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Pro Cycling’s Ultimate Fighting Champion? | The GCN Show Ep. 213

Pro Cycling’s Ultimate Fighting Champion? | The GCN Show Ep. 213

From Tathra Beach, Australia,
welcome to the GCN show! – On the rollers, in the garage, from Portsmouth, Rhode Island,
welcome to the GCN show. – From Howth in Ireland,
welcome to the GCN show, yay! (epic music) (eagle screeches) – Yeah, yeah, yeah! – Welcome to the GCN show. – Coming up this week, we’ve
got sandstorm cycle boxing, Nairo Quintana is on fire. And, the latest production
frame in the world, possibly. – Possibly. Plus, we have a brand new competition. And, all of your favourites. So, wattage bazooka,
comment, caption of the week, tech of the week, but
sandstorm cycle boxing? – Oh yeah. – Really? Kinda, kinda. (bell dings) Now, our cyclists aren’t
exactly renowned for our ability to brawl and fight. – No. – In fact, we’re most
often ridiculed for it. – Yeah. – But, that doesn’t stop fights in the Peloton from happening. Now, take just last week. Now, Marcel Kittel of Quick Step Floors not only had to contend
with swirling sandstorms on his way to victory
in the tour of Dubai, but also the flying elbow
of Astana’s Andrei Grivko. In a crosswind tussle that
ended up with the German powerhouse crossing line
bloodied and bruised, and Grivko ejected from the race. – And, it was just your
typical crosswind, wasn’t it? Everyone fighting for
position in the echelon. At time of the race, there
is going to be make or break, so tensions are
understandably running high. Allegedly, apparently,
Marcel Kittel barged Grivko off the wheel in front, which is kind of almost fair enough, given that Kittel was in the race lead, and that is just part and parcel of it. But, Grivko didn’t think that. He responded by elbowing
Kittel in the face, causing a deep cut above his left eye where it made contact, and leaving Kittel looking like he’d been in a boxing match, as opposed to a bike race. Although, to be fair,
Marcel Kittel always kind of looks a little bit like
he’s been in a boxing match, or at least he’s about to start one, given that he firstly is massive, and, secondly, bares a more
than striking resemblance to Dolf Lungren. – Are you sure that’s Dolf Lungren and not Marcel Kittel
working out this winter? – Uh, yeah. – I’m not sure. – We need to check that one. – He looks in good shape,
but, unfortunately, there was no actual footage, or tv footage of the incident itself. But, what we’ve managed
to do using these tiny cycling figurines is crudely
reenact what played out on the roads of Dubai. – Kittel, going back down the line, here played by an actor with a beard. (bell dings) Leaning on Grivko. – And, Grivko, well,
he’s having none of it. Ooh, ouch. Oof. – Ouch! – Ooh! That’s nasty, yeah. Now, unfortunately for Andrei Grivko, there’re around 20 other
witnesses to this rather nasty incident, and he was duly disqualified not long after crossing the line. Now, his Astana team did
actually issue a full apology very quickly to the German rider. Now, although Andrei Grivko himself admitted on his Facebook page
to striking Marcel Kittel, it was hardly a full apology. He accused the German of, and I quote, endangering the lives
and health of athletes because of his selfishness. Now, even if he had apologised, Kittel wasn’t exactly in
the mood to accept one. – What makes you say that? – Uh, it was this tweet. I won’t accept an apology for this. – Oh, crikey. – Yeah, although Kittel,
a little bit later on did lighten the mood a
little bit with this tweet. – Wow, that is another
pair of shining man boobs. – There’s been a lot in the show, hasn’t there? – Four man boobs it’s actually. – Is that? That must be a personal
best for the GCN show. – Yeah, setting a GCN show record. Now, whatever your view on that incident, there is not excuse
whatsoever for elbowing or punching another rider. Off the bike is bad
enough, but, on the bike, at close to 50km an hour, that’s dangerous, reckless,
stupid, potentially, but in spite of all of those
things, as we said earlier, Peloton fighting is not exactly new. – It certainly isn’t. Things without a shadow of a doubt often get very, very heated
in the midst of the Peloton. With all that adrenaline pumping, the red mist can often descend. Now, take that famous spat at the 1995 Vuelta a Espana between Ramon Arrieta and Leonardo Sierra. Well, it was more of a
dance than an actual fight, and I kind of urge you to
check that out on Youtube, if you can. – Yeah, it was a bit like
Cappoera in cycling shoes, wasn’t it? Unlike this classic from
