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Programming in Scratch | HarveyMuddX on edX | Course About Page

Programming in Scratch | HarveyMuddX on edX | Course About Page

COLLEEN LEWIS: Hi. My name’s Colleen Lewis. I’m a computer science
professor at Harvey Mudd College and the instructor for the
class Programming in Scratch on edX. I’m really excited you’re interested
in the course, and I hope you take it. But first, you’re probably asking,
what’s this class even about? So we’re going to be doing
computer programming, which is just writing rules for the computer
to follow– learning a language that the computer understands. So what I tried to do is take
a bunch of really interesting and important computer
science topics and pack them into the course that’s
fun and accessible. So this will be a great
course for kids, but it will be a great course for anyone who’s
interested in learning a little bit more about computer science. Lastly, I want to encourage you
to take the course with a friend. It can be, one, way more fun,
and two, in computer science, a lot of what we do is collaborate. To make really big, cool
things with computer science, you always need a big
collaborative team. So start practicing that and
join this course with a friend.

7 comments on “Programming in Scratch | HarveyMuddX on edX | Course About Page

  1. Programming in Scratch from @Harvey Mudd College starts today. Learn the programming language built by @Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) — enroll now:

  2. Scratch is back! #Learntocode on the platform brought to you by MIT. Sign up and start coding:

  3. Happy #Scratch Day! Our free Programming in Scratch course from @Harvey Mudd College teaches #coding to students of all ages. Start learning to code today!

  4. Is it still possible to enroll in this course? I have students who just participated in Scratch Day who would probably be very interested.

  5. I loved the speech and the music is very catchy. I am taking some courses related to business from edX, but this is something I want to learn too!. I told my 15 yr daughter about it and she loved the video and will join edX for this class.

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