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Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 14 with Lyndon Poskitt

Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep. 14 with Lyndon Poskitt

You’re not gonna believe it! My
bike has stopped! %&!? thing! I can´t believe it! 20 km to go!! Hi guys, welcome to
episode 14 of our Race to Dakar 2020 series with team Races to Places. Damn, i´m getting a stroke infection or something. All this dust. Last night, Joey and Gregg, they were
really enjoying the scenery in the stage. It was clearly a tough stage and
they had an option of cutting back from CP3 I think it was on the highway, but in
true lion style and the adventure in them, they were like, we’re not taking no
tarmac, we’re going on the stage. So they did the stage in the dark. They got here late and it was a pretty special moment seeing them coming up, and watching them on the tracking for like an hour and a half. Big credit to them for
pulling it off, because it was a big day yesterday. They got another big day today. That’s my time card for today. It gets stamped
on here at the checkpoints. We just fold it up. Stick it in this pocket People put a hole in here. I just don´t bother. It keeps it nice. I had a massive the crash. I hit a bump and
just threw the bike. Not only am I gonna piss everyone because they´ve got to fix it. I’ve got no navigation. I cannot get the brake. I am here with rider 181. He’s just had a
bit of a fall here. He’s pretty shaken up, but I think he’s gonna be
all right. I’m just gonna hook him up here and make sure the guys take care. I am
here with one of the side by side who has stopped. It was just a bit of a corner with a right and a left bend, and I think he probably
high-sided or something like that. He hit the camel grass. I’ve got a
couple of extra water bottles I was carrying for the radiator, so we´re gonna help him
out with a bit of water. Guys, you’re not gonna believe it! My
bike has stopped. %$&!! thing! My bike has stopped right near the end of the stage. The front fuel pump stopped working and we have to quickly take a front fuel tank off and pour some fuel into the back.
13, come on Lyndon, quickly. I am gonna take the front right fuel tank, and I am going to pour the fuel. Come on! Aaargggh! %&!? Why?? Come on Lyndon, quickly. Come on, you can do it. 2 minutes is all you´re going lo loose. Okay, quick. I am gonna pour some fuel
in here, it´s probably gonna go everywhere. quickly quickly quickly…..come on….. I don´t know how much went in the tank and how much went on the floor. There’s 20 kilometers to go. Hopefully that’s enough. I’ve lost a screw in the rush. That’s
five minutes lost already. Can´t believe it! 20 kilometers to go!!! That was great, apart from issues with
the bike: Within 10 kilometers after the fuel stop, the bike started playing up.
I switched to the rear tank, but I knew I didn’t have enough fuel to get to the
end of the stage in the rear tank, so I kept trying. Long story short, I had to
stop for 10 minutes in the stage to pour the fuel from the front tanks
into the back 20 kilometers from the end. I was a bit bummed but I was
like…..ah well…..that´s rallying. Sorry dude. That´s damage there, man! I was going
slow and I hit a camel grass and it kicked me up in the air, and I was above
the bike, and I’ve landed on my knees, like this, and as I
did that, I hit the throttle. I’m sorry man. Don´t worry about it. They´ll fix it. Let’s do a quick feature about
the bike. The bike that all five riders on this team are using, is a KTM 450
factory rally bike. So it’s not an enduro bike that’s adapted for rally. It’s built
in the factory, as a factory rally bike, so it’s available to customers. Typically
they only build about 70 each year, and so they are really difficult to get
hold of. We’ve got four 2020 models on the team and then mine’s
a 2019 model, which I’ve been using for training as well. Those that have watched the series will know that all the bikes, even from new, were fully rebuild
from the frame up. There are reasons for that. We want the best reliability we can get, so we want to check every single electrical connection,
every single nut, bolt, fastener and make sure everything’s lock wired, lock tied. Let’s just talk about the specification of the bike
to give you an idea. It’s a 450 cc engine, it’s a single cam engine from KTM,
but it’s not like your regular engine. It’s very strong. It’s built to be held
wide open for long distances in the hardest, most brutal terrain, and it puts
out about 70 hours power at the crankshaft which is quite a lot for a
450. It’s got a six-speed transmission, a heavy-duty clutch, and the radiator is
big and it’s got an oil cooler on it to help keep the temperature down in the
hot environments and high stress environments that we use it in. So that’s
a little bit about the engine. The suspension on it is WP suspension. It’s
got cone valve forks and a track shock, so again it’s the racing pedigree of
suspension on the bike. All the bikes are set up differently for the riders,
different spring rates, different valving and adjustment on the click
adjustment for the damping, compression, and rebound. It’s all down to each
individual rider what they like. Another thing about the bike is, it’s got a lot
of fuel on board. It holds about 33 liters of fuel. I can show you the fuel tanks. The guys are working on the bikes now at the moment. If I just pick a bike, this one here in the middle, which is my bike.
Tim’s just working on it right now. The front fuel tanks are off it.
This is the rear fuel tank. It holds about 15 liters and then the front
fuel tank holds approximately 8 liters both sides. I´ll show you the front fuel
tanks here. This is a front fuel tank. it’s got a body panel on it as well,
and it holds approximately 8 litres. The reason that I say
approximately 8 litres is because they’re plastic and they expand in the heat and
the more temperature we’ve got, ambient temperature, the more fuel the
bike holds, which is kind of strange but it’s true. So roughly about thirty three
litres. Today we did 400….. let me think. No, we did 315 km and my bike burned 36 litres of fuell. Now you think, well you didn’t have 36
liters: we had a 5 liter fuel stop. We were allowed to stop and put 5