the 2010 Tour de France. There is Rui Costa lampooning Carlos Berredo with a front wheel, not
even his own front wheel. Oh, oof, look at that! – Oof! – All I’m saying is that
I’m glad that wasn’t a front wheel with a disc brake. Otherwise, things would’ve got ugly. However, that looks quite ugly. – That’s pretty ugly. That is a sort of a dance right there. – Right, moving swiftly on from that one. – That took a sinister turn, didn’t it? – It certainly did. – Who is your ultimate
cycling fighting champion, do you think? Out of all the eras,
who is the fightiest? – It has to be one of my
favourite cyclists of all time. He did have a bit of a dark streak, it’s Bernard Hinault, le Blaireau, the badger. In 1984 at Paris-Nice, he famously punched a
protester in the face, and, more recently, when
working for the Tour de France, whilst on the podium dressed
in chinos and a casual shirt, punched another protestor. You wouldn’t wanna cross Bernard Hinault. – You would never wanna mess
with the badger, would you? No way. Now, after all of that,
we must stress again that this kind of behaviour
cannot be condoned. There is no place for it in cycling. The moral of the story
is that Marcel Kittel ended up winning the race overall, and Grivko was disqualified,
and he’s potentially facing a lengthy ban as well. So, fighting doesn’t pay, don’t do it. – Time now for Dom’s tweet of the week, and Dom has chosen a tweet
this week from Brian Holm, one of the directeur sportifs
at Quickstep Floors, good mate of Mark Cavendish. Brian Holm tweets: love this fat boy. But I think he’s got a motor inside, because he’s six kilogrammes too heavy, and won 30 stages at the
Tour de France at 60 minutes, referring, of course,
to that US documentary about motors or not in bikes. – Yeah. It’s a very good point, well made, Brian. – Mmhmm, indeed. – Not a bad remark, thinking
certainly that’s true. Isn’t it? – No, hmm. – Or, is Mark six-k too heavy? Perhaps not, but who knows? – If he’s won 30 stages
at the Tour de France. – It does not matter. – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – Only a month or so into retirement, and Bradley Wiggins has got
himself a sporting injury. No, it’s not cycling. He actually injured
himself during preparation for a British tv show called The Jump, where him and his fellow
competitors have to undertake various winter sports. Although, that initial injury
didn’t seem to stop him, because he won, actually, the first slalom in show number one. – Yeah, and to be fair, he looked like he was genuinely
quite serious about it. – Yeah, focused. – Yeah, well, I’d be interested
to see how that pans out. Now, back to cyclists, that are actually, currently racing bikes, and, despite it only being February, we have some stats for you. Oh yeah, courtesy of the inner ring who has kindly added them all up. Quickstep Floors currently,
absolutely, smashing it. They’ve got ten victories. – Whoa! – Already this year. Orica-Scott not too far
behind there, with seven. And then, BMC are six, but,
perhaps unsurprisingly, there are a number of teams that are still yet to make their mark. Although, amongst them are Bora-Hansgrohe with Peter Sagan, and Dimension Data with Mark Cavendish. – So, he’s a little. I’m sure they’ll get off the mark very soon, but that’s a big lead
from Quickstep. – Isn’t it just? – Yeah. Now, from points to the UCI’s
extreme weather protocol. – Nice segue, mate. – Yeah, thanks very much indeed. Now, it’s been put into
use on two occasions in the last week. The first of which was
over in the Tour of Dubai, where, due to fierce,
ridiculously strong sandstorms, and winds, of course, stage four never actually got underway. – But also, over in Spain. – Mmhmm. – Tour of Valencia had
its final stage curtailed due to strong winds. Instead of a road stage, it
became a 35 kilometre crit, which prompted some riders, I’m looking at you Daniel Martin to take to Twitter and actually
wonder whether or not 180 rider-strong 35-k
crit was in fact any safer than a road stage. He might have a point, but still. – Away from racing now,
and something extreme, but quite a different. – Right. – Okay, get this, now BBC
news reported last week that Jyungyu Lee from Korea, who’s a mad Liverpool
Football club fanatic, and cycling nut. Get this, he spent 235 days
riding across the globe, 10,000 miles, all to see his favourite football team in action. – Wow! – Only to arrive at Anfield, in Liverpool, and couldn’t get in. So, he had to watch the
whole match from a local pub. – That is brutal, isn’t it? Now, fortunately, Liverpool
