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Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep.16 with Lyndon Poskitt

Race 2 Dakar 2020, Africa Eco rally Race, Team Races to Places Ep.16 with Lyndon Poskitt

I’ve just heard from the race
organization that one of our riders has had an accident after the stage on the
liaison. The road was terrible. We believe it’s Joey and I just hope
he’s all right. The whole team and I are worried about it because
we don’t have any more information. All we know is that the helicopter´s gone and
that usually means that it’s bad. Hi everyone, welcome to episode 16 of our Race to Dakar 2020 series with team Races to Places. I´ve been zip tied in. i´m gonna p… pants. I think I might be getting a bad result today. Think, adapt, improvise and overcome.
What’s Matt doing? Matt, you need some help? That won´t ever hold me back. Taking a walk here boss. We came here with 18 gopros that
worked and we’ve ruined them all. Stop crashing Matt! It´s not me. They’re not built for speed. It is me, isn´t it? We´re in the bivouac in the middle of
Mauritania, putting on dusty stuff after sleeping in a tent that’s like half
an inch thick in dust. It feels pretty disgusting but pretty damn awesome at the
same time. Yesterday I think we got a taste of what the Dakar is really like
in Africa, in the middle of nowhere, you can only see 50 or 100 meters. Howling desert wind and dust. We are the end of stage 11, a
pretty nice stage, quite fast. We just have to stay focused and try to be safe and
get to the finish. Nothing special, I didn’t push too hard.
I hopefully got a good result . I haven´t the results yet but fingers crossed it
was okay. The road was smooth, I didn’t make any mistakes and
now we just got the last stretch to Dakar. We just finished the special. We just got a big liaison now. Another 270 km and then tomorrow another liaison and just the beach race, 25 km or something like that. This is the end
of the big stuff. Super stoked to be in. Me and Gregg have ridden side by side, just the whole way through. It’s just been absolutely fantastic. This guy helped me so much. It´s just been a super cool experience to ride at night in Mauritania. Not an experience we had planned, but one that we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thanks Joey. I just gave it and it had a 20 euro note in it. I said, give me that back. This is like the story of my life
for the last five years. Border crossing, 133 of them. Merci. Play it ,come on,give it a tune. I just found these guys on the side of
the road and wondered if they had any Yorkshire tea. what’s going on Tony? where is it? Show me the tea bags. Let me see. This is for you, Marcus and Julie. We’re having an African Yoskshire tea. Marcus, Julie, you’ve got
nothing to worry about. Your service was way better. I’ve been here
ten minutes already and still havent got my tea. And this is the cook. Africa Eco Race Yorkshire tea. I’ve just heard from the race
organization that one of our riders had an accident after the stage on the
liaison. The road was terrible. We believe it’s Joey and the news is that
he’s hit a camel. I just hope he’s all right. The whole team and I are
worried about it because we don´t have any more information. All we know is that the
helicopter has gone and that usually means that it’s bad. Joey buddy, I hope you’re okay, and I hope
you can make it back to the bivouac. Unfortunately, with about 80 kilometers
left to go of the liaison, Joey and I were riding along at just a steady pace
to try and get here during daylight. We came up to two other bikers and as we
went past them, a freaking camel stepped out of the trees on the side of the road
into Joey’s path. He reacted very quickly but he hit the camel and he obviously
came off and started to tumble and slide. The camel collapsed and his
legs came onto the road. I had been breaking now for 40 meters as
hard as I could, but I couldn’t avoid the camel because I had another biker on
my right , and I ended up having to go over the camels legs and unfortunately
couldn’t keep the bike up, so I also went down. Joey obviously hit the ground
quite hard. When I got to him he was unconscious for
about a minute, but he came around pretty quickly. His first pain was obviously
his head, but once he he came around and we could talk to him and we made sure that there wasn’t anything wrong with his back or his neck, his legs, we managed to roll him over. The medical helicopter arrived after
about half an hour and they stuck him on all the machines, and gave him some happy juice. The machine said he was fine. He was worried that maybe he had some internal
injuries, but I don’t think so. I think everything
was reading fine. Then once the pain meds started to work, he said that I must make sure that they get him back here by
tomorrow, so he can ride the last stage. I don’t think is going to happen,
but that’s the spirit of the guy. He´s desperate to be here. Hopefully he
can at least be here and come down to the podium with us. So we will see. We had a good stage. We finished stage 11, and essentially
the race is over. We did well. Everything was awesome.
Unfortunately the freaking camel came and spoiled the party. Good on you Joey. A good thing to take away from this is:
don’t be cheap on helmets. Always buy a good helmet. This is a top-of-the-line
Shoei helmet, and as you can see, it’s held up well in a high-speed crash and
you know, with anything less than this, he could be in a lot worse condition, so do
not cheap out on helmets. Don’t get the 150 dollar one. Buy the
$800 helmet. You might save your life, I’d save the kid’s life or it could save your
good friends life. Joey, hope to see you tomorrow man. All right folks, here we are in st. Louie and this is sort of the penultimate day for us
as a service crew, and we thought we´de gonna have quite an easy day, because
we’ve been doing five, six, seven hundred kilometer days, which are quite long days
for us, and this one was only 240. We thought, it’ll be a doddle. Little
did we know the roads can be horrendous and it was crawling at 12 mile an hour.
We were just on a washboard. It was shaking the van to bits. Of
course we’ve got all the parts and everything, so we had to take it really
steady. It was a long day to get here, but then we also heard the sad news that Joey and Greg had a bit of an incident
after the stage, which is unusual. They hit a camel, or Joey hit a camel
first, then Greg had gone into a camel. We need to see what’s
going on, how he’s doing, where is he, and so it’s been a bit of a calamitous
day, but I can say, you know, we’ve got back on a bit of an even keel,
we know Joey’s been treated okay. It’s not too serious. He´s gonna have a scan.
We’re hopeful the scan is okay and he’ll be back here in the bivvy. The bikes are
back out of parc fermé. The boys are working away on them now, so they’ll be
ready for the morning and that will be the end of the day. It’s now 0.05h
so it’d probably be 2 o’clock, 3 o’clock by the time we’re finished. What time
will you be up? I’ll be up at 5 o’clock to get going again so that’s how it is,
that’s rallying. Wow, stage 11, Africa eco race 2020. So
much went on with team races to places today. The stage was good, the
stage was great. Everyone got through. Matt sutherland got a second, i got a
fourth for the stage, which was really cool. I put some good times in. Everyone got through the stage fine, then, on the the
liaison, you couldn’t make this stuff up, Joey and Greg synchronously hit a camel,
which put Joey in hospital, and Greg feeling a little bit shaken, and 2
severely smashed up bikes. The mechanics have feverishly trying to get
the bikes done. We’re hoping to hear from the hospital very soon, to hear if Joey
is ok. It seems like he is conscious and is talking, so he just
needs to get his injuries checked out, and hopefully he can get back and make it to
Dakar. That’s it for the timed stages for the Africa race now. All the
riders are through and they’ve all got a time, so we have officially finished
the rally. Tomorrow is more of a fun beach ride to arrive in Lac
Rose and get to Dakar out tomorrow. Last day tomorrow.
Last day racing. Let’s go to Dakar!