liters in only, and I finished the 315, got to the fuell stop with both fuell
lights on. very close. To do it on any other bike, other than a bike with a lot of fuel, which is a rally bike that’s built specifically for it, you probably
would run out of fuel in these stages. A very hard stage today so it’s hard on the
bike. To fit all the fuel on the bike the exhaust has to be under slung, so if
you look at the bike here, you can see the exhaust system goes underneath the
bike and that’s so you can fit fuel here, low down. The exhaust goes under, comes
out high at the back and that allows you to get more fuel on the bike and get it as compact as possible.
Wheels and tires, if we just talk about wheels and tires quickly. We use Woody’s
wheel Works wheels with hand hubs for this race. They’ve got A60 rims, which
are super strong, heavy duty stainless spokes and nipples, Michelin desert race
tires and Michelin Desert spec mousses, so M02 and M16 mousses. Typically they
get changed everyday. Sometimes if it’s a sandy day, we will run for
two days with the same tires. In the sand, suprisingly, it hardly damages the tires. If there are rocks on the stage, it’ll take the edge off
and we need to change them. Brake discs: Moto Master break discs on all the bikes.
Really solid brake discs and Brembo pads, that’s what we choose to use.
You can see on the bike, I’ve already doneit in a previous episode if you want
to see it,I’ve done a little feature about the navigation tower. We won´t go
into too much detail here now, but this whole navigation tower set up on the
front of the bike here, approximately is about 8,000 euros. Everything that you
see on the front here is the navigation tower which allows us to navigate and
communicate with the organisation. Watch the features in the
earlier episodes of the series, you’ll see all about that. Then I have this
little Enduristan rally pack on the back of the bike. This is my man purse. This is where I put my world book pens, I have a spare set of gloves just in case you lose a
glove on the stage or one blows away, a rag to clean my goggles, some sport tape
from my hands, a little key for my Road book and that’s it. This is the KTM 450
factory rally bike that we are using here. You’ll notice that it´s all painted in
Motorex green and I think that looks sick. The bash plate on the bike is not
like a conventional enduro bash plate, where it’s aluminium and it takes big
hits. Basically they’re just to keep stones and debris away from the engine
and the oil filter housing on the bike. Let´s just have a
look at it. It’s cabon fibre. It’s quite big, It goes on
the outside of the fuel tanks and also it’s got three litres of water inside
which is emergency water for the riders. Just in case you get stuck out in the
desert without any Camelback water, you’ve still got three litres on your bike so
it´s more of an emergency water. It gets pretty hot down there next to the exhaust, so I’m
not sure I would want to drink it in the middle of a stage, but if I was desperate
I would drink it. There’s quite a few
little bits that we spend a lot of time on at Lyndon Poskitt racing to get these
bikes prepped for the race, and one of the biggest ones is the wiring. All the
wiring in the navigation tower, so that you don’t have a problem. All this wiring
has to be so neatly routed, so that when you turn the handlebars nothing binds,
that’s really important. And the same with all this equipment wiring here.
nothing can chafe. It all has to be cable tied into position. You see,
all the connectors have to be tightened up. It’s really important, so that we
don’t have electrical wiring problems on the bike. Something else that we do: we
have these cabon fiber frame covers made, because with the frame being on the
outside, the boot wears all the paint off the frame, and it just looks secondhand.
So we use a carbon guard there that we have made on the frame. On the front, to
give you an example, this Iritrack is mounted on the side and
then this bag that’s mounted on the other side. We make these little
stainless plates here, which bolt onto the
existing navigation tower and allow us to mount the hardware on the side of the tower. That also gives us some space inside for
mounting parts, but again, watch the earlier episodes, there´s more details on that. So
that’s it, a quick overview of the bike. If you have any questions,
fire them in the comments below. They just informed me, that this bit that I have broken,is…..Oh, there we go, a nice shiny one…´s only 550 euro? That´s about 32000 CAD. Look at that! All ready to be smashed up tomorrow. That was only 550 euro. Yes, one thing of it. You´re just warming up Matt. 800 euro for the roadbook, When we get to the finish line, I´ll just go full gas into the distance. No one can pick on me, because I don´t break stuff. We have seen your bike today, you don’t
have a leg to stand on. He doesn’t break stuff at all, not at all.
The biggest warranty claim ever! We are at the end of stage 9, of a 12
stage rally that is the Africa Eco Race 2020. So much going on in the last nine days, well the
last two weeks really. Getting ready and prepping for the race, and I can tell you
that all the riders and even the mechanics and the team are getting tired
now. And even the media guys ard tired. It’s been long, long day’s, long
nights, and it’s really catching up on us. Three days to go, a really interesting
day today, three of the bikes came back with damage which means that the
mechanics have to stay up longer. Then they get more tired, they’ve got a big
distance to drive tomorrow, and it’s like this big chain of events that happens
which is constantly dragging you down, but the moral within
the team and the attitude of everyone in the team is absolutely
top-notch. We’re all having fun, and we’re all upbeat and looking forward to the
last few days and more importantly looking forward to getting to Dakar. Let´s look at the other side. Yes, there´s soup! No, come on, you´re kidding me. That´s gonna have to do. I am gutted, no soup. You took the last of the soup. You´ve eaten all of the soup man. Look, that´s all I got. Well, I had three. I’m full of soup. You´re full of sh…… that’s what you are.

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