FC got wind of his plight, and they then arranged tickets for him for the following match, and he had a guided tour of the stadium. But, there is no word on
how he’s gonna get home yet, so that could be another 235 days back. – I think we’ll hopefully
have it on cycling shorts in September, October, maybe? – Yeah. – All the best, Jungyu Anyway, on to polls now. – Oh yeah. – Remember last week how we had a poll whether it was sartorially
acceptable or not to have arm-warmers? – Yeah. – Arm-Warmers and shorts,
the burning question. – Yeah, this is it. Now, 85% of you said it was fine. – Hey, there we go! Quite a lot of us breathing
a big sigh of relief there. However, it’s gotta be said Matt, there were quite a few
strong feelings vented in the comments section beneath last week. So, we just wanna remind people that this is all just a little bit of fun. It doesn’t really matter
what you’re wearing, and, yeah, at the end of
the day, it’s not serious, so let’s try to remember that. – Wear what you want. Leg warmers and no arm
warmers is absolutely fine. – No, no, no, no, no. – Mate, it’s fine. – Seriously, Matt, you
can’t say that out loud. – It’s fine. – You can’t, that’s just. – Stop it now. – It’s competition time now. And, first up, how much do you wanna ride the Maratona dles Dolomites? It’s one of the best
gran fondos in the world? – Oh, I would love to ride it. – Well, you are riding in it, man. – I know. – Yeah, you are. But, if you haven’t got
your act together yet, and already entered. Then, I’m afraid it’s too late. It’s that popular. It has sold out already, as
it does in fact every year. – However, we’ve got a pair of tickets, or a pair of entries up for grabs. But not only that, but the
organisers of the Maratona are gonna throw in four
nights accommodation in the beautiful Alta
Badia region as well. – That is a super cool prize, isn’t it? Now, as Matt said, we are
gonna be there ourselves. If you wanna be on the start line, too, then make sure you get your entry in now. The link to the competition
is in the description below this video. – Okay, competition results, now, and remember a couple of weeks back? Simon here unboxed the
Elite Drivo, smart trainer. Now, the winner of that wonderful prize is drum roll please, Simon. – Tension, the tension. (drumming) – It’s Peter Dalem from Belgium. Well done, Peter. – Yeah, congratulations, Peter. – If your real name isn’t Peter Dalem, and you don’t live in
Belgium, then I’m sorry. You weren’t lucky this time. But, make sure you get your entry now for the Cycleops Hammer trainer
that I unboxed this weekend, because that is another
amazing smart trainer, so maybe you’ll win this time. – It’s a competition cornucopia. – It’s pretty nice, isn’t it? – It has been a fantastic
week for new tech. Now, first up, Canyon have
released a new super light, Ultimate called the Ultimate EVO. Now, it really is light. Get this, the frame
weighs in at 665 grams, and the forks, a mere 270 grams. That is light! – That is super light, isn’t it? – And, we’ve been doing a
little bit of hunting around, and we think that depending
on how Canyon have weighed it so what size the bike is, whether it’s painted,
whether they’ve included bottle bolts, and so forth, that they may well have created
the lightest production bike in the world, and they’ve got two models. Both of them are drop dead gorgeous. The first is this, which has
got SRAM Red mechanical, and various bits from
German carbon specialists, like Liteweight and THM, and
it weighs just 4.96 kilos for the complete bike, and
then they’ve got another one, which is €3,000 more with
ETap and an SRM power meter on there, but that weighs a
little bit more, actually. It weighs 800 grams more. – Hmm. – Now, as expected from Canyon,
the pricing on these frames is pretty keen, extremely reasonable, especially for a super bike. Now, the frame set option
only comes in at €3,300. – That’s not bad. – And, viewers in the
United States, thankfully, at last, won’t have to wait too long before Canyon ships to you, that should
be sometime in the summer. – Yeah, that’s good news. Interesting Matt, to see
whether or not this next bike challenges it for light weight, cos it is from super light stock. It is the Cervélo R5, that
very much is in prototype form, or at least it’s still under wraps at the Tour of Dubai. – Literally under wraps. – It is literally under wraps. – Literally, it’s under wraps. Now, our friend Caley Fretz from VeloNews took a closer look at
this particular steed with our very own Dan Lloyd. Check this out. – So, we are now at team
Dimension Data’s tent, and we found this on the roof, which the mechanics have
