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Rebecca’s Private Idaho – World Bicycle Relief

Rebecca’s Private Idaho – World Bicycle Relief

Bart Miller here with Cycling Strong I am so
excited to be here with Katie today I’m gonna talk about a charity that I think
is absolutely amazing these guys are changing lives out there
i mean for real people every single day you
know we’re here for the Rebecca Rush’s Private Idaho and you
guys know how much I love Idaho cuz that’s where I’m from but more than that to be able to go clear
across the globe and change people’s lives with cycling
with Idaho and all that I wanna introduce the charity I what Katie to tell
us a little bit about what they’re doing so that you guys can get behind this
charity and help them out as much as you possibly can so Katie take it away tell us a little bit about yourself and the bikes
alright well I’m with World Bicycle Relief an organization that is dedicated to
providing transportation in rural parts of Africa the other bicycle we’re here as a beneficiary
of rebecca’s ride and these particular bike super robust
we call them the Buffalo It costs us a $134 to get one of these
in the field to change a student health care
workers life in rural parts of Africa so if somebody donates a $135 can they actually say I help build one of these
bikes absolutely yeah you can go to our site you can donate $134 and the cool thing is you can actually give a gift
of a bicycle to a friend or a family member in someone’s name that is so amazing
I hope all you heard that so $135 Christmas present to one of these people
something like that when you’re thinking about something that you want to
do to change the world $135 a bike like
this I guarantee you here in a few minutes I’m gonna put Kobe on the back of this
and we’re gonna do a little ride right here just to show you how tough these bikes really are that’s right 220-pound carrying capacity
on the back rack but we’ve seen people lift is as probably as much as 400 pounds on
the back so you can probably bring you’re whole crew so this what this helps is they can
actually go to work on this we’re seeing a lot of success because
people can get to and fro I mean what are they mainly using these bikes for transportation I mean for here
in the united states you know around all these parts of the world we’re just using it for recreation
transportation is the key in rural Africa one person goes from walking to riding
their bike imagine the vastness of your circumference that you are able to cover
people are going to school going to jobs they’re visiting patients lot of
health care workers use their bikes so that sort of activity that’s awesome and who
thought of this idea where did it come from yeah World Bicycle is founded by SRAM and
some of the other leaders in the bicycling industry after the Sri Lanka the tsunami and
since then the ship went from natural disaster
relief to the just overall general development in real parts of Africa
awesome so tell everybody once again tell the audience how they can find the stuff how they can
donate and become part of this awesome culture and community yeah go
to learn about our bikes you can
make a donation right there learn about our programs and actually
you can learn how you can get involved too we have a team and lots of ways to get involved
wherever you are in your individual community so once again if you’re not a part of the blog
or you haven’t subscribe to my channel do so Bart Miller with Cycling Strong
See ya

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