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RevZilla Collections – Fall Commuter and Casual Gear at

RevZilla Collections – Fall Commuter and Casual Gear at

[music playing] [engine revving] Motorcycle apparel is
typically a trade-off between performance and style. You want to look
good, but you also want to make sure you’re safe as
well as comfortable, especially as the fall season
begins ushering in cooler temperatures. Now, the gear that
I typically wear when I’m around town
or out with friends is not the same gear I wear
when going back and forth to the office,
because I need to make sure I can maintain
professional attire once I’ve reached the workplace. A layered textile jacket works
really well this time of year. I like the new REV’IT!
Sand Urban. It’s the perfect example
of the style of jacket you should be considering. It’s got a thermal layer
to help regulate warmth as well as a waterproof
liner, both of which are going be removable,
so on warmer days I can pull them out, and
I can get better airflow. And because they can be used
independently of one another, I can then add them back
in as the weather dictates. Now, I also paired
this jacket up with some overpants, which
can be worn right over the top of my office attire. Colder temperatures are
going to typically prevent most people from riding. But if you’re like me, you
want to make the effort to ride all winter long. And that’s where base layers
are going to come into play. They can be available for a
variety of different climates. And they really work to
regulate temperatures to cool you down or warm you up. It all depends on what
you’re looking for. Now, I think Klim does a
great job with their layers. They’re going to use
a numbering system. And it makes it super simple to
understand the level of warmth that you’re going to be
getting with each piece. Gloves are also going to
be a consideration for you. And there’s two ways
you can go about this. On the one hand, you can go with
two separate pairs of gloves. You can bring a
waterproof thermal glove to help keep you warm and dry. You can carry a separate glove,
which maximizes ventilation. Or you can do what
I’ve done and get a pair of dual chamber gloves. Something like
the Held Air N Dry have two chambers actually
built into the glove. One of the chambers
is going to maximize air flow when it’s warmer out. And there’s a secondary
chamber, which adds a waterproof membrane that will
help keep you dry as well as warm if the
temperatures begin to cool off. Extra storage comes in
handy when you’re commuting. And in this case, a top
box is my favorite piece of commuting luggage. And I say that because it’s
the perfect size for a helmet, a laptop, or simply a place
to keep a few extra layers as the day warms up. Plus, it’s going
to be easier to use in traffic, as it doesn’t
add width to my bike the way that side cases do. [music playing] If I’m being honest, style’s
going to take a front seat to performance when
I’m not commuting back and forth to the office. And that’s because
normally, I’m just riding around town at slower speeds. I’m not hopping on the highway. And I’m willing to sacrifice
a bit of protection to get myself gear that matches
more of my personal aesthetic. I like stuff that’s
more of a casual look, like my everyday clothing. For instance, this Spidi
Textile Limited Jacket looks like something
I would wear just hanging out in my
garage or hitting up the bar with my friends. It’s going to sacrifice a bit of
high-speed abrasion resistance, but it still provides impact
protection and the armor that Spidi uses in
this jacket is actually extremely thin and comfortable. It has no insulation, but
when the temperature drops, I just throw a hoodie
underneath of it, and I go. Riding Jeans were
not my cup of tea when they were first introduced. I felt like they looked
forced and cheesy, nothing like the Levis
I wear every day. However, that’s changed
over the past few years. And there’s now
plenty of options to choose from with varying
levels of protection and style. And brands like Saint make
jeans that could easily pass for my good old 511’s. I don’t have armor like I
do in my commuting pants, but I do have six seconds
of abrasion resistance. I don’t like wearing waterproof
boots in the summertime, because I find them
to run too hot. However, they’re a great
option for the fall. And there’s a lot of
different work boot styles out there, like
these TCX Hero Boots that really give you
CE-rated protection but with a classic style. So depending on the
kind of bike you’re on, you might not have a lot
of options for storage. Riding backpacks are different
than that old Jansport I used to haul around in high school. They typically offer
features specific to riders, like better weight
distribution and comfort. Some will focus on utility
with waterproof compartments, while other brands place
a premium on style. Bags like the 28 Liter
option from Velomacchi offer the best of both worlds. This is going to be
a waterproof bag, but it’s also comfortable
to wear all day on the bike, and it’s got a unique
and stylish look. Fall is arguably the best
time of year to ride. There is no shortage of gear
for you to wear this season. Regardless of what balance
of protection and style you’re looking for as the
temperature begins to drop, make sure you check out our
expert curated collections at RevZilla. Our experts ride
year-round, and they work really hard to highlight
the best options for you to wear this fall season. [music playing] [engine revving]

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    Spurge doesn't cross that line, but he flirts with it from time to time.

  4. Women riders are looking for a boot with a little extra height in the toe as well as a little heel. I ride with ladies and that is their number one complaint. The boots are great for protection, but due to several of them being under 5'6" they always comment on the height! Pass is on fellas, and ladies 🙂

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  8. To stay dry you really need to wear waterproof and windproof rainwear over the top of your motorcycle pants and jackets. Anyone trusting a single textile jacket or pant with a so called waterproof layer / membrane is guaranteed to get a soaking.

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