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Rachel Feinstein Stand-Up

Rachel Feinstein Stand-Up

-Thank you. Thank you so much. I was just home,
visiting my parents, and I did not get that reaction. So that was great. They´re just sort of
vaguely confused by me, but I try to
remember that, you know, they grew up in a simpler time. Like, my dad´s high-school
girlfriend dumped him because he didn´t
have enough school spirit. Which I think is the best reason
ever to dump someone. That makes me want to go back in
time just so I can be like, “I´m sorry, Wally.
You know what´s comin´. You don´t have
enough school spirit. It´s over. Oh, don´t be cross. I just don´t think I can put out unless you get more enthusiastic
about the Wildcats.” [ Cheers and applause ] Thank you.
And my dad is on Facebook. I don´t know if anybody has
a parent on Facebook, but it´s so upsetting. He´s very active. His profile picture
is so confusing. He´s just sort of
glaring into the distance. I´m like, “Why would he
choose that picture? He looks actively furious.” Just has this confusing,
haunting expression. And then he writes these long, political,
unstable rants on Facebook. And he doesn´t understand how
to edit what he´s written, so he edits by putting a comment
beneath what he just wrote, in the comments section. He´ll be like,
“I want to apologize, but, in the passion of my
earlier statement, I´ve misspelled
the following words.” And then he likes
his own comment. And my mom likes to log in and
use my father´s Facebook page. She goes, “Me and your father —
we share a Facebook page.” I´m like, “That´s not a thing. You can´t make that a thing. Dad has his own demonic page,
and that´s his.” And she goes, “Well, I like to
log in to your father´s account, because I like to tell
all your girlfriends when they look gorgeous
in their photos.” So it´s a disaster. It just looks like my father is
hitting on all of my friends. Anytime any of my girlfriends
post a picture of themselves, my dad will, like, literally — My mom will leap on to
my father´s Facebook page and be like, “My goodness. What a foxy figure
you have, Lisa. Now, I just refuse to believe you ever had a baby,
with that smokin´-hot bod. You are a real dish.” And then there´s
my dad just glaring. with this confusing, satanic expression. It just looks like
he´s seducing all my friends. I was looking for any reason
to escape my parents´s house, and I took a spin class. I never do things like that. I just wanted to go for
the cycling part, but then they
were doing all this inspirational yelling
in the class. I don´t know why that´s
happening with exercise now. Like, I don´t need that. I don´t like that idea of like,
“We´re all in this together!” It´s like,
“No, we´re not, Kelsey. We are not in this together. If I showed up at your house,
you´d call the police. That´s what would happen.” And then she sensed me
resisting, the instructor. She just kept trying to pull
me in on the jazz of it all. She goes, “Look at
Rachel over there, Bike 36. She´s in the corner there
thinking, ´I´m a rock star.´” I´m like, “I have never
had that thought in my life.” I´m like, “How dare you, Kelsey?
Don´t tell me what my mind says. I´m quietly dying in
a private corner that I´ve chosen for myself. I´ve never even thought,
´I´m a rock.´” And then they
make you say things to the person next to you. It´s so awful. The instructor just kept going, “Look at your neighbor
on your right. I want you to give her
a high five and say, “Get it, girl!´” I´m like,
“That´s one of the worst things I´ve ever been asked to do.” I was panicking. I´m like,
“Is there a second option? Can I just kill
a bird or something?” And then she goes,
“Everyone, this is your moment. I want you to take control
of your life right now and remove any toxic force that no longer serves you
on your journey.” And this girl just goes,
“I hate you, Scott!” And that brought me
so much joy that I realized, “Maybe I´m just
a terrible person. Maybe that´s the problem.” ´Cause this poor woman´s pain
is gonna fill me up for months. I was laughing so hard, I was bent over,
weeping on my bike. That happened a long time ago,
and I still walk back and forth with my roommate
several times a day — Every time I pass her in
my apartment, I´m just like, “I hate you, Scott! This time, it´s real, Scott.
I have boundaries. I deserve better, Scott.
I´m a rock star.” And she´s like, “Whatever. Your dad just called me
a smoke show on Facebook.” [ Cheers and applause ] ♫♫ -Oh, my God! Rachel Feinstein!
[ Cheers and applause ] For from Rachel, please visit

100 comments on “Rachel Feinstein Stand-Up

  1. omg she's so funny, from all the videos I saw she's the funnier, I think maybe bc she doesn't do sexist jokes and shit, she just tells funny stories

  2. There is a woman on the right who sounds really funny when laughing. Crazy laugh. Anyone else noticed that haha 😆 the first example is 0:07 try and listen carefully from there on 😂

  3. If you think she's not funny, then okay. I don't find many male comediens funny. But that does not mean I go on a sexist rant saying all men can't do comedy or comment on his appearance just so I can appear as a sexist jerk(and that suppossedly makes you cool).

  4. Oh man that sounds like my parents! Except my dad likes pictures and then my mom uses his account and “likes “the same pictures which ends up being an “unlike”🙈

  5. That person out in the audience who you can clearly hear laughing over everyone else is clearly having the time of their life.

  6. I got a lot to say, but I won't.

    Tale care and be safe. You're very pretty and you seemed very eager, just caught up in a terrible world. One I hope to end one day.

  7. The comments that this girl is so hot for a comic is funny! Yeah she cute but com on she's not that hot! I have seen much hotter female comics than her. Iliza is one of them

  8. It's disgusting that a female comedian can't just do an act without being complimented on her sexual power! She probably wouldn't even want to date most of the guys on this internet.

  9. I think I’m a new fan. I love seeing a beautiful looking woman that’s actually funny. I hope she keeps going with her career.

  10. Ah, this was really bad in my opinion. I liked rachels special and quite a few of her older skits and general material quite a lot. Shes missing energy or something..

  11. i clicked because of her name. Shes a funny comedian, but this was not a funny set. In her defense though, late night shows neuter most comedians. Its definitely not sexist just to say this isnt funny. It had its moments i smirked tho.

  12. My main gripe is that it was just retelling something that happened to her. She didn’t actually write material or add anything to it. We all have funny stories but that doesn’t make everyone a comedian.

    Granted this is ONLY based on this one clip so I don’t know if it represents her whole career. If it does, not good, if it doesn’t fine.

  13. I like her humor. Her accent sounds like matseball on passover which is the opposit of sexy or funny to me. No, I'm not being racist. I'm a Hungarian – Israeli Jew…

  14. All these fuckin' weird-ass virgins making the dislike ratio more than it should be. Dude she's hilarious. Hate these lame people

  15. Very funny material….and excellent delivery and timing. I also must say….I've watched several female comedians on YT in the last few days…and it was very refreshing to enjoy this act without the extreme vulgarity. Best wishes to Rachel.

  16. If you find yourself on YouTube, downvoting every female comedian you come across, I want to reassure you that you really are a pathetic man child that gets easily triggered by women. Get help.

  17. This is the only female comic I've ever genuinely found funny. She might be the only woman on earth who 'gets' comedy.

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