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Hi everyone, welcome to the new TRICKSTOP video I lost the trickstop challenge in our previous video so it’s my turn to learn a new trick Ondra decided that I have to learn a trick called “nothing” The trick looks fun, hopefully I can land it today It’s february – it’s cold and wet, there’s mud everywhere I found out there are not many dirt jump spots that are rideable these days HCore bikepark in Zubří is probably the only spot that has a rideable trick jump There’s a sweet resi jump in the bikepark which will be perfect for learning the nothing Cool thing about this bikepark is that there’s a big roll in there’s some mud on the way to the jump, but I think it’s rideable and there’s just a straight resi jump, so it should work today It’s cold, wet and windy today, I don’t think there will be much riding today I will just focus on one trick today, hopefully it will work I will try few test jumps Nothing is a combination of two tricks – no-foot and no-hand, I guess it’s good to start with just a basic no-footer Later I will try to take off my hands, maybe I will start with just one hand first Later I will add the other hand as well Let’s do it step-by-step – I will start with the most basic trick no-foot I will move to no-foot one-hander I think I will skip the one-hander now, there’s wind going from the side which made these tries sketchy I got little bit sideways in the air which was pretty horrible I’ll better start with the nothing right now There’s also rain coming, hopefully it won’t end this session I got an idea to land on the table first, just to get a glimpse of what’s it like to take both hands off after that I’ll try to do it properly into the landing I think it’s possible now, I’ll do few more tries and ride a bit faster So that worked out, the trick is pretty fun to do, not one of my favourite tricks, though I went step-by-step and managed to execute the trick, which is cool I guess I will get back to the trick, I’m planning to do a bigger video project this year I might add the trick into the video I need to think of some crazy trickstop for Ondra, because he always picks sketchy tricks for me I was able to accomplish the trickstop this time, which makes me happy Thanks to HCore Bikepark crew and see you guys in the next video


  1. Nejlepší video (jako vždy),a no foot+one hand=try star.Krásně odjetý jen tak dál doufám že to neuděláš jenom v tomto videu.🤯👍🔝💪💪

  2. Zdravím to byl cool a někdy to ukaž ve videu a mohl bys mně doporučil kolo když mě to baví házet na zadní ale jestli nechceš ta nemusíš tak ahoj

  3. Hezky odjetý Damjane!
    Jsem zvědavej, co od tebe na oplátku vyfasuje Ondra 🤔

    Jinak, trikstop je stejně skvěle vymyšlená věc, taková zdravá motivace pro všechny.
    Pro tebe či Ondru, aby jsi se snažil ho nedostat během ježdění….
    Když už ho dostaneš, aby jsi se naučil novej trik……
    A pro nás, aby jsme minimálně popřemýšleli, zda ho taky nezkusit….

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