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REVIEW  Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 FIRST RIDE

REVIEW Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 FIRST RIDE

Smile -Maker rides again! I said to the guy at the dealership, what would you recommend as a tourer in your retro range and this is the one he recommended and I was like…’Really?” it certainly doesn’t LOOK like a tourer… but if you’re touring meaning you want to go everywhere on-road, off-road,riding on the beach, blah blah blah you could do a lot worse this is a really comfortable bike feels so manoeverable it soaks up the bumps like they’re not even there ..just went over a speed bump and hardly noticed it and for a 1200 it does feel very, very agile and then there’s that POWERRR almost from tickover you’ve got the torque in any gear its really… …really …really responsive little baby

4 comments on “REVIEW Triumph Scrambler XE 1200 FIRST RIDE

  1. Hello mate
    I enjoyed the this bike so much I bought one, I'm only 5'8"so reaching the floor is challenging but what a ride.

  2. I’ll have mine 1 year in a month and a half and I just hit 11,480 miles (not kilometers!) this morning. THE BEST (and BEAST) motorcycle I’ve ever owned.

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