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Rider 420 | Customize POI / Peak

Rider 420 | Customize POI / Peak

Open the Bryton Active App and
Power on your Rider 420 With a Course already imported or Planned
Go to the Course Tab and select “My Route” Here you will see your Planned and Imported Routes Select a Route you would like to add POI / Peak Info to This feature also works for Imported and Synced Routes After selecting, you will see an overview of your route Press the POI swipe tab and select “Add POI”
This will open the POI / Peak Menu Here you can choose your Peak or POI category After selecting, use the slider to place the POI Move Left/Right to change location You can also zoom to get a closer look Once you have placed the POI, select Save POI and name the POI This name will appear later on your device
when Following the Route Return to the POI menu to add additional POI’s Each category will be represented by a different Icon Multiple POI’s from each category can be added Other POI’s can also be added from the POI slide menu POI’s can be deleted by pressing the adjacent (X) To send your Route with POI info to your device Press the Download To Device Button (top right) Downloading to Device may take a few minutes Once successfully downloaded,
press OK Your POI’s are automatically saved to your Routed and will still appear if you open the Route again To modify your data screens Select Grid Settings and pick a Data Page Here you can modify your data fields by
Pressing a data field location Each category contains various data fields Your device will automatically update its screen after making a selection Additional pages can be added by toggling the slider Select a Data Field and Scroll down to
the Follow Track Category Select a Follow Track Field and press Done Other fields can also be added For detailed Turn Info, select Turn Info Scroll to the new page by pressing the PAGE button Modify the number of data fields
with the bottom selector Some fields such as Turn Info and Distance to POI
Will Show more information on larger screens (2) Turn Info will now display Street Names
And Distance To POI will show POI Names To Follow your new Route, press the [STOP] button
to open device menu Scroll to Follow Track and press OK Select View and press OK again to follow this route The route will appear on your device
with turn-by-turn info Here you can see the customized POI category name and icon The Turn Info data field will also show
Distance and Turn Arrows Distance to Turn and POI fields will display accurate distances on each field After reaching each POI / Turn, the fields will update to show the next POI / Turn Each category of POI is also represented
by it’s own easily recognizable icon Press the PAGE button to manually scroll data pages With even more data, using the Follow Track feature
has never been easier! Stay Motivated | Be Active

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