German TV that he blood doped for almost his entire career. He rode for such infamous teams, now I think it’s fair to say,
is Telecom and Gerolsteiner and he subsequently lost his job as coach at Swiss Cycling, followed that. And it’s basically because
he’s been caught up in this new Erfurt scandal
with a dodgy German doctor. Did always wonder ever
since I saw that guy travelling to the Tour of
Qinghai Lake, back in 2009, wearing an all white shell tracksuit. I just wonder whether something wasn’t quite right
about him, but you know. – Si, that was the fashion of that time. I mean, I can’t remember. – No it wasn’t, it was 2009. – Quite a long time ago. – That has never been in fashion.. – Right, last but not least, fi’zi:k have released a new colorway for their legendary Infinito R1 shoe, just in time for the Giro. The 1919 commemorates the
race route of 100 years ago and is dedicated to the
fallen in the First World War. – Yeah, which was 100 years ago this year as well, wasn’t it? – I know. – Yeah, irrespective of
where the design comes from, it looks absolutely awesome, doesn’t it? Particularly like that
reflective Microtex upper– – [James] I knew you’d like that. – So it looks kinda pale grey normally, but then get it in the dark,
shine some lights on it and boom, it’s like bright white. – You’re going to be seen everywhere Si. – Yeah, I’m into that big time. Right, speaking of coveted stuff. A quick shout out to our own merch. These T-shirts are limited edition, so make sure you get in quick. And we’ve also got a sneak peek of the next in our epic climb series. This time it’s the Mortirolo. Look at that. That looks cool, but my
word is it a brutal climb. – That is horrific climb,
but I would say as well there are some places
left for our next events GCN Avoriaz in August and at the end of August
we’ve got GCN Saalbach. – Yeah, both amazing places
to go and ride your bike. Unfortunately we’ll be there as well. – Yes, it’s the company might
let it down a little bit. (drill whirs) – It’s now time for hack
forward slash bodge. Right Si, start us off I reckon. – Okay, first up we’ve
got this one from Graham. This is a well-known hack,
but always worth repeating. Before he’d set up his
tubeless tyres tubeless he got a hole in them. No problem if you’ve got
an inner tube in there, but in order to then use them tubeless he stuck and inner tube patch on there. And yeah, lo and behold,
it does indeed work. – [James] It does work. – [Simon] Nice, very nice indeed. Simple but effective. (James laughs) – [James] Next one we have from Shaun on his Canyon Ultimate. He was stuck without a
head unit mount or holder and he used a spoon. Look at this for a bodge. – Well, I’m not gonna lie James. It looks neat, but ultimately he’s got a spoon on the
front of his Canyon Ultimate to hold his head unit on. – I would never have
thought of that though. – No, I wouldn’t. – [James] Your nan
would’ve done her head in if you’d drilled a hole in the silver. – [Simon] Silverware, yeah exactly. But in actual fact, gets you out of jail. And it does look quite neat, but yeah, a temporary measure I’d say. – [James] Yes, for sure. – [Simon] And he’s even
drilled a hole in it by the look of it. Well fair play he’s gone the extra mile– – [James] He’s gone around there for years on end with this teaspoon. – [Simon] That’s right. Okay next up we’ve got
this one from Stephen. Now this is not something
I’d thought of before. But now I want a pair. So in order to walk
around more comfortably whilst wearing road shoes he’s hollowed out a pair of giant sandals so that his cleats fit neatly through them so he can keep his shoes on
and walk at the same time. – [James] Genius. – [Simon] You’d feel like the
Don in those wouldn’t you? Platform cycling shoes? – [James] Yeah, I would
not feel like the Don. – [Simon] I’m not sure I
could get sandals big enough, but still that would be amazing. I like that. – [James] I can use your sandals actually. My feet are tiny. – [Simon] Are they? – [James] Yeah. – [Simon] Well that’s a hack from me. – [James] Next one we have
from Yan Borja, Yan Borja. on Instagram and he’s sent in this of a GoPro light attached to
the underneath of his Garmin. Look at that, that’s a hack isn’t it? – [Simon] There we go, a
waterproof GoPro light. – [James] I mean, that seems pretty robust and I reckon that is gonna
kick out some serious lumens. – [Simon] 300 he said, 300 lumens. – [James] There we go. (both laugh) Right, this last one I think
is a proper, proper hack. This is a 3D printed tool storage system. So we’ve seen a few aero bikes, well actually and non aero bikes, specialised Droubay’s got one of these. But this is the first
one I’ve seen retrofitted to an existing bike. So that looks like a Canyon
Aeroad if I’m not mistaken. But look at that, he’s managed
to get two inner tubes, the smallest inner tubes I’ve
ever seen in my life James. Plus C-O two canister plus
tyre levers, plus patches. Genius. – [Simon] and a valve extender as well. – [James] Say goodbye to saddle bags and well that I think does
everything doesn’t it? – [Simon] And more speed as well. – [James] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Simon] Presumably it
makes your bike more aero. – [James] More aero, perfect. – [Simon] Let us know how
you’ve got it fixed on there. That’s one thing I’m
quite intrigued about. – Mm, all right. Next one, Si. – Oh, there’s one more? – Yeah, we’ve go this one. So you’re worried about your