kinda taken off for us, and it looks like a brand
new Cervélo, Caley? – Yeah, and I did a little poking around in the UCI’s website, and their approved frames list, so all frames that are
raced in the World Tour have to be approved by the UCI. There is a new Cervélo on that list called the R5 rim brake,
which, I think is this bike. – So, rim brake implying
that there might be another option at some point, as well? – I think that’s probably a safe bet that there’s gonna be a
disc option at some point. So, we do know a little
bit about this bike. A, from just looking at it, and, B, because we’ve
been doing a little bit of snooping on our own. The R5 is the climbing bike, obviously. This version clearly has
some aerodynamic cues, so the down tube is a little bit fatter. It uses a sort of a cammtail kinda shape. The cables enter behind the stem here, just like the S5’s, just
like Cervélo’s aero bikes. We do know that this is
just a temporary wrap, and we’re gonna see the
final 2017 colourway around the Giro. – Now, one thing that we
found out that has emerged from Cervélo is that they
seem to have tweaked the geometry of the bike, too, so, a
much shorter head tube, and slightly more stable
as well, apparently. – Last week, we were very
pleased to be able to announce that our new GCN kit is now in our shop, available for preorder, and lo and behold, look what turned up this week? Check it out, these are
the new GCN training kit, shorts and jersey. – Yeah, there’s a subtle
nod to the GCN logo. Look on the back of the
shorts, one little flash on one leg of the shorts, only, but I think subtle,
nuance, but definitely GCN. – That’s very cool, isn’t? – Yeah, as we’ve said, it
is available for preorder on the shop now, so, if you fancy it, why don’t you head over there? – Could I grab these then, Si? Cos, I must admit I quite
like the look of this. – Well, that’s absolutely fine, but I was doing some
lunges in those earlier, when we were just trying them out, and I wasn’t wearing any underwear, so. – Right. – I mean, that’s fine, but. – I might just. – Shall I? – Yeah, just fire away. – Movistar’s Nairo Quintana
started off the season with a real show of intent by winning in quite
dominant fashion, in fact, the queen stage, and, with it, the overall classification
in the Tour of Valencia last week, and the other
standout rider, for me, in particular, was new
signing for Katusha-Alpecin Tony Martin, not only
showcasing his time trial skills, but his descending prowess
to take out stage two. – Yeah, that was a
particularly impressive one, as you said, now the racing
season has also continued apace down in Australia. The Herald Sun Tour had three
Sky riders take victories, but none of them were Chris Froome. Despite the fact that he was,
indeed, on the start line, he finished sixth overall
on GC, in the end, which is slightly different
from what archrival Nairo Quintana, one has to say, but the overall of that race
was taken by Damien Howson of Orica-Scott. That was a good ride by him. – Definitely. – Mainly due to that stage
one, solo victory, in fact. – He is a fine prospect. Watch out for him in
the next couple years, without a shadow of doubt. Over in France at the Etoile de Besseges, it was Lilian Calmejane of Direct
Energie who took the win there. And, of course, the Tour of Dubai was won in quite dominant fashion,
despite being elbowed in the face by Marcel Kittel of Quickstep Floors, who took three stage wins in the process. – Yeah. And, your mate took a stage as well. – Oh, yeah, John. – Johnny D. – Yeah, fist bump. No, no? – He would, he would. – I know he would. – He would’ve fist bumped you. – It’s time now for hack,
forward slash, bodge of the week. – Yeah, and we’re gonna
start with this one sent in by Martin Sibak. And, that is bodge of epic proportions. – Oh. – That is a brake block
nailed to another brake block. I’ve got no idea why. – He’s playing it safe, though,
with two nails, to be fair. – Oh, man that’s so dodgy it’s not true. That is a quality bodge. – Not overly aesthetically
pleasing, either. – This next one took
some explanation for me, because it’s effectively a Coke can gaffa-taped to a set of handlebars. Matt informs me that
it’s a cycling ash tray, which, again, is another
catastrophic bodge. Just what? – A big no no, but, I mean, at least they’re not littering the streets of Perth, Australia. – Well, fair. – With cigarette ash. – Keeps Perth clean. – Indeed. Next up, we have this from
MPro8869 on Instagram. What a thing to behold. I can’t believe nobody’s liked that. – No! – That was just a lot of love. It’s a mountain bike,
