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Restoring an old Power Wheels Jeep | Dude Dad

Restoring an old Power Wheels Jeep | Dude Dad

(engine revs) (man laughing) – [Man] Yoh, try put it in reverse buddy. Put it in reverse. – I stopped in there. – [Man] Yeah you gotta go
backwards put it in reverse. – No! – What’s up welcome back to Dude Dad. So today meet my buddy Morgan. Say what’s up Morgan. – What’s up Morgan. – I like your shirt. – Thanks. – Morgan said I should plug those. – – So today we’re doing a project, I bought my kids and old
old Jeep Power Wheels and we’re gonna fix this bad boy up and make it look awesome. (upbeat music) (upbeat music) (upbeat bright music) – Alright now we’re gonna
take things up a notch when we get rid of this old
crappy lead acid battery replace it with an 18 volt lithium. – Power! (upbeat music) (engine revs) (laughing) (engine revs) (laughing) – Oh my God, that’s a lot of power. – Alright stop buddy. Stop! Stop! You have to stop. – Ouchie! – You have to stop remember. – Ouchie! – Okay put it in reverse. – Gotta, back up. – Okay go for it back up. (engine revs) Alright, stop, stop! – Wow! – Okay, now put it in forwards. – It hit a tree. Ouch! – Put it in forwards. Put it in forward. – Help me. (bright upbeat music) (bright upbeat music) Alright and that is the
power wheels project. What do you think Morgan? – I had way too much fun building this. – Yeah I think, I’m pretty
sure my kids like this but I don’t know that they like it as much as we like it. – I mean that’s a 100% true, I would say. – But if you want to find out
how we did the LED headlights or the lithium 18 volt battery upgrade you can find links in the comments below or just search YouTube
for Dude Dad Power Wheels. – Don’t forget to Like
comment and subscribe on this video
– Yes to Dude Dad. And a big shout out to
my single friend Morgan. – Hi guys. – He’s single. (both laughing)

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