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Return to Angel Fire Bike Park- A Message to Those That Make This Channel Possible- MTB Travel Vlog

Return to Angel Fire Bike Park- A Message to Those That Make This Channel Possible- MTB Travel Vlog

Hi, my name is Cody and you’re watching
Lunch Ride. Exactly a year ago we went to Angelfire bike park for their closing
weekend. To me this was monumental. The bike park was fun, obviously, but even
more than that, the mountains were just in perfect fall color, the air was really
crisp in the mornings, and the afternoons just seemed washed in golden hour light.
All right, maybe I really built it up to be more than it was in my mind, but I
wanted to go back and find out. So, Matt, Travis, and I loaded up the truck and
with an early morning departure we headed over to New Mexico to get another
closing weekend under our belts. …and by early morning departure I mean early: on the road by 5:00 a.m. I thought I’d be admonished for wanting to leave so early but, like all good people that are obsessed with mountain biking, the
response from the other two was, “No, we should leave at, like, midnight.” Other than the 40 mile-per-hour headwind the drive was great and, like other bike trips I’ve
been on, the monotony of the road is broken up by someone who eventually
wants to get a bike out and film a manual or a wheelie segment.
This time the wind made it a little difficult, but that leads me to my whole point.
Lunch Ride isn’t just me. I mean, I would like to take credit for all of it,
but I owe so much to all my friends. Friends that always talked me up on the
trail, friends that always promote the channel for me without me even asking
them, and there’s friends that are happy to hold the camera and catch another
angle and wait patiently while I try to film something over and over and over.
If you watch the channel with any regularity you will know the
names and faces. There’s Nicole, and Travis, and Matt.
I wouldn’t have a channel if it wasn’t for these people. Angel Fire was awesome and there’ll be
some great trail videos coming soon, but I really wanted to take a moment and
thank these people. Thank you. And a thank you to all the people that are watching this, I want to thank you too. I feel lucky whenever someone watches one of my videos, and whenever someone subscribes, I truly feel a little astounded. So, thank
you. My name is Cody and you’re watching Lunch Ride. Until next time….

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