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100 comments on “Professional Advice for Maintaining an Electric Bike

  1. This is a big improvement for me, both guys know what they are talking about. But home maint is about details.

  2. Excellent informative video. Sam consistently has the best insight and advice. Glad he was featured in this video. Thanks

  3. im thinking bout getting a electric bike ..for hunting… I have bad heart and bad legs.. think this will help…anyone have suggestion …on inexpensive and what watts I should get…:(

  4. Big problems. Can one convert common car batteries to be used in ebike. I manage to serie/par connect combo of motorbike and one car battery. The ebike run……but only for 15 min.

  5. I suggest using puncture proof tyres. They often have kevlar in them and it saves massive amounts of punctures. They aren't any more expensive ether.

  6. One of the scariest thing about an ebike for me is the price! Lol well semi jokes aside really it’s the ability to find replacement parts like batteries. Companies come and go and so do the parts or some are hard to keep in stock online etc and that leads to another thing, upgrading their products when you have an older model or if they stop a brand for some reason and they won’t be willing to work with it or you can’t replace a battery and then your 2 grand bike is worthless. Idk there really needs to be way more universal things to work with because of these issues.

  7. i just bought a road bike and I'd like to add a motor on it. apparently this guy doesn't sell or install these kits anymore. know anyone who can help me?

  8. How fast we drain batteries depending those main factors: 1-Weight loaded on bike, 2-Speed we ride, 3-Pedal assist or just motor …

  9. interesting how 4 years later. I discover your channel and still find your content fresh and informative!

  10. In Europe we don't need any adapters for the tires, they come with the ones that you can use on gas stations.

  11. I've tried most lubricants and now I only use white lightning. I think tri-flow is petroleum based which allows grit to stick. Only white lightning for me.

  12. 11:39 You'd be hard pressed to find any experienced professional in the repair industry that doesn't roll their eyes when they hear the word »rice«. Rice has little effect as a desiccant. It will absorb many times its weight in water, but only while in direct contact. It will not effectively »draw« moisture out of the air. All it does is bring starch dust and grit into the thing you’re trying to dry out, and that bag (as in »a bag of rice«) will prevent air from circulating, and both rice and the bag will keep the humidity way up.

    Rice in salt has one major effect: to loosen the salt crystals, cover them slightly with starch powder from the rice and prevent them mechanically from clumping. It has next to nothing to do with humidity.

    If you want something to dry, just keep it in dry air, preferribly at the maximum temperature your gadget (bike, battery, controller, phone) is allowed to be stored.

    Keep the rice in your kitchen. Cook the rice when hungry, and eat the rice. Bon appetit!

    [edited to correct some typos.]

  13. I stop by today 5/20/19 to check out Haibike and the owner very helpful. I still research but sure I’ll be back to buy from him.

  14. Learning how to maintain my bike as a kid was a bonding process of man and machine.. using bike maintenance manuals with illustration's gave me confidence and a life long love affair with mechanical machinery.. now e-bikes are here I see people who would normally leave it to the professionals doing it themselves.. wormed my heart to have my son ask me to give him a hand fitting a e bike conversation kit onto his MTB.. hope I don't snap his stupid head off for being so girly gay with tools.. bless him:( you remind me of him.. asking questions a ,3 year old would know. ) What is oil lubricant?.You serious??. learn the basics. head..of dick why don't you go forth & multiply ya that's right I said that.m f**k off and ask how fat his wife is again so I can hate you even more.

  15. Hello ! Great advices ! Thank you for everything ! I have a mountain bike with 26 x 1.95 / 47 – 559 tires but i want some tires for good roads for pedaling outside of the city. I want some tires like those of the bike from this video. Please tell me what's the model ? Thank you !

  16. Hey! You guys are goood! Thanks so much for the in-depth coverage (like – 'what' and 'where' is a 'controller'. I just wasn't sure). Lubricants and 'cleaners' …that was important to know too.

  17. Just when I'm pushing off on my bike where I still have one foot on the pedal but haven't thrown my leg over yet, I hear the spokes rubbing due to the off-center weight distribution. Does this mean my spokes are too loose? I am about 250lbs, so not sure if I'm gonna break spokes.

  18. Lol! After watching this video all the way through, one question comes to mind. Is there such thing as a maintainance free bike?

  19. Should you apply the lubricant right after applying the penitrant? Won't the penitrant break down the lube if too soon?

  20. Regarding flats … one thing you should do is run your fingers on the inside of the tire to ensure nothing is embedded that you don't see on the outside. Otherwise, you can patch or replace a tube only to get a flat again. I've been using hydraulic brakes since 2001 and the easiest brake adjustment is to loosen those hex bolts on the caliper assembly, spin the wheel, engage the brake, then tighten the bolts – no drag on the rotor after that.

