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Quick Dirt Bike Ride Before Dark (Day 1999) |

Quick Dirt Bike Ride Before Dark (Day 1999) |

– Good morning.
– Good morning. Good morning. – Good morning. What’s today? Today’s Wednesday. – Hump day!
– Hump day. Bryce is my
little morning buddy. – Yeah. – Daddy and Sierra
have been sleepyheads in the morning, huh? You’re the one that
has to get up first. Yeah, but
you’re home first, huh? You like it that way? Alright, let’s start
off this Monday morning with Monday morning? No, Wednesday. With some oatmeal. And some Dude Perfect? – [Bryce] Mhmm, stereo types. – Plus they are the fastest. You can do the whole event in
like, five minutes or less, and you’re guaranteed
two purple, or two blues, and then you have a
chance at bein’ a purple or an exotic. – [Tiffany] A
little Destiny talk? Is this what your mornings– – Tryin’ to help
’em level up faster. Slow poke over here. (bass notes) – [Tiffany] Ow! (laughs) I sound like my dad. He always, it looks real when he does it. – [Clintus] He uses
a little exaggeration. His more like “Ow!” It sounds more realistic. – Now I’m scared. – [Clintus] Now you’re
scared you’ll actually do it. – I hate when it
gets down to the last. – [Clintus] You do the pinch. – Mhmmm.
– [Clintus] Mhmmm. So what do you
have going on here? – [Tiffany] Some veggies. – [Bryce] Are you crying mommy? – No, my nose is just running. This is going to be a
Philly cheese steak casserole. – [Bryce] It’s great. If you’re watching this,
Mason, are you jealous? – [Clintus] What are you doing? – Homework.
– [Clintus] Homework. What’s up guys? Welcome to today’s vlog. It’s Wednesday, Bryce
has basketball practice, Sierra is at
volleyball pictures right now, and my dad is on the
way here at the moment and him and I are going
to go for a dirt bike ride. Days are getting
shorter now which means we’re only gonna have maybe an
hour and a half of daylight by the time he gets
here and we get ready to go so it’ll be a short ride. It’s getting cooler,
it’s only 96 degrees, I don’t even think it’s hitting
a hundred degrees anymore. Which is nice, makes it
nice for riding and of course because the
temperatures are getting better, more dirt bike riding to come. I know a lot of you
guys have been asking when is Bryce going
to get on the 65 again and the answer is I don’t know. A, its whenever he asks to ride and B, it’s whenever I ask
him hey do you want to ride so it’s kind of a
combination of the two, whoever asks first but
it’s not like something either of us thinkin’
about or talk about. It is football
season now so Sundays we’re thinking about
where we’re going to go to watch the Cardinals
game ’cause we don’t have our season
tickets this year and so a lot of it is that. But, my dad wants to
ride, I do want to ride when someone reminds me, Clint you want to ride
I’m like yeah, let’s go ridin’, that kind of thing so
whether it’s Mike or my Dad, dirt bike riding will
happen more often now because the temperatures are getting
nice so when I don’t know, it’ll come when it comes. As I’ve said numerous times, dirt bike riding is not
one of our main priorities or main activities, it’s just something we do for
fun when we get around to it. With that being said,
bikes have not been ran for a few weeks since I
went to ACP so I’m excited and I’m ready to fire it up. Bryce out here sweeping
up his basketball court. Gonna get a couple laps in
before basketball practice. Maybe ride the scooter? – Just got back from picking
up Sierra from her school ’cause she had
pictures for volleyball today and new uniforms!
