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Retro GT Mountain Bike Restoration and Ride

Retro GT Mountain Bike Restoration and Ride

Hello and Welcome to another Bike and another Restoration This is a GT Tempest, back from 1990 if you are into your Retro bicycles and you are not a Subscriber the click on Subscribe it is completely free of charge What I generally do is talk a little bit about the History of the company itself I will keep this brief. It was co founded in 1979 by a gentleman called Richard Long but the company itself started in 1972 with a gentleman called, wait for it Gary Turner, GT Who built a Bicycle frame for his Son for the BMX world It was very successful and grew from there our GT Bicycle, this is my own personal Bicycle and what I have decided to do What I have decided to do is restore this bike for my son, who wanted to take the bike over. we do not generally do Mountain Bikes on this channel this is the first MTB l just wanted to share with you the experience and the struggles along the way of restoring this Bicycle I am a little worried about the folks I have never restored forks but, as I say I want to share it with you, I have to do it anyway so I thought why not. The Bike itself has had so much wear over the years I have had this bike personally for twenty years and the Bike was sold originally in a Blue and White however they did this model in a burnt orange as well which was a little bit more rare and I have loved it for many years The Crankset is so dangerous because of all the wear and tear it has had over the years these teeth are very thin like sharks teeth and the chain is constantly slipping on me so it would be very irresponsible to hand this bicycle over to my son The Bike itself has had a few upgrade along the way it has had a new set of Mavic Rims these are really good Mavic Rims and they have served me really well still running true so thats good to know. It is going to need a new saddle its had new handle bars and stem But I have had them on for twenty years also So I am going to be keeping them, erm. So we are going to be changing the crankset and we are also going to be looking at replacing these brakes But if you are new to the channel what we generally do is strip these bike’s down before restoring it and we will take it out for a ride the end so hang around But we strip the bike down, so what are we waiting for, lets Crack-On We their is the Bike all stripped down after all these years of riding I really did know I was going to have trouble with this bottom bracket. It was the actual pedal arm that was completely seized on and all the threads as I was putting the extractor on pulling all the threads off. and what I have had to do is put the pedal arm into the vice and knock it out from that side. Managed to do it fantastic and we did not really have to save the crank because we are going to get a brand new Crank for this Bike but yes it was a bit of a struggle getting that off, all that we have to do now is clean the Bike as we generally do we have a bowl in this case, bowl bucket box whatever put all your bits together you are not going to loose them that way. Also as you take bits off put them back on thats is something that I always say a bit of a rule, so yes, lets get a move on and start cleaning these parts up and restoring this Bike. Well, we have given the frame a rub down with some T-Cut we are going to give that a touch up with some enamel paint But, I also did say that we are going to do these Rockshox forks here. I have watched a couple of videos I have never done it before in my life as I say we are generally Road Bike’s on this channel. So just bare with me I have got a six mm long Alan key which I believe I am going to need further down here So lets get this in the stand stripped down ready for cleaning and servicing Well we are finally here which is the rebuild and if you watch these videos you will know that this is my favourite part of the restoration it has been over twenty years since this bike was been apart and I cannot wait to get it back together we have got all the parts on the side as we generally do and where we have been able to we have touched up with enamel paint the pedals look absolutely fantastic but we have got more or less a brand new running gear we have got a new Crank Set, we have got a New Cassette and we have got a new chain also We have got some new brakes and I have also managed to obtain a brand new Turbo saddle So yes that should look extremely well, the forks they was not to much hassle. I was surprised that they did not have a spring in them but they are lower end we have taken them apart and touched them up with enamel paint and then put them all back together, so what I would say if you are going to do that you will require that long reach six mm Alan key The other thing as well what I generally do is keep hold of the old cables, I have them here the reason for that is As I am putting the Bike back together we have a new cable set all ready to go but I will just use this for reference so that I can measure the exact length of when the Bike was sent out Exactly the same with the chain also I have the old chain there so what are we waiting for lets get this Bike back together Well, fantastic , there is the Bike all finished off, i would like to say that it has been a dream. However we did have a bit of a nightmare with this bottom bracket and this crank We put the bottom bracket in then put the crank on basically the spindle was to short and the crank was rubbing against the frame so we had to put a longer spindle in to push it away from the frame other than that, yes it is different than the Road Bikes that we generally do so it has been a little fiddly in some parts but we have got there ion the end and it is so nice to see this Bike in the state and the condition that it is now I have had this Bike for so many years and its so nice to see it restored like this Loving the Black with the Red and the Turbo saddle really sets it off But we are going to hand this Bike down to my younger son however before we do that I think it is only fare for me to try this Bike out make sure it is safe so what are we waiting for lets get out and try it out Well this has been the GT Mountain Bike what an absolute pleasure it is to get it back out again it has been over twenty years and I am still having a lot of fun on it, but I do believe that we do not own any thing in this life So it is time to hand it down to my son, and what a great Bike it is to do so Hopefully he will have as much fun and as much time on it as I have I really am thinking about getting another MTB Bike it is great to get out on such a cold day and it really is freezing it is about minus one at the minute But yes loving being out and about on the Bike Riding like a new Bike lots of New Parts all brand new running gear so yes fantastic it looks great it feels great, if you do enjoy watching these videos as I generally alway say then please Subscribe it is completely free of charge other than that then why not click on the merchandise below or visit our website at other than that then thanks for watching and by for now.