  21. Thanks for the video and tips. Still relevant in 2019. I recently got my first E-bike and I’m trying to get all I can out of it performance wise. This video definitely gave me some good tips!! 👍.

  22. Check the psi once a month? And you want me to take this video seriously? How about checking the tire pressure before riding every day!

  23. Using a power inverter and a top post battery and put it on the bike rack tide down, can it keep the bike battery charged up to get extra distance.

  24. 10 out of 10 you don't want to put oil on your chain at all especially if it's a nickel plated chain they don't need oil that's why they are nickel plated

  25. just saw this. incredible information for basic service tips and emergency repairs. time to get some of the tools and lubricants they recommend!

  26. When are you going to start selling the ceramic gear models? Chains are old school! But I forgot, that company probably has a patent on it! All these companies should invent their own or modify that company's ceramic gear and start putting them on all electric bikes!

  27. Regular bike shops will NOT work on electric bikes! Maybe you and some others might but in my town no reg. bike shop will! I hear this is mostly, universally true!!?? Probably jealous or afraid their insurance won't cover screw-ups!

  28. SO

    Being that I have your bike for 25 years and then I stopped working in the industry because I closed my shop.
    And the reason I looked at this video was simply to see any maintenance on the motor which I don’t think you have to maintain because it’s like a drill motor, the battery which I think you all we have to do is keep a charged. So if you will please respond, there is nothing to do for the electrics??
    Now I do have a question for you What type of electric system do you find the most trouble for he is the one in the hub or the one at the bottom bracket? And are there battery systems that you find to be more trouble for you than others? Those are the kind of answers I need please

  29. The way I always washed a bike Was by using a sponge and bucket of soapy water and when I rinsed off the bike or water came out of the hose and dripped did not spray it dripped Out of the end

  30. I wish there was an electric bike shop like this in my area. I have been curious about the 1kw motor rambo bike. I would like to try a 3 mile up a steep incline for a 280- 300 lb load to see if it overheats or can even make it! Hate to drop just under 5k on a bike just to break it in a couple trips.

  31. First thing he mentions about spoke tension for heavier (or riders who load these e bikes even more heavily) is a big deal. Watch the rear spoke tension. In general an e bike puts more
    stress on the rear wheel on bikes that are already heavy so that is not bad advice for everyone.

  32. Thank you both. Simple direct advice that is easy to listen to. Sam is the perfect foil his voice suits the role of questioner as he not at all threatening nor does he make the question sound stupid. Well done both of you. Chuck.

  33. Amazing. I loosened the 2 nuts as instructed, squeezed the brake, then tightened the nuts. The disk was
    completely centered as you said. Thank you!!

  34. If I lived near Fullerton, 9 times out of 10 I’d buy a bike from Sam. Friendly kid. Just bought my first Ebike and appreciate the tips.

  35. To be frank, bicycles in general are mostly pain in the ass to maintain. But it's cheaper than cars and you can do lots of stuff yourself. But still, I have two foldies, one regular and one electric and it's a constant fucking carousel of problems.

  36. If you live where it's crazy hilly. I mean, like 4500' of ascent and descent to and, from work, install a bigger set of rotors. I went from F180/R1609mm to 203 front and 180 rear. I was eating pads. That and convert your rims to tubeless. Dude, don't be late for work.

  37. A quality battery pack with appropriate battery management won't let your pack run to zero. It will shut off when the voltage hits ~2.8v per cell.

    I didn't hear you say anything about tire slime…what's your opinion? Both as a preventive measure before a puncture and an in-the-field repair (with a compressed gas tire slime bottle that also inflates the tire a bit)?

    Also, I always keep an old cellphone in with my bike tools and in my car's glove box. By law/regulation, even when not actively subscribed to a phone service provider, ANY old cellphone can still be used to call 911 in the US. I also keep a regular alkaline battery to cellphone power adapter and make sure the batteries are always fresh, and for the car I keep a cigarette lighter to phone power adapter for that phone. If I fall off my bike, my regular cellphone may be unusable so it's nice to know I may have a spare that survived.

  39. Why is it that the adjustment on the brake lever is aluminum?.. at least on cheap bikes. It should be made of a stronger material. The locking nut is aluminum and makes it aluminum on aluminum. It seems like a decades old problem that should have been fixed years ago. Do they sell a better option for this common problem?

  40. My wife has a step thru rad ebike and as she rides the rear hub or wheel makes a clicking noise and it sounds like spokes. Do these spokes become loose? The bike only has 200 miles on it.

  41. I weigh 280 lb I was thinking about getting a electric bike u made me change my mind. I was thinking about getting a fat tire fold up rad electric bike supposed to be the one of the best .bike for me

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