– Yep. This is the official
new volleyball uniform. – Actual volleyball jerseys! – [Tiffany] You’re lucky, you got new ones this year
because normally they use them several years and they start
looking a little raggedy. – The ones we had
before were softball jerseys that have been used in the past. – [Tiffany] They looked
like volleyball though. Some girls wear tank tops. – I got asked if it was
a softball jersey by a girl in my class though. – [Tiffany] It’s cute. – 12 was the
closest I could get to 15, it was either 12, eight or four. – [Tiffany] It
fits you good though. – Yep, it’s a
little long though. – [Tiffany] Yeah, with
your spandex huh? – I just roll
it up and it stays. It’s tight. – [Tiffany] So how’d
you pose for your pictures? – For single pictures
we had a ball right here and we had to turn, shoulders
this way, look this way. – [Tiffany] Pose. – Then team pictures we
had the tallest four girls in the back with
the coach in the middle then I was like the
second level so we were like this with five of us
there and then the libero, the small one was in the
middle then five other girls. – [Tiffany] What are the
liberos new uniforms look like? – Same exact thing but black. – [Tiffany] Nice. (engine revving) – Man that two stroke
sounds so gnarly compared to my four stroke
because you’re just on the pipe the
whole time so it’s like (squeaking) four strokes don’t do that. – Okay Sierra,
you’re my noodle tester? – [Sierra] Yep. – It’s like
halfway complete here. Still have to add some stuff
but we have to test noodles. They’re not supposed
to be all the way done. Go ahead. (dinging) Good? – This is really good. – [Tiffany] There’s
the finished product. We’ll see if
it’s a keeper or not. Finished up with dinner and
Bryce came straight outside. I’m not talking to you. – Oh, I didn’t
know you were out here. – [Tiffany] Snuck out
here on you. Nice! – Three times in a row! Now this is real practice. – [Tiffany] You’re
making your brain work. Oh, that didn’t go in, did it? – No. – [Tiffany] How was it? – Short and sweet. – [Tiffany] Short and sweet! – We put like a good five laps. Ran out of daylight. I broke out the wrong goggles, these are daylight sunglass
goggles so it made it darker. Tough for me to see
but they put a fence up at the camp so we
had to cross over through the housing which
I don’t want to do. So I’ve got to find an
alternative way back there. – [Bryce] Wait,
they put a fence where? – [Tiffany] Bryce. – What? – [Tiffany] What
do you think about these late night practices? – I thought it would be better but we always had
something planned. – [Tiffany] So now it’s like well if you didn’t take
an hour to do your homework. – We didn’t get hair cuts today. So that means we’re going
to have to do it tomorrow. – [Tiffany] No
time tomorrow either. – What are we doing? Sierra’s game. What about Friday? – [Tiffany] I don’t know yet. – No, I’m saying we’re doing it. (whistling,
squeaking and yelling) – Well, we scarfed
down dinner, took a shower, Sierra and I walked
down and got the mail and now we’re just
kind of chit chatting, catching up on things. She showed me her new jersey and we were doing some
stuff for her YouTube channel. You’ve got a
video going up tomorrow? – Yep. – What’s tomorrow? – Thursday, today for you guys
since the video’s Thursday. – Is it Snack Crate? – Yep.
– Snack Crate, what country? – Poland.
– Poland, how was that? – It was pretty good. I got these pretzels, I got this chocolate wafer bar. The only thing
I really didn’t like, I mean there’s two
things but one of them I really don’t like was
chocolate covered prunes. It was kind of weird. – Prunes, yeah.
Prunes are an acquired taste. – Yeah.
– Yeah, right on. Well that will be
up on her channel. I’ll put it up here
in the cards right here if you want to check it out. She does one of
those once a month, right? – Yep.
– Snack Crate. You have Snack Crate
and you have Posh Pack? Posh Pack is
more of a girly thing. It’s makeup and
jewelry and stuff like that. Snack Crate is
like a country theme? – It’s like food and snacks and
candy from around the world. Each month is a
different country. – That’s really cool. Do you think I should
do one one of these months? – Yes. – Do you know what the
months are ahead of time? – What the places are? No. – You don’t know
until you open it? – No. – Okay. Well guys now I know why
I don’t lay down on the couch and chill too early
’cause now I understand why Tiffany falls asleep. Lay on that couch
and after a day it’s like it’s only 10:30, normally
I’m up for at least another hour and a half but
I’m ready to go to bed. So I had a really, kinda stressful day today
to say the least. – [Tiffany] A lot to think about – A lot going on guys. I don’t tell you everything
and probably for the better. You don’t care
about the drama and my– – [Tiffany] Adult
– Adult stuff. Adult problems. Anyway, tomorrow guys, tomorrow is day 2000 and I don’t know yet
what we’re doing. I had one idea and I was kind
of going in this direction and then Tiffany’s like how
about we go this direction. So we might have
something up our sleeves. This sleeve right here, for you and the kids. Shh, kids are upstairs in bed. So stay tuned. Tomorrow is day
2000 of the daily vlogs. Crazy. That’s over five years. So we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. – Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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