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Benefits of cycling


it’s been almost nine months since China
decided to discontinue buying recyclables from other countries
including the United States and that means a change in the way recycled
businesses operate even here in Flagstaff. Reporter Tamera Gobert has the
story. Gobert: “Up until this last year China was willing to set limits and sort through
the contaminated materials. The new standards have changed the situation.
Lenzen: “They started out with just some really strong contamination limits, but
effectively it just prevented almost all recyclables from going to China.” Here in
Flagstaff that means that most of the recycled materials must be sold to North
American Mills like ones in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Mexico. Creating
stiff competition among recycle centers. Tupper: “It’s become a lot harder in the plant
for the sorters that actually work out there because we need to make sure that
the materials that we have are as clean as they can be. If we can produce the
best quality material here then the mills are more likely to take the
materials that we have and more, more likely to find homes for them.” Recycle
center workers are being asked to meet higher standards and that means citizens
are being asked to help. Tupper: “And people are putting things in their recycle bins
that don’t belong there. That are not recyclable, just because they think that
maybe they should be.” Here are three things that should be going into a
recycling container: metal cans and pans, each empty and clean, cardboard boxes,
preferably flattened, as well as paper and plastic bottles, jugs, and jars,
preferably empty, and clean as well. And here’s a reminder of what should not be
going into your recycling bin: glass, plastic bags, needles, hoses, cords or
cables, and aerosol cans. For further information visit the online guide at Tamera Gobert, NAZ Today.

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