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  2. I can see why the Italians wanted to CHEAT now, that sand looked brutal to get through on a LEGAL tyre…well done team 🙂

  3. Just seen your interview with the Italian chap….I think the only problem is that Race Direction "has" to name the whistle blower.
    they could just have done a "random" check ;-).
    Anyway, this series has been excellent!

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    Congrats to all the team ! You've given us a great show !

  6. I was wondering what Joey did when I watched the closer from The AER channel. They had him prominent with that smile and his new battle scars.
    "If you got a $10 head, get a $10 helmet" A helmet is better than no helmet, but get the most helmet you can. I've currently got two Shoei (as well as in the past having one), and two AGV (found they fit well and I got both for a deal I couldn't pass up)

  7. Very proud of the entire group and happy everyone is safe to head home for a well deserved rest. Great job everyone on Races 2 Places

  8. Really glad it sounds like he'll be alright. Seams like a really good guy. I'm sure he'll be gutted if they don't let him out of hospital.

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    Congratulations to you all for helping each other this far, good job.

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  12. Another great episode,while riding a motorcycle accident is worst thing happens to a rider,i wish your team a good luck and get well soon joey.

  13. Thanks for the great coverage Lyndon. I've been following this adventure from the beginning and wishing I was still young enough to attempt such a feat. I'm really glad I found your channel. It inspired me to start my own. Have a great day and safe travels. Looking forward to the final episodes.

