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Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 13 with Lyndon Poskitt

Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 13 with Lyndon Poskitt

Hi everyone, welcome to episode 13 of our
Race to Dakar 2020 series with team Races to Places. Hey guys, it’s about 5:30 in the morning. Yesterday was a beating. I am really tired,
My hands and body are hurting. We’ve got to go and do it again. Another four hundred and some
kilometers. They’re supposed to be hard today, so the most
important thing is be smooth with no crashes, and just keep going. You can hear
everyone, the team’s alarm clocks going off now. Time to hit it, another day. Let’s
go racing. Giving my calluses a quick shave here. A trick for you: shave the skin of your calluses. Stops them to grow to big. Tricks of the trade. Up for another day of “racing”. Mauretania, which for me is actually “surviving”. We got a big one today. It is supposed to be the toughest day, but we´re gonna just keep it smooth and steady. Bring it all the way home. Today is supposedly the hardest day. So, we should suck it up and get through it. Survival. That´s what we are doing now. We ain´t racing. Here we are in the morning. Stage 8. I just got up and
getting ready for the day ahead. I was a litle bit disappointed with how yesterday went.
It was kind of frustrating that the modification that was made to the road
book, seems it wasn’t right. Probably ninety five percent of the riders
went wrong at that place and the guy that won the stage, he didn’t have the
modification in his notebook. Probably because he didn’t go to the riders meeting and he got that point right, so it’s really frustrating. But there’s no blame, it’s
just ralley racing, and here we are, in fourth position now. I lost 30
minutes to a guy that was sitting behind me. So I lost my third position, which makes it more frustrating, but it’s rally racing, and there’s a long way to go and I’m
just thankful that we’re all safe and we’re out here racing dirt bikes in the
desert. That’s what we love doing, so a we’ll just keep pushing on. A
few more days to go yet anything can happen. this is rallying. Get through today and fight another day. This is supposed to be the toughest
stage of the rally, so we’ll see what they throw at us today. Here we are, the start of stage eight. Hoping for good day, smooth, navigating well, come on. I just lost traction in there. I shouldn´t have stopped you, sorry man. I´m gonna try and start it going that way. Haha! I went over the bars! You won’t believe this! We both
hit the soft sand at the same time. Have a look at this. Have you ever seen anything
like it? It´s pretty harsh here. You can see here some trucks that have some
challenges. It’s pretty crazy. These things are so
big and when you see them on their side like that, it’s just massive. That´s a massive machine. They got some help from the other guys. I am sure they’re gonna try to make a plan but they’re in for a lot of work. We´re just here in a dune section, but just to
give you an idea what it’s like: when you hit a soft spot, this is what happens. You can see: just going along normally and
suddenly your bike just disappears. So now we get it out. Just lifting the wheels out,
then we stand back up. Now we try to walk it out to get out of this stuff. We´re out here again. Stopped here to give fuel. Yeah, we’re giving fuel to a legend right
here. Nicola Dutto. Haha, legend. The legend is Ricky Johnson. Just have a look at this. This is the old trick, because if you have to carry it,
you can put it flat in your pack. Clever. We just sorted Nicola out with a couple
of liters of fuel. We don’t have a lot ourselves, so we all run the risk of
running out, but we’re gonna just help each other and get as far as
you can. They’ve sent a buddy ahead, so sooner of later we´ll all get fuel again. This is Nicola, if you remember, he
featured just the other day with Bravery. You can see how he’s set up here on the bike. The guy is a machine! Thank you guys. It´s a pleasure man. Thank you very much. Here we go now. Hopefully
we won’t run out of fuel, because we’ve only got a couple of litres with 30 kilometers to go, but it’s a freaking honor to help a guy like that. I have to say that was the best rally
stage I’ve ever done. It has everything. I mean it was hard and it
hurt, but it had every single type of terrain, like hard rocky tracks, fast
piste, sand dunes, really difficult sand dunes. The
organization really put a good stage on today. That was my favorite
stage of them all. Some interesting moments. I did a desert cartwheel over
the handlebars, that was interesting, but it was fun and I gained some time
on some guys early on , so hopefully a good result today. Almost 800 km drive yesterday and working on the bikes till late. It was 01.30h before we got to bed and we’re up at 06.00h this morning, so that’s a 19-hour
day for us. Today not so bad, a bit shorter drive. The lads had a really good stage
though. The scenery today was incredible. I mean, just driving
between it to get to where we are now. It was stunning. A hard day in the sand, so
it’s had on the clutch. We´r gonna check the cooling obviously and the air filter. That has a skin on. Just the same we’ve been doing
every night mostly. We might get a rear tire tonight. Mike hasn’t been down so no
issues there I really enjoyed it. In the first 100 km my hand was really painful. But then
after 100 km, when I started catching those guys, I forgot about the pain in my hand
and then just got on it and nailed it. I opened the course. That was
great right up intill like 350, and then the last 50 km were just really brutal. It
was all off track, with rocks, dips, jumps. It was hard work. I am so
impressed with the road book. Every little bit of detail in the road book is
there to help you. You don´t waste any of it, you look
at everything, and if you look at everything, you nail it!
I’d so much fun. Yes! That’s why I like rally racing! It was good today and I won the stage, which is even better! Today had it all man. Today had it all.
Today was about survival. They told us it was going to be one of the harder stages, so I guess it started off pretty cruisy
and then once I felt comfortable, got some speed up. And then I hit the sand dunes, cart wheeled over the bike, and the bike flipped over in the air, and the
seat pounded my head into the sand, and I thought I was gonna suffocate. But I knew Mike Johnson was there. I struggled in the sand at the start, but then I tailed
Mike for a while, watched his smooth style and stole all these
pointers. But we made it back. I’d like to say all of us, but we are missing two guys. It’s been so windy today, even fresh tracks are getting blown over quickly, so it’s hard to
follow if you do get lost. There´s probably a lot of people lost out there. They say 15 bikes made it in. They started with 80
bikes in the whole race. I don’t how many have dropped out, but there´s 15 bikes that made it into the end of the stage today. Not really sure what´s going on. We´re gonna get this bike done so when Gregg comes in we are ready for his bike. He can get a bite to eat, and get a shower, get to
bed early, because they’ll be off again tomorrow.
We’ll be ready for him when he comes in. You guys got it. You´re tough man. A bunch of people bailed out at that way point. You guys are the only ones that followed it trough. That was tough buddy. I am so pleased to see you here man! No tarmac for you man! The worst thing was when we crossed this bunch of guys we helped with fuel. All those guys took the tarmac. And we are looking to each
other, what are we doing? We are like, we can´t take the freaking tarmac. We came here to Mauritania now we’re gonna take the time, so then we we just went for it. This boy here! I need a photo with you, come on.

