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REFRESH – Animal Encounters at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Norway Rats

REFRESH – Animal Encounters at Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center: Norway Rats

These are my friends: Morgoff, Garic and Artanis
and they’re all brothers. So these are just normal Norway rats, but they also have a little
bit of Dumbo rat in them, which is why their ears might look a little bit big for their
head. Dumbo rats that are full bred Dumbo rats will have much bigger ears than these
guys. But they are omnivores which means they’ll eat vegetables and they’ll eat meat. They’ll
pretty much eat anything that you put in front of their face. They are very, very hungry
all the time. They have sharp teeth that help them eat basically anything they want and
something I find really cool about rats is that they can fit through any space their
head can fit through as long as they’re not overweight they will fit through any space
that they can fit their head through. But they are very, very sweet. They love to give
us kisses and they’re very curious too. I like to say that their feet kind of look like
weird vampire hands because they these very long back toes and they’re actually excellent
climbers, so sometimes they’ll hang upside down inside of their cage. But these guys
do not like to play on a wheel. They just run up and down their cage and they love to
burrow into cardboard tubes and boxes and all sorts of things. And we like to take them
outside of their cage so they can exercise their minds because rats are very, very intelligent
and they’re actually very clean. They love to clean themselves to make sure that they’re
not super dirty but sometimes people can be afraid of rats because you know if you’re
in a city and you see a rat that is five times this size it is quite frightening, but its
important to know that when you come to the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center our rat friends
are very, very nice. And they’ve learned pretty quickly that a human hand is not exactly where
food comes from. They eat in specific locations so they know when they’re there that’s when
they’re going to get food. These guys are a little over a year old so they’re just about
a third through their life. Rats will only live for about three years, but these guys
are pretty wonderful to have here at the swamp.

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