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Ride Forever cornering – Riding the corner (Cruiser)

Ride Forever cornering – Riding the corner (Cruiser)

You’re out for a ride eyes up, looking at where you want to go. You see a corner coming up
and you have read the clues. Let’s take the corner. The correct road position into a
corner is usually wide because it gives you the best view around the corner and of potential hazards. But if there’s debris or any other hazard out wide, come in slightly to avoid it. Keep a good buffer from oncoming
traffic in the other lane Invest in the right lines at the start
for a smooth and steady corner. Reduce your speed before you get to the corner. Your cornering speed is dependent
on a number of factors. The most important one is the vanishing point. Use the vanishing point to approach the corner at a speed that lets you take it smoothly and gives you time to respond
to anything that might be around the bend. You should have done all your braking before the corner. Once in the corner, keep your speed
consistent with a slight positive throttle. To counter steer to the right gently push
the right handle bar away from you. This makes the bike lean. Look through the corner, and once you’re
on the correct line smoothly accelerate out. The faster you’re going,
the more you’ll need to lean. Good leaning takes practice and
your posture is very important. Squeeze your knees into the tank. Lean your upper body into the corner. Keep your arms relaxed and
soften your grip on the bars. Head and eyes level with the road. Look towards the vanishing point on the horizon. Commit to the lean and trust your tyres – as you lean the cornering force
pushes the tyre down onto the road. As you exit the corner, allow the bike to
become more upright and accelerate smoothly away. Relax your knees and choose the best
position for the road ahead.

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