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Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 12 with Lyndon Poskitt

Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 12 with Lyndon Poskitt

So many people coming the other way
towards us. Everybody’s lost. Here we are, in the middle of the desert, completely lost. Hi guys, welcome to episode 12 of our
Race to Dakar 2020 series, with team Races to Places. You know the drill, another day,
another beasting. I am ready to lead out. Kind of feeling like one of those rabbits, you know, on the greyhound track they let out and all the
dogs chase down. That´s me. Hi guys….going for a plop. I am fresh outta bed, on to another day. It´s tough sometimes, especially these early mornings. You´re getting a litte tired,
but then you got to remember, we are riding dirt bikes in Mauritania. It puts a big smile on your face and you are ready to go. Emergency flair. 3 in 1. All three
flairs that you need in one little dinky size. Hopefully won´t be needing
that. We’re gonna have the biggest dune day
we’ve seen so far. The wind is starting to whip up here, and it looks
like we might be starting the dark, but it should be interesting. Matt’s leading off
the stage, so we’ll see how he does. Good luck Matt! I got this. Hold my beer It´s not an injury, just to stop the blisters. I´m trying to ease up on the blisters. See you on the flip side. Navigate, navigate, navigate. That´s what we need to do. All right. Leading off the stage today. It
should be a tough 500 kilometers, and there is literally zero tracks once
again. I got lost the other day, so I’m gonna take it easy and if or when I
get caught, I´ll try and stay on someone’s tail and let them do the
navigation, but I’ll give it my all. So many people coming the other way
towards us. Everybody’s lost. Here we are, in the middle of the desert, completely lost. They say riding sand dunes is like surfing. I am not a very good surfer. This is a long tough stage. I’d rather
suck fat headed dead seagulls than get through more of those red sand dunes.If you are
thinking about getting into rally…… don´t. Stay in school kids. Okay Lyndon, it’s the end of the first,
proper big stage in Mauritania. Some eventful riding today. Yeah, it was a very complicated stage for many reasons. It
started out with some really difficult navigation and that saw all of
us front runners just completely lost We stopped and we said, yeah we’re
lost. But we just kept pushing on on the cap heading and we managed to find our way,
found the right track, but we missed a waypoint. I stopped another rider,
checked his GPS, and saw, we missed a waypoint. So we went back
for the waypoint, managed to get it, got back on, was really aggravated, and then
I had some fuel pump problems. It seems like the front fuel pump is playing up on my bike.
I just struggled onto the fuel stop, and when I got to the fuel stop I was surprised to see how many people had gone through, but we’re here and overall it´s
damage limitation I think today. We just have to get to the end. It was a difficult stage,
definitely the first real rally stage. It´s been a long day. We spend about three hours looking for money. Nobody changes any money and we’re gonna need to have money to buy diesel. I´ll sort it out. It’s not easy. Never, ever ever ever ever ever ever ever
come here for a holiday, unless you want to murder someone, like yourself, or
your own mentality. That was a tough tough day.
Here´s the hero, right there. All good buddy. Here we are, stage seven. I just got
back to the bivouac, all the riders are back safe. A little bit
of confusion out on the stage, because there were some modifications in
the road book last night, which we tried to follow, but it seems the modification
wasn’t quite right. So literally 95% of the field went wrong. It just
made that I did 30 kilometers off the road book, before I
managed to find my way, find a waypoint and continue. So I lost a ton of time
and so did lots of other people. I wasn’t the only one to lose all that
time. We’re just trying to figure out what´s right to do really, because the guy
that won the stage, he didn’t have the modifications in his road book, so it kind of shows that if you didn’t have the modifications, you made it better stage.
It’s a bit frustrating, but what we’re gonna do, is just going to put a
formal protest in, a formal request for the organization to take a look at it.
It’s nothing major, we’re all here safe, that’s the main thing. No crashed bikes or
anything, so we just need to get that timing sorted out. Exactly, get to Dakar. Why don´t you get my stuff down while you’re at it all right?
Suck it %!$?! Johnson, suck it Johnson! Let´s try that again for the camara. Hey Matt, get my stuff down while you’re
out it. Go @!¿$ you =$&@!! and get your own frickin bag. Seriously Matt. You need your bag down? Will you get my stuff down? Only if you don’t
penalize me for a rally computer, opening waypoints in the Sonora rally. I can´t do that. Then get your own freaking bag. I don´t need it anyway. Fine, I’ll get
your bag down. Which one is it? Your´s the pink one, right? 52.37 It was like that when they changed
it to straight. And then they’ve added 52.81, which
is only like four hundred meters after that bend, which actually
was still in the road, that bend. So they took out this turn right on after .23. If we didn’t have that, we would have carried on, at CAP zero, which is that road. Why do I have to open the stage that has that? Well, I asked them to have that, just to screw you over. Today stage. Let´s just talk a
little bit about the stage itself. It was awesome! The terrain was just incredible.
There’s all these sand dunes, you could just like jump off them and occasionally there was this soft
sand that you had to like rail it. It was just so much so much fun. You´re a liar. It was horrilbe.He’s lying! He hated it too. It wasn’t easy, but it was fun. I got to the end of the stage though and I was done. My hands were finished, my forearms and my shoulders. It was
a tough stage, definitely a legitimate rally stage today. Lyndon had a challenging day
today. Challenging conditions, so we’ve got the usual full check over: oil change,
filters tonight, air filter also.It has been very sandy, so they’ll have a new
one, but we’ll check it. More importantly, Lyndon had a bit of an
issue earlier in the day, well all day actually, with what we think may be a
faulty fuel pump or maybe a filtration problem or something to that effect, so
it needs investigating sooner rather than later, because if we have any major
problems or we need any parts that we don´t have, but I think we’ll covered with
everything. We’ll have a look and see what we find. Hi guys, it’s Ant from team R2P, race the
Dakar. Just wanted to give a quick word. A long day today for us. We were up at 6:00
this morning because Matt won the stage yesterday, so he was off at
the crack of dawn this morning. We were all up at 06.00. It’s now just a
little bit after 01.00, so it’s been a 19-hour day for us. We had the almost a
700 km drive. The riders beats to the pits
today. They had a couple hundred km less. We just got finished working on the
bikes. You´r seeing them right behind me. The bikes are all locked up, ready
for tomorrow. Great to do it again. We’re in Mauritania. Another
two, three more days here, and then we head over to Senegal and towards the
finish line in Lac Rose and Dakar. Hopefully. So far all five bikes are
still in. All five bikes are doing great. The bikes have held up fantastic.
We’ve got a few spills, a few bent bits here and there.
We had crash. Greg crashed on diesel, a couple of days ago.
No harm, no foul, his bike is still running great. Yeah hopefully, we can get all five bikes to the finish line, that´s the goal. We’ll see you tomorrow.

92 comments on “Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 12 with Lyndon Poskitt

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  4. any more news on the (erroneous?) road book modifications for stage 7? you said 1st and 2nd on the stage (borturri and ulevalsetar) didn't have the modification in their book for the day???? hmmm. 30+ minutes lost to them will probably be the difference between 1st and 3rd in Dakar :/

  5. Great job so far guys. You should do another series at a different rally once you have completed this one. Keep it pinned till you cross the finish line🤙

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  9. I must sound like a broken record. This is the best event I have ever had the pleasure to follow. I find myself cheering for each and every person on the team. Riders, Support Crew, and the Media Team. You are all doing an outstanding job, Giving those of us that would never be able to do something like this the feeling we are right their side by side with each of you, Be Safe and Matt I will hold your Beer.

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    By the way…the journey of the support team ia amazing as well!!

    Hugs from Brazil!!

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