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Renting a bike and Exploring Pai | THAILAND (EP 10)

Renting a bike and Exploring Pai | THAILAND (EP 10)

Its September 16, 2019 today and.. I will checkout from this hostel today because I found it a bit expensive for me Back there is my hostel Hostel is good but its expensive as I am traveling on a budget So, now I am going to rent a bike Today I will explore Pai Yesterday I just went to Night Market basically yesterday was a relaxing day I met a guy from Belgium at hostel we had a long conversation about economic situation, nature conservation and stuff but today I will explore the town alone I will go at a few places nearby I have to come back by 12 pm and its already 8:30 am now Checkout time is 12 O’ Clock and after that l will stay in another hostel tonight So lets go and rent a bike first! I am confused, where should I go?
There are lot of rental shops over here Hello! I wanted to rent a bike Ya.. So now I have rented a motorbike and it is just so easy you’ve to pay 120 Baht for Motorcycle and 1000 Baht is Security Deposit You’ve to fill up a form,
they require your passport number & maybe they will click a picture / scan your passport you have to deposit your driving license here you will get a helmet as its mandatory and do check the bike before renting it, make a video of bike like I did and Drive Carefully as there are many slopes as you can see ahead I have to go to the Petrol station nearby I’ve rented this bike for just one day from 8:30 today to 8:30 tomorrow I will get my 1000 Baht back once I return the bike I came here at White Buddha Temple, Pai this temple opens at 6:30 in morning and remains open till 6:30 in evening I have just climbed a few steps and check out the view from here.. It’s a long way up but the view is extremely impressive, temple is very beautiful, and.. the guy I met yesterday he told me about this place he came here yesterday and I came here today I am now out of White Buddha Temple and going to Pai Land Split its 8.3 km from here roads are a bit confusing so I have to check the maps in every few minutes currently I have clipped the camera on my t-shirt I have to reach hostel by 12 so I don’t think I will be able to visit more places before that other than Land Split I just have to pick my bags and keep them in another hostel then I’ll have nothing much to worry about I am going slow and checking maps in between Meanwhile, you should look at this beautiful place I think that the roads are really pretty before this, I was in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya not much in Ayutthaya but I felt like renting a bike over here because of the roads I like these roads a lot that’s why I wanted to ride a bike over here Let’s see now where I have to go, I don’t want miss any turn I’ll keep checking maps in between I am really enjoying the ride It would be awesome if I had a geared motorcycle but its fine as this is a gear-less vehicle its more comfortable the traffic here is ‘Sorted’ In fact, traffic sense is very good all over Thailand Where to go now?? I get confused when I see a turn I have to check the route once again OK, I have to turn left.. I have to stay on this road for 3.5 km I think I came at this place first after renting the bike I don’t know.. I liked this one thing about Thailand, people here do not use horn much its already been 6-7 days I arrived on Sunday and yesterday was a Sunday again
its Monday today.. and I have heard horn for only 3-4 times and We blow a lot of horn in India even on empty roads so this is a thing worth learning from them they manage the traffic so well without horn, without noise pollution Aha! What a beautiful road.. this road doesn’t seem lesser than a highway I don’t why this helmet feels so bulky I wear a heavier helmet than this in India when you visit Pai, the main thing is that you will have to rent a motorcycle as there is no/very less taxis no local buses and transport system I think they also don’t have Grab here because its a little town if we compare it with Chiang Mai its like a village but it has developed a lot because of Tourism I think they also shot some movies over here some Thai movies because of movies, this place is extremely popular in North Thailand and yesterday while roaming in the Night Market I met Nico and his girlfriend we were all together in Mapping Hostel, Chiang Mai We met just for one day and then we met yesterday, so we all were happy to see each other again if we had a planned, we could come here together but I left the hostel at 10 or 11 in morning they are staying in some other Party hostel, I am staying in a hostel which is very quite Oh my God! What a Beautiful Road! I am loving it.. even the weather is pleasant today
not so hot, not so cold.. simply perfect! these guys drive very fast on such roads I am a bit afraid to drive fast I am driving on the side of road to prevent any accidents or anything more.. anyways, this place is very beautiful! I think.. I should have taken a bike with basket in front, this bike doesn’t have it otherwise I would keep my water bottle and mobile phone in the basket I have to keep everything in my pockets or in the bag I would recommend Pai for 100% it’s a classy place it is one of the most beautiful places of Thailand this vehicle does not require to turn off every time it turns off automatically and then just by accelerating a bit it starts without pressing self start button it is new for me, if you guys know it already let me know in the comments about these vehicles I had to take a turn from behind and we can go from ahead too OK, Land split – 2 km there is also a waterfall ahead and Zip-lining too Let’s see What all shall I do! I just have one hour I have to go back again at the hostel and I have to check out then check in another hostel more importantly I have to put my bags in new hostel and no matter how you travel in Bangkok either in Grab or on bike or on cycle you will get tired for sure But the weather here is colder than the cities so I am not tired so I am not tired and if you want you can carry insect repellent cream/spray I don’t have problem with them, if you need you must carry one Look at the roads! I am enjoying to drive here.. One should drive slowly and should not rush on such roads to avoid accidents Just drive slowly and see the place look at the roads look at the mountains these are very beautiful mountains.. and the guy from hostel was telling me that he doesn’t like the mountains here, he said these mountains are very small He was also asking about India he said that they don’t get a free visa to visit India I told him that we Indians get free visa for 14-15 days I don’t even know where I’m going now… OK, Land Split – 500 meters Water fall – 3.5 km and 5 km is Bamboo Bridge Maybe I will go till Bamboo Bridge Thai people are very friendly Everyone will give you smiles they manage the traffic without blowing horns I am very impressed by this thing this is the first country I am visiting Where is the turn for Land Split?? Oh Wow! People who have visited Thailand and not explored North Thailand have done a big mistake ‘This is Totally Surrounded by Nature’

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