100 comments on “Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 13 with Lyndon Poskitt

  1. So many of the other commenters have really said it all, but have to add my twopennorth. Thank you. Thank you for riding the way you do, thanks to the mechanics for keeping you all going, thanks to the media team for making it possible for us to share this epic event with such a brilliant team. All of you, you guys rock! Les

  2. Could someone explain the different classes of this rally. IE, Lyndon, Mike and Dan are A+ and I saw Greg was a D+. What are the different rally classes for bikes? Best series on YouTube, seriously. I live for the daily updates here in the US

  3. Desert cartwheels aren't fun I'm glad everyone is home safe . I do want to make a shout out to Mike Johson the old horse keep pushing you got my support. The heart of the team is Joey Evan an Greg Raaff the way they stop and help other riders out ๐Ÿ‘

  4. Joey and Gregg are absolute champions for helping others and not giving up!! Keep it up guys! Incredible to watch. Inspirational and funny. Loving every episode!

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    Keep up the good work lads, it looks like hard work but fun.

  7. Best episode yet, as a few have commented this is tears to the eyes stuff. Keep up the good work team, this is a great example of how a group of guys can become a family and race together. I hope to watch you all cross the finish line in the next few days. To all behind the lens and in the bivouac, keep grinding you are doing an amazing job. Thanks for the amazing footage and editing I've nearly forgotten about Dakar this year due to the poor coverage. Go Matt you are doing Aussie proud too. Joey and Greg you are both legends keep it up. Mike you are smashing it too keep it on two wheels for USA. Lyndon, of course thank you for all the effort in putting this together, I'm sure i could watch 20 hours a day and I'm sure if you could you would give us that. Loving it so far thanks again everyone!!

  8. 11.04'' : Joey and Gregg discover KTM trees!! They actually grow in the mauritanian desert and not in รustria!! Amazing!
    KTM "farmers" with big hearts dont quit!! GO #104! GO #103!

  9. What a great episode. Superb photography, stunning scenery and brave riding. Well done to Lyndon on stage win and to the team for completion of stage and entertaining riding. Tough stuff.

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    Thanks to Joey, Lyndon, Mike, Matt, Greg, and rest of team for taking all that GoPro wonderful footage for Dario. We're all sitting back and enjoying it all over the world.
    Your production and intimate footage of this rally is better than anything out there. A++++. Five start. Worthy of Oscar.
    Joey we could see you get emotional about Nicola. If I recollect it was not long ago when you had a very similar injury yourself. You guys be safe. Amazing to see what the human spirit can do . You guys and Nicola are all an inspiration to all of us.

    Congrats Lyndon for winning another stage. Congrats to all for finishing this state. Hard to imagine only 15 riders made it.

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  21. Lyndon "I did a desert cartwheel" epic – this race supercedes the "Dakar" at so many levels its the new real Dakar IMHO

  22. Quick question, as an amateur adventure rider, why not record the navigation notes as voice instructions and play them sequentially as/when required? ๐Ÿค”

    It seems far more dangerous trying to read notes and ride.

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    Team Poskitt n.1

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    Retba is not far. Keep it up.

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  39. 16:15 If you've forgotten or didn't know Joey's backstory, watch R2P Team Announcements Africa Eco Race 2020 You'll understand the reason why Joey is so emotional beyond just helping Nikola. Joey recovered from a similar loss of mobility injury (Gregg has also had some pretty serious injury) and so knows the drive and determination that Nikola is putting out! CHEERS to all three riders!!! LEGENDS!!

  40. Joey, you are the winner of this rally for me. Due to your past about your injury i especially respect you! Lyndon, i watched all of your videos ,they are all great but these are the best. Have a safe race!

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