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Benefits of cycling
Raglan, Accessible Travel, Hand Cycling, New Zealand

Raglan, Accessible Travel, Hand Cycling, New Zealand

Here’s a little bit of fun that I have
with with biking it’s called a hand-cycle. I get to go along and today I get to go into this amazing vista and place and be with the energy of the earth
and energy of the waves. Hand cycling has been one of those wonderful expansive things for me that I
continue to do as much as I possibly can. Just check out the energy that I get to be.
What’s fun in your life? What would be fun today? What could you choose and create today? Yeah! Fun has to be about what my life is
about, so what makes you come alive? Whats fun for you? What makes your life worth living? This is my adventure today, what could you choose? Hey biking with fun peeps, so I thought
well ask a question – what else is possible? And maybe a little surfing this
afternoon. Hey surfs kind of nice for a wheelie
guy not too big. With a little help from my friends I reakon we could create anything. Catch ya round.

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