a basic mountain bike, attached by the forks to a lawn mower. – I think I could get behind that. – I think that’s eminently usable. – To my mind, that is a hack, actually. – Yeah. – I don’t look forward to
mowing the lawn, but that. – Get fit, mow the lawn, job done. – Yeah, put a super nice bike on there. Yeah, that’d be amazing. – Well, there you go. – Right, this next one. – Whoa! – I can’t work out what’s going on, but J. Quiroga-Tinoco sent it in. I mean, literally, I’ve got no idea. – No, I don’t know. – It could be a hack, it could be a bodge. It just depends what it does. That was in the original
Ghostbusters, wasn’t it? – So, it’s got at least three
or four computers on there. – I think the computers
are the least of it, mate. There’s some other funky stuff
going on there, isn’t there? – It’s like Back to the Future on bikes. – Yeah. – It’s like a bike
version of the Delorean. – Well, in that case, that’s a hack. That’s possibly the hack of the century, if he’s created a time machine. – I can only imagine, he doesn’t
have to feather his brakes to the front, he just goes
straight over the bars, and, really, the weight is ridiculous. – Yeah, especially going
80 miles an hour, as well, to travel back in time. – Now, we have this from Phillip Askew. Found in York, in the UK,
interesting choices, GCN. So, he got a pair of, that
is an old Kirk Precision. – Yeah. – Made of Magnesium. He’s got himself a very
rare, and very premium, slightly fragile frame. – I was gonna say, ever so fragile. – Yeah. – I wouldn’t wanna press too
hard on that bike, by the way, but an interesting addition
with little Spinacis on the bars there. A real, genuine, retro feel to that bike. – Yeah, hey, that’s a
nice bit of kit, that. – We’ve got another one here. Sebastian Meyer, damaged cleat in a crash. Fixed it with a spare
cleat bolt, #Imtoocheap. – You are very cheap Sebastian. Cleats can be expensive, but
stop riding those immediately. A knee injury is just lurking
behind your next long ride. – Oh, that’s not good at all. Definitely need to change that. – And finally, we have. – Yeah, Nelson has created
the ultimate mud flap out of a pretty gnarly set
of old mountain bike tyres. Fair play, that is gonna
be a one dry pair of feet you have there, undoubtedly. – Crackin’ stuff. Please do keep the hacks and slashes. Not hacks and slashes,
what’re they called? – Bodges. – Bodges, the slash is in the middle. Hacks slash bodges, coming in. – That’s the wrong way,
that one is, though. – #GCNhack. I’ve just forward slashed, I’m sorry. – Keep em coming. We love em. It’s been a while. I’m looking forward to this, I always do. It’s time for GCN’s wattage bazooka! – I tell you what, it does
feel like it’s been a while since you did that. Alright, mate? – It’s gonna be a long one. – Alright, this week’s Pro Wattage Bazooka goes to Merhawi Kudus
of team Dimension Data for his barn-storming ride
up the Alto de las Costa. – That’s right. – Mas de la Costa. – Yeah, that’s the bad boy. – Anyway, he put in the
ride of his career so far to hold Nairo Quintana’s
rampaging back wheel for two kilometres, and then,
still holding on to finish a fantastic second on that stage. That really was a ride, wasn’t it? – Superb, a breakthrough ride. Superb, and well deserved. – Absolutely, he got it, indeed. – Meanwhile, the amateur wattage bazooka goes to Lucy Snowe, who did
her first ever FTP test, whilst riding on Zwift. Well done to you. One tip, though, clean
your bike, next time. – Ooh! – Well done, Lucy. – Oh, Matt! – Sorry, it had to be said. Fair enough. – Caption time now. And, first of all, we’re going to announce the winner of last week’s
caption competition. Winner of a GCN Camelbak water bottle. Alright, the photo was this one, which is pretty much the
usual cyclocross carnage, and winner is Jens Frede Rasmussen who said: It’s a compliment, mate. Look, if Lars Boom is an
alumni of your school, then you’re doing something right, because he’s obviously former
world cross champ 2008. – Fair play. – Went on to win a stage of the Tour de France. That’s, you know, that’s a compliment. – Well, and he got 31 likes. – Yep. – So, I’ll have that, actually. – Yeah, there we go. – So, it’s warming to me. – With that one, you’ve made Matt happy. – It’s en route to you. Now, this week, we have
this picture of our friend, John Degenkolb of Trek-Segafredo. Shall I start you off? – Go on, mate. – So, Matt, I make a
better coffee than you. German accents aren’t my
strength, so I went Italian. Yeah, Segafredo link. – Ah. – Yeah. – Okay. Well, guys, it’s open to you. If you think you can beat