bike being on top of your roof. Why don’t you put your Sea Suckers inside? Attach them to the window and look. You’ve storage inside a bus. – [Simon] Well that is
quite neat, isn’t it? – [James] Looks good, doesn’t it? – [Simon] Because sometimes
you don’t wanna have your bike on the top of the roof and get wet and dirty. So sticking it inside
(fingers clicking) perfect. – [James] I don’t really
have a car big enough to have my bike– – [Simon] What, you don’t
have a bus (laughs)– – [James] mounted on the window like that. No, but if I did I would contemplate it. – [Simon] Yeah, well there you go. There’s an innovative
use of a Sea Sucker rack. Fantastic. Right well that is Hack
or Bodge for this week. Some absolute pearlers. And then one with a spoon. If you want to get involved for next week remember you can submit
your hacks and bodges using the hashtag #GCNHACK
on Instagram or Twitter or of course the Uploader, the link of which is in the description. Caption competition now. Your chance to get your hands on a GCN Camelback water bottle. We give you a photo, you
write a funny caption, stick it in the comments section
and we choose the winner. The winner from last week
is about to be revealed. This was your photo. John Degonkolb having a swig. Not looking terribly happy. – He doesn’t like it does he? – No he doesn’t. The winner BARB303 with the caption, I gave 100% and look
what I get in return, 0%. – I mean, that’s a fair caption isn’t it? – It is, yeah. See what you did there. That is good, that is very good. Right James, what’s this week’s photo? – Right, this week we have this photo in. Now I came up with this caption. Ask me what the time is. – What’s the time James? – [James] I’ll show you on my tattoo mate. The time is, time for you to get a watch. – It’s elaborate. It’s definitely elaborate. – It’s awful isn’t it? – I’ll take that away from you. – It’s awful, awful. – Normal service will
resume next week hopefully (James laughs) – When Lloyd is– – When Lloyd is back. Anyway, there we go. You got to make a start and hopefully it will
encourage more people to enter in the comments section. – Everyone knows they’re
gonna beat that one. – That’s it. – I’ve set the benchmark
and it’s pretty low. – Yeah there’s a low
barrier for entry this week. But anyway, there we go. (both laugh) Well done mate, well done. – It’s now time for comment of the week. And this is the chance that we get to pick out some of your comments. Can I start with the first
one that I really like? – Go for it mate. – All right, the first one comes under, don’t wear underwear on a bike ride. From Gribbo9999, wear your
knickers on the outside. Also use a red cape and you’ll just fly. – See what you’re doing there gribbo– – Genius. – Yeah, yeah, nice. See he’s in with a good chance
if he thinks of a caption. – Yeah he is. – He definitely is. Yeah, he’s got the talent I think. – Right, take us away with the next one. – [Simon] All right then. Struggling to lose weight through cycling. That was Sunday’s video where
Ollie talked you through some of the potential pitfalls. Pete Brown noticed that there
definitely wasn’t enough time between the flush and opening the door to wash your hands Ollie. – [James] Yeah. – Yeah that is very true. – I did notice that too. And there’s one on the Giro preview show from Vincent Tichenor. Looks like the win will
go to Tom Dumoulin. No GCN curse for him. – Well yeah that is true actually. Poor old Egan Bernal. Marty cursed him, he’s already out. – I did too
– You did too. Double curse, so yeah. – He had no chance did he? Poor bloke. – Yeah, time’s gonna tell. But Vincenzo Nibali’s looking good. (fingers clicking) I learnt my lesson betting
against him in 2014. Not doing that again. (James laughs) – Right, what is coming up
on the channel this week? That’s the question. – Right, on Wednesday we have, how not to be an idiot
while out on the road. Thursday top seven weird
pro cycling superstitions and Friday it’s ask GCN anything. – Yeah, Saturday, doing a bit of science, or rather Chris and James
have done a bit of science. Can music make you ride faster? That’s an interesting one. – Yep. – And then Sunday, well we
got to go behind the scenes with Vincenzo Nibali and his team, just prior to the opening
prologue time trial. And so that one’s coming out
on the day of the next Giro TT. So that’ll be super exciting. – Super exciting, yeah. – And then of course Monday
it’s the Racing News Show, Tuesday is the GCN Show and,
as I mentioned earlier on, if you wanna get your fill of Giro action then make sure you head
over to our Facebook page ’cause we’ve got inside analysis
after every single stage. – Aw, exciting. All right, we’re getting
towards the end of the show, but we have got time for extreme corner. And this one comes in from Jordie Lunn who really is ripping that YT Decoy bike. Check out this. (rock music) – Wow, that is pretty good going innit? – He’s shredded that
in Vancouver hasn’t he? – Yeah, controversial choice. Not only a mountain bike,
but an e-mountain bike, but nevertheless, think we can all appreciate
some skills on show there. Right, that is unfortunately
the end of the GCN show. Quick reminder to head
over to the GCN shop for our limited edition T-shirts and then, if you want to watch another video, make sure you check out James’ look around the Bahrain Merida team bus. – Yes, super exciting and I got to see some really cool stuff,
so do check that out. If you did enjoy this video don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up.

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