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Racks for bikes with disc brakes, no mounts, no eyelets

Racks for bikes with disc brakes, no mounts, no eyelets

hey this is Aaron for Maxine performance gear and I’d like to introduce you to our streamliner series of bicycle racks there are three racks in the streamliner series you’ve got the road d LX the disc d LX and the pro tour each of which has its own unique characteristics I’ll be going over those in just a minute so streamliner racks are designed to provide all the functionality and convenience you’d expect from iraq but they also deliver improved aerodynamics and enhanced load stability when compared with traditional racks the secret is actually in the unique wedge shape that characterizes the series and what that wedge does is it secures your panier is closer to your bike center of gravity and what that means is more stability and less wind resistance the other great thing about streamliner racks is that they all feature extremely versatile mounting systems that make them compatible with most bicycles on the market so with or without brazen Xyloto or threaded dropouts and streamliner racks are all hand welded so they’re super tough and can handle huge loads so first up in my hand here is the road d LX now this rack features a patent-pending design that makes it compatible with road bikes in fact it’s the first road bike specific rack that we know of and because it fastens to the queue our skewer and to the caliper mount areas that are designed for clamping there’s no risk of scratching or otherwise damaging your frame the road DLX features tubular six-oh six-one aluminum construction and it also has these great feet at the bottom here which mount the rack four centimeters behind your axle now what that means is enhanced heel clearance which is especially critical on bikes with short chain staged like road bikes and there’s still plenty of room for a full coverage fender now this rock weighs in fits 700c wheels so if you’ve got a road bike at home that you wrote in a grand fondo or a charity ride this is a great way to turn it into a touring or commuting bike so next up in this series we’ve got the disc d LX so this is another patent-pending design that makes it one of the few racks compatible with disc brakes so what happened after we designed the Rohde LX we realize that the same foot design not only works to improve heel clearance but it also provided a solution to get around disc brakes which normally make it nearly impossible to mount a rack so other designs tend to overcome the disc brake issue by moving the mounting further out but that actually reduces the stability of your load and makes it feel heavier the disc DLX comes with these extra-long versa lock hardware so it fits any frame size and these rods are designed in such a way that you can bend them without risk of breaking or reducing their strength so if you’ve got a really oddly shaped bicycle you can do a bit of DIY rigging without worry and you’re also getting a caliper fender bridge mount for difficult to fit bikes the rack features six-oh six-one aluminum construction weighs a little more than half a kilo and has a carrying capacity of 50 kilos it fits both 26 inch and 700c wheels so it’s a great option for anyone with disc brakes finally in the streamliner series is the Pro Tour Enochs model this is our top-of-the-line stainless steel rack it comes with two sets of hardware so it can be mounted either bicycles with or without eyelets the main platform along the top here as a carrying capacity of 80 kilos while you’ve got another secondary rail here which is good for up to 50 kilos and the secondary rail is a fantastic feature as it lowers the center of gravity of your load making it more stable and it also moves the load a little bit further back so creating even more heel clearance the rack leaves ample room for fenders and it also has these reinforced gusset plates along the bottom here now these dramatically increase load capacity the pro 2 R weighs in at just over a kilo it fits bikes with 26 inch and 700c wheels and it’s a great option for serious riders so there you have it axiom streamliner series racks we make one for just about any bicycle out there these racks are super sturdy and stable they feature very versatile mounting systems that make eyelets and threaded dropouts a thing of the past and on top of it all they deliver a more aerodynamic more balanced ride whether you’re on a disc brake equipped mountain bike or a carbon road bike we make a rack for you axiom ride more and live better

12 comments on “Racks for bikes with disc brakes, no mounts, no eyelets

  1. love the road dlx. Bought it for the looks at first, but the angle of the panniers makes a much bigger difference than i initially thought.

    I use it on a cyclocross bike for touring but it barely fits behind the discbrake with a 140mm rotor. Its a mechanical discbrake and actually pretty big, so if using smaller hydraulics you could maybe fit it with a 160mm rotor also.

    What you should know is, that there won't be enough space for mudguards if using the axle mount on 28" wheels with 35mm tires or bigger. Thankfully i got eyelits, but even then there is only just a few mm space between tire and mudguard.

    The best thing is that i used a second one as a frontrack on my carbon fork, it beeing the only solution for carbonforks without caliper mounts so far, using the axle and the mudguard eyelit.

  2. Nice racks. It seems the Road DLX rack is only the one solution for road bikes for tourism. But I have some doubts that rack may carry up to 50 kilos.

  3. Is there anyway to get the different mounting styles with the other two racks? Too bad the inox isn’t selling anymore, it’s perfect for what i needed it

  4. Heavy-duty, indeed! Even more suitable for heavily-loaded tours than Tubus.
    And the first one is, indeed, as narrow (but much less minimalist and much heavier) as Tubus' Airy and Fly, but also quite a bit tougher.
    Myself have a Tubus Airy, have toured with it a couple of times – and like it. Am considering acquiring a TailFin for My other, carbon bike (wouldn't think twice about it if it was even somewhat affordable: the bloody thing costs an arm and a leg!).

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