Matt and his caption, just put it in the comments down below. – You could win yourself
bidon! Camelbak! – Yeah, I think you better
put that back, mate. That’s not got your name on it this week. And, sorry, John. – I tried. Sorry, John, thanks for
being such a good sport. We’ve got some cracking comments
for comment of the week, so to get things started. With these couple comments
underneath how to sprint with Marcel Kittel, where,
of course, Lloydy took on the sprint legend. First, I’ve got this from Craig Little. I’ve never seen someone with
whiter legs than their socks. Someone get Dan into a tanning salon. We do really need to do that, don’t we? – What colour socks was he wearing? – You couldn’t tell. – Oh, right. – TCX Choi says, Dan’s so pale. The sun hit him and reflected so much, I had to turn down the
brightness on my monitor, so I don’t blind myself. – Dan’s not that pale, he’s just British. – Yeah. – That’s just what we all
look like, this time of year. Istvan Jakso left a
very interesting comment under the Caley Fretz tech video. He said men wearing tight
pants should be banned, and, I was thinking, Istvan, which GCN videos do you tolerate? Because, it’s pretty much
all men wearing tight pants. – The entire channel is built upon that. – Yeah. – Kind of ethos, almost. – I mean, technically, it’s loosely packaged up as cycling. – Yeah. – But, basically it’s all
wearing tight trousers, isn’t it? Then, another one from
that video, from John Kyon. Take your bag off, red shirt guy! To which, Caley Fretz said,
uh, hey, red shirt guy here. Dan makes me carry all
the extra camera gear. He’s something of a premadonna, since Kittel taught him
how to sprint so well. Now, Caley is technically lying, actually, because Dan has quite a large entourage to carry all his stuff. – He does. – Doesn’t he? – Hair products. – Don’t know what was in Caley’s bag, but there was, yeah,
it wasn’t Dan’s stuff, cos he’s already got people for that. – Indeed, well, the
next three comments are underneath our FTP test with
our very own Johnny Beavan, the voice of caramel Beavan, as
he is known amongst friends. Three comments on his
voice, and his appearance. First up, this from Liam Sangaku. Voice like chocolate,
face the colour of a beet. Total Control said John
took off his jersey and revealed his white chocolate. – You don’t mind us
saying this, do you, John? – Nah, I need to take a trip
with Dan to the tanning salon. – He certainly does. And, finally, this is a great one. Luddite Joe, you might have to
explain that at the end, Si. A voice like chocolate, and
nipples like walnut whips. – Yeah. Walnut whip, by the way is a British confectionary chocolate. It looks very much, well, I’ve never thought of it
like a nipple before, but. – They kinda do, don’t they? A big, brown, chocolate nipple. On the channel this week, on Wednesday, we ask, is FTP, Functional
Threshold Power, really the holy grail of cycling? On Thursday, we have the first video, and our look at the pro
bikes of the 2017 season, and, on Friday, is ask GCN anything. – Yep, Saturday, we have a pro bike. John Degenkolb’s pro bike, no less. And then, on Sunday, we’ve
got a descending master class from Matt Stephens. It is a point of view descent
of the really, rather twisty Coll de Soller in Majorca. Then, Monday’s maintenance
video is tips on buying a second hand bike. – Mm. – Now, Tuesday. – From Iowa State University, in Ames, Iowa, welcome to the GCN show. I give you a week to
learn this, Matt Stephens. – It’s time now for extreme corner, and, this week, we’ve got
a very special preview clip of a stage finish at
the 2017 Giro d’Italia. Have a look at what’s in store for the riders. (chaos and hard rock music) Wow, that’s something else, isn’t it? – That’s unbelievable! – Think they’re gonna need disc brakes. – It’s certainly advisable. I mean, I’m just glad I’m not
riding the Giro this year. – Yeah. – Anyway, so, you don’t miss any action, like from the Giro, for example. The Tour de France, the Vuelta a Espana, basically, GCN is your
cycling one stop shop. Don’t forget to subscribe,
GCN’s absolutely free. And, don’t forget to tell
your friends as well. – Yeah, and if it’s more content right now that you’re after. Well, why not click just up there, and you get to see Matt
competing head to head against Trek-Segafredo rider, John Degenkolb. – Or, for one of the finest sprinters the world has ever seen,
and one of the men with the most beautiful hair’s the world’s ever seen, click just down here for
Marcel Kittel’s sprint tips, with the one and only Dan Lloyd.