52 comments on “Retro GT Mountain Bike Restoration and Ride

  1. Mountain bike or not, another nice project mate looks the part,well done๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿšด๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

  2. Thanks for restoring Mtb. I have been following you for a long time and your restorations are excellent. Let's go for more Mtb.

  3. Love the Old School MTBs so much better looking than the new wide bar upright thinks on the market these days… Still got my old DBR and will not be swapping it for anything ! The GT looked great with that bit of spit and polish and new components ..

  4. Nice resto. After many years or road riding I got into XC riding in about 94. Bought a few bikes till I settle on a 95 Giant ATX…. I still own it today and it's in great shape. I don't recall that bike ever breaking on me riding it often for years…

  5. Excellent job as usual, sir! Similar era (and colour) to my Specialized workhorse, now retired to the daily commute.

    As for the forks, I don't suppose you fancy servicing my RS Sektors for me, do you? ; )

  6. Best Wishes to UK.
    Your First restoration of a MTB. Interesting a Yeah i got many diffrent bikes in Garage. Roadbikes, mtb's, cross and gravel.
    Best Wishes and support from germany. Keep calm

  7. I got my first mountain bike back in about 1992, a GT Timberline. I ended up crashing it into a car and gave it to a mate. Then about 10 years later I got s GT Avalanche back in 2008 – which is still my ride to this day ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. Great restoration.. I restored a early 90's Raleigh Max Chromo I was trying to sort the paint work out but I decided that the patina effect told the true story of the bikes age.
    I found a Muddy fox rambler on Facebook market place for my next project

  9. Old mtb don't get enough love i reckon. Well on the way to getting my Barcelona olympics swatch bike running again and like you it will be my sons bike ๐Ÿ‘

  10. Excellent renovation. Good to see you resurrect an old MTB – so many more out there that need similar care. Going to strip down and re-build my old Ridgeback 604GX……….

  11. Love it! I can't keep a mtn bike, everytime I get one I give it away or someone has to buy it. I had a steel GT mtn bike and sold it to a college student to ride to class. He tangled with a car and the rear derailleur hanger was bent. He brought it home on spring break, I did my best to straighten it and he rode it the rest of the year. His dad gave it back to me at the end of the year and found another bike for his son. I took some measurements and he whole frame was out of alignment as well as the derailleur hanger. I debated taking trying to straighten it myself but the number of welds in the triple triangle construction convinced me I was in over my head. Sadly, I stripped the bike of all usable parts and put the frame on the curb for the trash. I'm looking for another one. Keep the videos coming!

  12. Great video please do some more mtbs – ive got old avantis -gt gary fisher etc – wheres the best place to buy enamel paint ?

  13. I am not a mountain bike chap but I'm sure your son will be delighted with the bike, Andy, and, very proud of his Dad, too!

  14. You took an excellent 3x drivetrain that you could have just replaced the chainrings on, and replaced it with an entry-level, riveted 3x piece of crap. Those cheap-o linear pull replacements might have fresher springs but they'll need re-alignment constantly.

  15. Beautiful restoration! Happy to see a Mountain bike on the channel. Im making good progress on my Uncles Panasonic DX-3000. Crack on and, shred on!

  16. Great job there. Loved the GT triple triangle frames back in the day. Reminds me of my old GT Tequesta. The initial purchase was reasonable but ended up spending a small fortune on mods/forks etc.

  17. Great information..great rebuild..I have a STS..Love to see classic GT's..Happy New Year..Look forward to seeing more cool videos.. ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿšด๐Ÿป

  18. Love it mate, cracking video. I also have an old 26 inch, 3 x 9 geared MTB. I have been concerned that I can no longer purchase brand new running gear for such an old bike. Looks like you kept it 3 x ? I have thought changing mine to 1 x 10. I bet your son loves it mate. Yeah get another MTB, would be good to see more of it on the channel.

  19. Bikes are made to be ridden. Iโ€™m glad your son will get some use out of it.

    I recently gave away my 1993 Cannondale M500. I bought it new, back when I had very little money. It has THOUSANDS of miles on it and has been rebuilt a time or two. But it had dropped pretty low on my bike rotation and a local military veteran needed a bike. I was sorry to see it go, but I hope he is giving it a workout.

  20. I bought a used but running GT Arrowhead for $19.00 NZD. It definitely needs some parts replacement and your video has encouraged me to get right down to restoring it. Thank you Sir.

  21. we have almost similar bike the same pedals, but my frame is a zaskar 14 inches with rst mozo pro fork , mavic 517 rims, dt swiss spokes , Lx mega 9 group set and
    Tioga tires in the mid 90's.I miss my zaskar I hope to see it in the trails being ridden by some stranger.

  22. Nice job on that, Andy! Looked like you was having a lot of fun on the ride… made me wonder if your son's gonna have to wait a little longer for it now ๐Ÿ˜€.

  23. As usual. Amazing build. I love when you restore old bikes. I don't care if it is a mountain bike or a road bike. You do great work. I giggled about the " lets take it out and see if it safe." comment. If there was any doubt in your mind you would replace whatever part was sketchy before it ever left the work stand. The bike looks amazing. Your son will love to ride it. Now you have to get yourself a mountain bike so you can ride with him.

  24. I have an old gt xcr4000 that needs a new home but not that many people in my area know much about these older bikes

  25. I have n=been trying to get me a vintage GT MTB for 3 years now, the one that came along was too small for me so i loved this vid even more than usual, thanks for the piece of history on origins and all BTW, wonderful job as is the norm Andy loved the work and you have mastered the narrative part of the vid congrats and kudos on another one for the books

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