  14. Winners never cheat, cheaters never win.
    " A gold medal is a wonderful thing. But if you're not enough without it, you'll never be enough with it"
    Irv Blitzer – Cool Runnings

    Thanks for a great show. Looking forward to seeing you all on the podium. Fingers crossed Joey's there.

  15. First class job bringing this wonderful event to us. An amazing inside look at what rallying is all about. None of the cable channels could have done it near as good as the media team at Races to Places. First class job by all. Now, since you’ve done such an awesome job, we’ll be wanting more programming!! You mean we have to wait another year?!?!?!

  16. Another great episode, thank you. Had to laugh at Matt's Cool Hand Luke reference as he legged off into the bush when he'd finally got out of his tent!
    Joey and Greg having absolutely identical overall times at the end of this stage says a lot and is a great reflection of how they've ridden together and supported each other. Awesome. Hard even with prior knowledge of the accident and outcome to see the concern within the team. Thanks again for sharing the whole adventure. ✊

  17. I feel for you Joey…After all my riding, it's the random animals jumping out in front of me, that has damaged my riding mojo. The amount of deer and dogs that were on the track during my solo TAT ride was annoying and eventually scary …they are one of the few things you just have to roll the dice on, and unfortunately…they odd's catchup once the miles go up!…They piss me off…yet eating them makes me feel better tho

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  24. First and foremost, happy Joey and Greg are both OK. I want to see everyone safe at finish line.

    Lyndon keep your chin up. I saw the interview with Outlaw Sports Images. Nothing to do with you . Everything to do with the FIM rules, Africa Eco Race judges, and the racer with unsanctioned tires. Rules and rules. Otherwise why bother calling it a race. The event has to be fair for everyone.

  25. Great footage, love the helmet cam best – gives you a real sensation of riding along.
    Making this content available for the masses will attract more riders to the Eco Race in the future I reckon and that's got to be a win.

  26. I really appreciate that you specifically tell people who donated "without reward" that you appreciate them. Anonymous Donor's deserve double thanks as well!

  27. Joey, you are such an inspiration to us merely mortals! I am in awe of your drive and the way you make an impossible dream come true. If you're ever in British Columbia Canada I would love to meet you and you (and your spouse/friends) have a place to to stay with us.
    Also, we're so glad to hear that Greg is doing OK and that the whole team will make it to Dakar. Good on you guys (and of course the support crew). Godspeed Joey!

  28. To be honest, I just about shit when I saw that you boys crashed. My heart stopped. I got to the 18 minute mark and had to go to work. Just getting to the rest now after watching another channel interviewing Lyndon and Joey. Firstly, glad you all are okay. Love the videos, and your team spirit. All of you! Second, shocked at the ignorance of others in your observation of issue regarding the tires. Your honest and that is due to high class acts you all are. Anyone talking shit about you bringing it up shows lack of morals and sense. Sad. Don’t let that take a second of your earned experiences and exciting completion of this adventure. Not one of your fans will let it degrade our complete excitement and honour we feel being along for this ride. Respect

  29. Matt. Well said about good, and cheap helmets. I am a Paramedic Fire fighter for 20+ years. You are 100% correct in every way. Glad you put that comment out.

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  31. What a fantastic race – thanks to the whole team – it’s a shame that it was spoilt at the end by some cheating Italian but rules are there for a reason and evidence is that he didn’t deserve the 3rd place and it rightfully belonged to Lyndon. How can anyone make excuses for deliberately using an illegal tire.Please ignore all the haters.

    PS – I think LP needs a haircut now 🤣

  32. great episode ! it goes without saying but a race is a race, rules are rules. this not some 0.00003 fuel miscalculation – its straight up illigal tires. Its all good Lyndon! btw. Matt is a stand up comedian

  33. I have been watching your videos for the last two years, Lyndon and you have inspired me build a very reliable WR450F. I live in Outback Queensland and Cape York is my backyard. Next time you are in Australia put Cape York on your list and I will be your, and the team's, guide. I'm glad Joey is OK and I understand wildlife jumping out of the bush onto the road, I deal with it every ride. And yes Matt, I have invested in a good helmet and also thanks for flying the flag and giving us Aussies a good name. I'll have a word to Scott to make sure you get Aussie of the year next year. Great effort, Team R2D.

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