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  4. It may not be cool but Gerro's picture after winning Milan San Remo – leg warmers and no arm warmers – bu he won MSR and so he is WAY cooler than any of us!
    BTW Saddle bags for the win

  5. Is it just my imagination or haven't other riders also come out to say that Grivko has shown a history of unprovoked aggression in other races dating back many years?

  6. I beg to differ about fisticuffs and cycling.  That is how new sport categories get started.  Hmm… what to call boxing and cycling… Biathalon.. nope  Duathalon… nope…  As soon as we can come up with a name… imagine the crowds and sponsorship dollars for such a contest!!!

  7. You guys are the hardest working channel I've ever seen. The amount of videos you put out is amazing, and it's all good contact. You'd rekindled an old passion for cycling in me.

  8. I considder myself as a fairly gentleman biker. Leave space to survive and all that. But if you manage to piss me off you're in for a completely different experience. The chase for your front teeth can begin.

  9. caption: How am I suppose to know why Daniel L. is wearing a winter hat and jacket in the middle of a desert? Maybe he is afraid of getting a sun tan?

  10. No wonder why Bernard Hinault was called "the badger". But I do wonder who would win in a Rocky-VI-style fight between young Hinault in his best shape and current Marcel Kittel.

  11. 180 rider on 35km? There is an amateur race in Sibiu, Romania, almost 300 riders (mostly beginners) on 18 km, two years ago was a crash at the front just centimeters near me…

  12. Gents loving the show but why do you always do the forwards slash action the wrong way? Surely it either starts top right moving to bottom left or bottom left moving to top right??/////////////////.

  13. Thanks guys for making this show. Its my favorite. Watching it in bed with coffee and the kitties while planning a ride is as good as it gets! Take care and keep up the great work!!!

  14. caption: 'it's inevitable, i just have to make the move eventually. the shampoo wasn't just working Matt, had to transfer to a team with coffee for drinking. not for the hair' 💂‍♀️ peace John 😇

  15. He he Matt Stephens School of Cyclocross…^^ And i see all of the Ep. well best conditions for my first season. ;D

  16. Cyclists dont get into a road rage fight with a motorist you will look like a pillik slipping all over the show in your cleats.

  17. Wow road biking is boring after you get a mtb😂❤ that guy that got elbowed tho was HOT!🔥🔥

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