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Rain Pants – Little adjustments on the prototype

Rain Pants – Little adjustments on the prototype

You backed the idea on crowdfunding This means you are an awesome person. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you also to every French people who backed the project Fun Fact: Paris is the number one city to have backed the project during the campaign. Cheers Paris! Thank you also our friends from Germany! I want to show you the new and last protype that just came out from the factory today. Thank you so much for all your feedback. We’ve listened. I just ride it under the rain just a few minutes ago and it went perfect. Let’s check that together. So first, we improved the integrated belt. This system will be more durable and more secure. We added a flap to be sure you are always over protected against the rain. As many of you suggested, we are also working on lateral reflectives, on the Rain Pants. But more on that in another update. We took a zipper out because they were already fitting very well to any kind of boots. We also decided to add extra sizes. Regular and long. So for example if you wanted a M size you will now have the possibility to have the M long size. By the way, here are the results of the last survey we did with you, regarding the new design of the sweater. Thank you so much for your engagement. We had over 200 votes. We are also designing a Rain Cover for your Back Pack. We would love to know which design you would prefer. That’s why we created another little survey you can help us with. Guys, thank you so much for your engagement It really helps us. It really matters. See you soon and… Ride in Peace.

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  1. Bonne amélioration du pantalon. Pour le sac, je suis moins fana car j'ai des sacoches de vélos pour le transport des choses lourdes. Et je ne voudrais pas masque ma veste mova 3 😉

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